Silvren’s Journey – Chapter 21

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The first thing Silvren did when she arrived in Lothlórien was seek out her older sister Arwen. She hadn’t seen her a very long time and was anxious to catch up on everything that had been going on. for several days the two girls were nearly inseparable. Walking arm in arm around the beautiful woods or sitting and chatting by the clear creek that ran beside the tree they resided in. Even though Silvren was enjoying Arwen’s company, deep down she waited impatiently for Legolas and Míriel to come join her.

It seemed like a normal evening in Lothlórien as Silvren stood on the balcony to her flet, wearing her silky, light purple nightdress. A gentle, evening breeze rustled the green colored leaves in the surrounding trees and teased with her long hair as she leaned against the balcony. Her elbows resting on the cool, silver railing that ran around the edge of the small, stone balcony. Her were hands clasped together and her chin rested upon her balled fists as she gazed out at the sparking stars in the velvety night sky through the plaited tree branches. Everything seemed so calm and peaceful below as elves continued about their daily routines. Elves preparing for bed, young lovers walking hand in hand through the gardens, wanting some time alone and mothers trying to coax their young ones into bed.
Silvren stood up and sighed as her eyes swept over the softly glowing city below her, she too not wishing to retire to bed but knowing she hadn’t slept the past few nights and needed the rest. Turning around she pulled aside the white gauzy curtain the hung between her sleeping quarters and the balcony and stepped into her room.

It wasn’t long before dark, unnatural clouds overcame the night sky and the subtle breeze that had been blowing before, ceased. Everything felt very still and unusually quiet as a sheet of darkness swept over Lothlórien.
A rough hand clapped over Silvren’s mouth, stopping the small breath of air that tried to escape her mouth, her eyes flying open in fear and shock. Silvren struggled against the large hands that were clamped over her mouth and the hands that held her legs together, but she wasn’t strong enough or in a position that she could free herself. She continued to struggle within their grasp as another set of hands bound a rough strip of cloth over her mouth and then bound her ankles together with splintering rope. She could feel a pair of callused hands grab her wrists and bind them behind her back, and then everything went black.
* * *
“Silvren. Silvren!” Arwen called out from the stairs to Silvren’s flet. It was early morning and Arwen had come to see if her younger sister was awake, and if she wasn’t then Arwen planned on waking her up anyway. Arwen gathered up her dress and ran lightly up the white steps to Silvren’s flet, which lay several branches higher than her own. Upon reaching the top of the steps, Arwen threw back the gauzy curtain that hung in front of her and entered the small sitting area. Standing there, she gazed about the room and the connecting bedchamber, looking for any sign of her baby sister.
Silvren’s bed was a mess unlike she usually left it, her blankets dangling over the side of her bed and spilling onto the floor below. All her dresses hung neatly upon a thin rod behind two open wardrobe doors. Everything seemed still and quiet in her room as if it had been touched by evil work and left trapped in its on time zone.
“She’s gone.” Arwen breathed in disbelief, the realization washing over her like the wave of a tsunami. “She’s gone!” she cried out in horror, her shrill voice startling the peaceful birds resting in the nearby trees. Arwen ran down the twisting stairs as quickly as she could and ran past her flet and down another set of stairs.
“Haldir!” Arwen shouted when she spotted the tall elf walking towards the quarters of her grandparents.
“Is something wrong, my lady?” he turned and asked her, noticing the panicked expression that flooded her pallid face only after he had asked her.
“Silvren?! Have you seen my sister? She isn’t in her room.” Arwen grabbed the collar of his tunic within her hands, her knuckles turning white under her firm grasp.
“No, I haven’t. She must be around somewhere.” he tried comforting the panicked maiden.
“She’s gone! She’s never up this early!” Arwen began to cry, her stomach twisting in knots. The feeling that something completely horrible sinking in her gut like a heavy weight.
“Don’t worry, my lady. She can’t be too far from here.” he placed a comforting hand on her shoulder and her grip on his collar seemed to loosen as she placed her head on his chest, crying into the soft material of his doublet. “Everything will be fine. We’ll find her and bring her back.” he circled his arms around her slender waist and held her close. None of the passing elves thinking twice about the gesture since he was a close friend to the lady and lord as well as their family and had seen all of Elrond’s children grow up.
* * *
Silvren’s eyes flashed open when she finally gained consciousness some hours after she was rudely awaken from her sleep. Her head was throbbing as if it was a smith’s hammer pounding on an anvil. Everything seemed dark to her at first, but slowly her eyes began to adjust to the darkness and the little light there was. A single torch was mounted on the dirt covered, stone wall next to the wooden door. The small torch shed very little light upon the small, damp smelling room she sat in. The walls and floor was made of dark stone that had begun to chip and crack from age and not being taken care of. The wooden door was roughly made and looked as if just touching its surface would give you splinters. The floor was made of stone and covered in dirt, dust and dead bugs, leaving a sick feeling in Silvren’s stomach. A single blanket was laid out upon her; it was made of a thin material and was pretty much filthy. She sat on a thin, straw mattress in the corner of the room, barely anything to the mattress. Next to her, on the dirty floor was a rough, chipped plate with darkened bread as hard as a rock sitting on it. A small dark mug sat next to the poorly looking plate with dirty looking water settled in it; at least she thought it was water.

Silvren shuddered as she gazed about the small room that lay in front of her. The air was chilly and had an unpleasant feel to it and something at the other end of the room caught her attention. The very moment she stood to her feet her head began to throb and she enveloped herself in the thin blanket. Walking across the room, she noticed a sliver of light shining through a crack in the wall. Silvren placed her eye over the hole, her face brushing against the cold, rough surface of the stone wall. Peering out, she could see lots of trees and many cruel orcs working below.
A chill ran up through Silvren’s spine as she backed away from the wall and stumbled back over to the thin mattress sitting in the other corner of the room. She laid down upon the uncomfortable mattress and sleep quickly over took her.


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