Silvren’s Journey – Chapter 21

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“There you are, I’ve- what’s wrong?” Legolas asked as he grabbed Silvren by the arms, a worried look clouding his fair complexion.
“It’s Telden.” she looked up at him, her voice quiet and full of fear as tears began to run down her cheeks. “He won’t leave me alone.”
Legolas looked up from Silvren and saw Telden coming out of the palace and making his way towards them, he knew he had to think and act quickly. He pulled Silvren in closer and began walking away.
Telden looked so different from what his appearance use to be. He was tall with jet black hair the hung limply down his back and extremely pale skin with blazing red eyes. His appearance alone sent shills crawling up your back, but his presence seemed to freeze your very bones and frighten you to where you could barely move or speak.
“Why do you run from me?” he cooed as he drew closer to them.
Silvren turned her head to face him, still leaning against Legolas’ chest as she huddled against him for protection. His sturdy arms wrapped around her back, holding her as close to him as possible.
“Leave her alone.” Legolas said gravely.
“But I can’t. I won’t. I’m addicted to her, I can’t live without her. I’m betrothed to her.” Telden grinned a sickening grin.
“Lord Elrond has broken the betrothal therefore she is no longer your betrothed. I will not let you hurt her.” Legolas said in Silvren’s defense as Míriel came walking out of the palace, unaware of what was going on.
“I could care less.” Telden smiled unpleasantly.
“I swear that if you so much as lay a finger on her, I will kill you and have your head as a trophy.” Legolas glared at his brother, a flame of anger flickering in his normally cool, blue eyes.
“How dare you threaten me!” Telden roared as Míriel came running over to wards Legolas and Silvren but only to be stopped by Celebdil.

Legolas pushed Silvren to the side for her own safety and took a step closer to Telden. “I threatened you?! You are the one who has threatened the lives of every living being and you complain that I threatened you?” Legolas hollered, ten times as angry as he had been several seconds ago.
“You cannot stop me.” Telden sneered.
“Maybe not, but I will do anything and everything I can to stop you.” Legolas said, his eyes and voice filled with complete anger.
“Please, stop it!” Silvren cried as she ran over to Legolas and pulled on his arm, trying to gain his attention. She did win his attention but not how she had wanted to; he grabbed her by the arm and swung her backwards. She didn’t let go.
A bright blue lightning bolt came from Telden’s hand as he struck Legolas with some destructive magic he had created and the elf collapsed to the ground. His arm slipping from Silvren’s grasp as she stumbled backwards. The effects of the magic affected her for a few moments and she was taken by surprise as a cold, rough hand clapped over her mouth and was held against someone’s frighteningly cold body. The person’s other arm clasped around her stomach, enabling her to break free from his firm grip. Silvren struggled furiously to free herself from his grip and pull his hand off her mouth but she couldn’t and she began to panic. Telden balled his hand that was on her stomach into a fist and hit her in the abdomen, causing her to stop struggling and wince in pain, he was the only thing keeping her on her feet.

“Telden!” a loud, irritated voice called out.
Telden turned to face the voice and saw his father coming towards him, someone had ran and informed the king of what was going on. Anger and rage filled Thranduil’s features as he marched towards his son.
“Let her go!” the king commanded.
Telden stared at his father for several seconds as Legolas sat up and realized what was going on. “Let her go, Telden.” he muttered as he slowly stood to his feet.
Telden turned his attention upon his half dazed brother and let go of Silvren, letting her drop from his grasp and be quickly scooped up by Elladan before she hit the ground.
“How dare you do this, you embarrass our family.” Thranduil began.
“Father, please understand. I-“
“There is nothing to understand. You are banished from the realm of Mirkwood.” The king growled angrily.
“Banished!” roared Thranduil.
All eyes were upon Telden as he glared at his father with anger and hatred. He sneered at Thranduil and left, pushing anybody that stood in his way to the side.
Elladan turned away from the scene and carried Silvren to her room with Míriel walking behind him, refusing to put Silvren down even though his sister insisted on it. Thranduil pulled Legolas to the side after insuring that he was fine, the king inquired to what had happened.
* * *
Legolas came into Silvren’s room sometime later and found her lying on her bed, crying into her pillow. Neither Elladan nor Míriel were to be seen in the chamber.
Silvren twitched at the sound of her door opening and closing and made no attempt to see who her visitor was.
“Are you all right?” Legolas asked quietly as he sat down on the bed next to her.
Silvren nodded while sitting up next to him, her arm clutched around her stomach. “I have a bruise from where you grabbed my arm.” she rolled up her sleeve to show him where he had grabbed her. “And a bruise from where he hit me.”
“He hit you? Where?” Legolas inquired.
“On the stomach.” she rolled up the hem of her shirt, exposing a small portion of her abdomen where a purple and blue bruise was forming.
“Oh, Sil, I’m so sorry.” Legolas said, reaching out to touch her arm as she lowered her shirt back down. His fingertips brushed against her soft skin and she twitched at his touch, causing him to draw his hand back. A confused look came over his face due to her reaction to his touch but he said nothing of it.

That night Silvren ate dinner in her room with Elladan and then retired to bed earlier than usual. In the middle of the night, when the stars were shining their brightest, Silvren began tossing and turning in her sleep. Beads of sweat developing across her warm forehead as she tried to fight off the horrible nightmare that had slipped into her mind. She had had nightmares as a child like many young elves, but this nightmare was the worst yet.
She dreamed that she never saw any of her friends or family again. That the beautiful lands across Middle-earth were scorched black, trees burnt to the ground and grass was noting but black ashes. Orcs and wild creatures roamed freely across the barren lands, killing anything and everything there was to kill. There was a tall tower, black as coal that stood in the midst of the barren land with sharp jagged lines and an eerie appearance to it.
Silvren sat straight up with a small scream, grasping some of her hair with her right hand and as she gazed uneasily about her dark room. Her chest was heaving in and out with small gasp as tear began to run down her soft cheeks. She glanced up at her door upon the sound of it opening and saw Legolas in his dark green night clothes enter her room. His room was down the hall from hers and he had heard her terrifying scream and came running.
“What’s wrong?” he asked as he sat down on the side of her bed, his hand resting by her feet.
“I-I had a nightmare.” she said quietly.
“Do you want to talk about it? It might make you feel better.” Legolas suggested as he gazed at her saddened face that rested upon her bent knees.
“I dreamed that I never saw my family or friends again. All of Middle-Earth was burnt to the ground and orcs roamed freely.” she shuddered.
“It was only a nightmare. Go back to sleep.” Legolas kissed her forehead to which she responded by flinching under his soft touch. He didn’t real right as he stood up and returned to his chamber. He had an odd feeling that something wrong was going to happen or was he just over-reacting?

The next day Silvren stayed close to the palace, spending her time reading and walking among the gardens with Míriel and sometimes Elladan.

“Good, but a little off.” a voice said from the shadows behind Silvren.
It had been two days since she had had the nightmare and she stood in the woods practicing her archery. Silvren turned around to see Legolas walking towards her.
“Here, let me show you what you need to do.” he smiled.
“But I don’t need any help.” she replied slightly confused.
With his right hand, Legolas pulled a finely tipped arrow out of Silvren’s quiver that sat on the ground several feet behind her. “Ah, but you do.” he smiled mischievously as he walked up behind her and gently placed his left hand on top of her hand that was holding the bow.
Legolas placed the arrow across the bow and nocked the arrow to the taunt string, Silvren’s heart pounding within her chest as he pressed his warm chest against her back. His warm, sweet smelling breath lightly blowing against her hair. Legolas placed his right hand over her right hand and pulled the arrow and the string back towards her cheek. Once he had pulled it far enough back, he let go and released the arrow through the air, hitting its target with a dull thud.
“How was that any different from how I do it?” she asked turning around to face him.
“You aren’t pulling it back far enough.” he smiled down at her.
They stared up at each other for a second or two before realizing that Legolas’ arms were still around Silvren. He smiled as he slowly leaned forward kissed her on the lips, pulling her closer as their lips touched for the first time.
Something within Silvren tugged at her heart and sent a flood or concern and fear surging through her body and she quickly pulled away from him, glancing nervously down at the ground.
“What’s wrong?” Legolas asked her, not understanding why she had pulled away so suddenly like she had.
“I-I can’t do that again.” she replied, avoiding his gaze even though she knew she wanted to kiss him more than anything else, but something inside her prevented her from achieving that.
“I don’t know. I just can’t.” she whispered and slowly picked up her belongings and left. She left him standing alone in the small clearing watching as she walked back towards the palace.

A few mornings later, Silvren was dressed in her dark green riding attire as she walked down a torch-lit passage with her satchel of belongings in her hand. Her bow and quiver fastened to her back as her soft footsteps barely made a sound upon the hard stone flooring that she treaded upon.
A voice echoed down the hall from behind her as she neared the front gate and she glanced over her shoulder as she kept walking. Legolas was hurrying towards her.
“I went looking for you in your room but you weren’t there.” he sounded out of breath as if she had running around looking for her all day.
“You knew I was leaving today.” she replied, walking across the wooden bridge that lay across the dark water that flowed in the river beneath it.
“Yes, but I did not know when you were to leave.” he let out a small breath of air. “How long will you be staying in Lothlórien?”
Silvren did not answer right away as a young elven-boy brought Asfalas, fed and ready to go, out to her. “I do not know. Why do you ask?” she gazed over at him, absently stroking the soft fur of her dark brown horse.
“I was thinking about the possibility of bringing Míriel with me to Lothlórien as well. I haven’t been there in several years and think it is time that I return for a small stay.” he smiled down her as she returned his smile.
“Really? That would be wonderful if you were to come.” she perked up. The brilliant rays of sunlight dancing in her soft eyes like twinkling stars. “Would you? Please?” she asked him excitedly.
“All right. I’ll come visit you.” Legolas laughed and kissed her on the forehead, her sunny smile fading somewhat.
“I’ll be waiting for you.” she said quietly and mounted her patiently waiting horse.
“I’ll come as soon as possible, I promise.” he gazed up at her, his heart catching a beat as the sun shone down on top of her. Her long, dark hair shining in the strong, yellow rays that filtered through the plaited tree-branches and her eyes sparkling down at him.
“My lady, we need to be leaving.” an elf rode up beside Silvren snatched her attention from Legolas.
“All right, Aegnor. I am ready to leave.” she let out a small sigh. “Good bye, Legolas.” she turned her attention back upon him.
“Good bye, Silvren.” he smiled up at her and stepped away from Asfalas.
Aegnor followed Glorfindel away from the Elven-city and instinctually, Asfalas followed behind them, Silvren glancing over her shoulder at Legolas’ diminishing silhouette.


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