Silvren’s Journey – Chapter 20

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Silvren remained with Arwen in Lothlorien for two years before returning home. Finally, she rode through the east gate of Rivendell and spotted Elrond and Estel awaiting her arrival. Silvren smiled as she saw Estel’s little face light up with happiness and she jumped off of Asfalas’ back. Silvren walked over to them and embraced each one of them tightly.
Over the next two years, life continued as usual, except when Thranduil’s company came to visit Legolas and Telden were not with them.
Estel was ten years old and was taught by Elladan and Elrohir how to sword-fight. Sometimes he would practice with Silvren, but it usually turned into play.


“Silvren? ” Elrond asked, slowly opening her wooden door and peered inside her room, “Silvren? ” he called out again, stepping into her room.
“Yes, Father?” Silvren called out, stepping out from her bathing room, brushing her long, wet hair.
“Elladan and Elrohir are going to Lothlorien for awhile and then to Mirkwood for a few weeks. Would you like to go with them?” he asked her.
“Oh, I’d love to. What about Estel? Can he go? “
“No, he can not go. I think it best for him to stay here.”
Silvren nodded in response, even though she wanted him
to go with them. “When do we leave? ” she asked sitting down on her bed.
“At dawn, so start packing your bags.” Elrond replied. Elrond turned around and walked out of her room to find Estel.

Early the next morning, Silvren, Glorfindel, her brothers, and other Elves were adding final touches to their horses and bags.As Silvren was tightening her bag around Asfalas, she felt someone tugging on her cloak She turned her head around and peered over her shoulder, seeing none other than Estel.
Silvren turned around and knelt in front of him, placing her hands on top of his shoulders.
“Don’t be sad, Estel. Think of all the fun you’ll have with father.” Silvren told him as she looked him in his big blue eyes.
Estel slowly nodded his head, trying to hold back tears.
Silvren hugged him and kissed him on the cheek goodbye, then hugged Elrond.
“Now, when you get to Mirkwood, I do not want any trouble out of you.” he said sternly with a look of meaning on his face.
Silvren nodded with a smile on her lips then jumped onto Asfalas’ back and rode off with the others.
“Where are we?” asked Silvren.
“We ‘re entering Mirwood’s border.” Glorfindel answered, looking around at the surroundings that lay about the dim path.
Mats of greenish-blackish moss hung from the dark trees, overhanging the narrow path. The dark abnormally quiet forest sent an eerie feeling throughout their bodies.
“May I ride ahead?” Silvren asked looking over at Glorfindel.
“No. Not in this forest.” he answered without looking at her.
“Please? ” Silvren asked with a pleading look on her face.
Glorfindel looked over at her, his heart thumping within his chest. Her beautiful grey-blue eyes, pleading with him to let her ride ahead. Her dark hair flowing over her shoulders and down her back.
“All right, be careful, please.”
“Thank you!” she called out as she galloped away into the darkness.
Legolas stood up high on the edge of a branch, of one of the huge beech trees. He was gazing up at the stars when out the quiet night, he heard the trampling of hooves in the distance. He jumped down onto a lower branch and signaled his men to be ready.
Legolas noticed ontop of the brown horse was an attractive Elven-maiden. She had a grey cloak from Lorien over top a silky blue dress that was trimmed with silver. The bodice of the dress was fitted tightly then flowed from the waist into a long skirt that hung over both sides of the horse. A silver v-shaped belt sat across her hips and hung down the front of her dress.
Silvren was finally nearing the kingdom of Thranduil and was growing weary after many days of riding. Silvren looked up and pulled Asfalas to a stop, seeing that she was surrounded. She quickly counted eight arrows pointed her way.
A tall Elf jumped from out of the tree and walked up to her horse. He had long blonde hair and wore the traditional garb of Mirkwood.
“Why is a Beautiful maiden, such as yourself, doing out late at night like tonight ?” he asked as he stroked her horse’s nose.
Silvren remained sitting on top of her horse and silent, only giving him a hard stare.
“What business do you have trespassing in the Realm of King Thranduil?” he asked growing impatient.
Silvren slid off her horse’s back and stood next to her, stroking her side. “Nothing that concerns you.” she answered, looking straight at him. Her eyes piercing his.
“I know you, do I not?” he asked, her face suddenly seeming vaguely familiar.
“Well I’m quite content with not knowing you.” she retorted.
“No one passes through the realm without permission.” he said sternly as he glared at her and signaled his men to bind her hands.
Silvren turned her head and saw two Elves walk up behind her and bind her hands behind her back. She glanced angrily at their leader as she struggled against the men binding her hands. They bound her hands tight enough that she couldn’t slip out of them but loose enough so the rope wouldn’t hurt her wrists.
“You will come with us to the king. Perhaps you will tell him of your errand.” the leader smirked and turned down the dark, gloomy path towards the palace.
Silvren watched as he disappeared into the darkness and two other Elves followed him. One of the Elves motioned for her to follow them and obediently she did, but tried wiggling free from the bonds occasionally. One of the Elves saw this and laid his strong hand on top of her shoulder. She sighed knowing it was hopeless, that she would not be able to break free and even if she could, she couldn’t out run them.

Soon they came to an area where the trees began to part and a wide, wooden bridge came into view. As they walked over the bridge, Silvren peered over the side at the water beneath it. The water was dark and swift as it flowed under the bridge and through the woods.
They hurried across the bridge and up a great set of stone steps and into the cave. The door closed with a loud bang behind them, making Silvren jump. She looked around the passages as they walked by them, they were lit by red torch-light and the Elves sang as they walked along.
It wasn’t long before they entered a great, torch-lit hall with pillars hewn out of stone.
The guards cut the bonds from Silvren’s hands and were excused as she gazed about the torch-lit chamber.
“Ah, my lady it is so good to see you.” Silvren heard and turned her eyes upon the Elven-king, who was sitting on a throne craved out of wood. He wore a crown of bright red berries and red leaves upon his golden head. The leader of the group of Elves that had caught her and brought her here stood beside the king.
“Come closer. I do not bite.” he said calmly motioned for her to step closer.
Slowly, she walked towards him until she was three feet away from him, the other Elf watching her with a proud expression on his face.
“My son tells me that you were riding alone in the forest. Is that correct?”
“Aye, it is correct, but how would your son know of my riding alone?” she asked with a confused expression on her face.
“Lady Silvren, surely you have not forgotten my son Legolas? ” he laughed slightly as gestured towards the Elf beside him, who had a look of shock on his face.
Silvren glanced over at the Elf beside the king then to the ground. Now she understood. Her old playmate, the king’s son had been the Elf that caught her in the woods.
Suddenly, the king looked up towards the door as more elves filed into the chamber. Silvren smiled seeing her siblings and Glorfindel among them.
“Ah, it’s about time the rest of you arrive. “Thranduil said as he stood up and walked over towards them.
The king had them shown to their rooms so they could rest up before the grand feast that was to be held later that night
Twilight was falling and left the crisp smell of autumn in the air as Arwen and Silvren prepared for the feast. Their hair had been freshly washed and pulled back in the usual Elven fashion.
Arwen wore a pale blue dress with pale blue organza sleeves, the scooping neckline and hem trimmed in gold.
Silvren wore a yellow satin dress with a tight bodice that flowed out at the waist. The tapering sleeves were made of white organza that sparkled in the candle light, a pale blue sash was tied around her waist. The sash formed a small bow in the back that was hidden by her long hair.
Glorfindel came to their room and walked with them to the dinning hall, leading them to the main table where they would sit. Kindly, Glorfindel pulled out one of the wooden chairs for Silvren.
“Thank you.” Silvren said quietly as he helped her sit down and pushed the chair back in for her.
Arwen sat next to Silvren, on her left side, and on the right side of King Thranduil. Glorfindel sat on the right side of Silvren, next to her and Elladan. Many more elves were seated along the large table, including a younger looking maiden with extremely long, dark hair.
Silvren sat quietly as she listened to their conversations, then heard the voice she detested to hear. And it was close to her, making her sigh unhappily. Slowly, she looked up from her plate and looked across the table, where she saw Legolas happily conversing with Elrohir who sat next to him.

Legolas turned looking over at her and stared. “Is this the same Elf I rescued in the woods earlier?”
“If you mean captured or caught and had her hands bond by your men, then yes, I am the same Elf.” Silvren snappily replied. “Now please turn your eyes elsewhere, before I hurt you.”
Legolas scowled at her and turned back to Elrohir, who had a look of shock written on his face.

Finally, the feast drew to an end and Arwen and Silvren were getting ready to head back to their chambers when King Thranduil stopped them.
“Why don’t you escort them to their chambers, Legolas?” Thranduil proposed.
“But-” Silvren began but was cut off by Legolas, who spoke up too quickly.
“Yes, Father.” he said and led them out of the hall and down the dimly lit corridor. Legolas and Arwen talked the whole time while Silvren quietly followed a few feet behind. At length, they reached Arwen’s room and she said her goodnights before turning in.
Then, Legolas started down the corridor towards Silvren’s room. They walked the whole way in silence as Silvren slowly followed a few feet behind him, with her head bent forward.

After what seemed like forever, the two Elves reached Silvren’s chamber door. Legolas swung around to face her, inches from her face.
“How dare you embarrass me and be rude to my face at my table!” Silvren quietly stared at him as she tried to think of something to say.
“You of all people! Elrond’s daughter. My old playmate! Just about everyone saw what happened. I can’t believe you did that!” he yelled angrily.
“Well if you hadn’t of been so rude to me maybe I would’ve been politer at dinner.” Silvren retorted.
“Rude to you? What did I do that was so rude to you?” he snapped.
“You had your men bind me, a young Elven-maiden that was alone. Do you really think that after riding for hours I could take on you and your men ?”
“No. but-“
“But what?”
“You never know what can happen. We can’t take chances.” Legolas said defensively. “Besides, you were the one who said, ‘Well I am quite content with not knowing you. ‘”
“And I still am. ” she snapped. “You were also rude to me at dinner.”
“I was what?”
“I’m too tired to be fighting. Goodnight.” with that, she snuck around him and into her room, slamming the door behind her.


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