Silvren’s Journey – Chapter 20

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“Ah, at last you arrive. Come, come have some wine and let us talk.” the ever so cheery king of Mirkwood exclaimed as the escort from Rivendell climbed off their horses.
Silvren untied her bag of belongings from Asfalas’ back and followed Glorfindel and Elladan into the palace. Elrohir followed not too far behind, flirting with a young Elven maiden.
They walked into the King’s Halls and sat at a large, elegantly carved wooden table that sat in the middle of the room. Prepared for them with silver plates and goblets that were engraved with small entwining vines. As Silvren was walking towards her chair she felt someone running up behind her and the next thing she knew, she was being spun around to face Míriel.
“I have been waiting forever for you to arrive.” Míriel exaggerated as she gave Silvren a tight hug.
“I’m sure you have.” Silvren laughed as she hugged her friend in return.
“Let’s get something to eat, I have been too excited to eat anything all day.” Míriel smiled as she took a seat next to Silvren.

It was the middle of the afternoon and Silvren was helping patrol the borders of Thranduil’s kingdom with one of her best friends, Míriel. Both of them wore matching outfits that resembled Legolas fighting garb. A satiny, blue tunic beneath a green and brown jerkin over top of it with greenish-grey leggings with and twilight-grey boots almost reaching their knees.
“I can’t believe you convinced my father to allow me to help patrol the borders.” Míriel said from the tall tree next to the tree Silvren was perched in.
“I didn’t.” Silvren smiled knowingly, her back facing her friend.
“What do you mean?” Míriel asked with a baffled expression, climbing onto a higher tree-branch.
“I didn’t convince your father. Legolas did.” Silvren smiled even wider, scanning the dark, quiet forest before her.
“No. Legolas would never do that.” Míriel stated, refusing to believe her best friend.
“Are you sure about that?” Silvren asked, her eyes glowing mischievously as she cast a quick glance over her shoulder at Míriel.
“What did you do?” Míriel blurted out with wide eyes.
“Oh, I begged, pleaded, gave him puppy-dog-eyes and gave him countless reasons to ask until he finally gave in.” Silvren smiled slowly taking her bow from her quiver, her eyes scanning the trees in front of her.
“How long did it take?” Míriel asked, her jaw dropped in amazement.
“I had to follow him around for half a day.” Silvren muttered, not totally paying attention to her as she pulled an arrow out form her quiver.
“You are great! I love you!” Míriel exclaimed happily.
“Shush.” Silvren hissed, fitting her arrow to the taunt string of her bow with the speed of lightning flashing across the sky.
“What is it?” Míriel asked, furrowing her brow.
“I thought I heard something.” Silvren whispered back to her, still scanning the area before her.
Míriel reached over her shoulder for her bow and at the same time a tall elf dropped down in front of
Silvren. “Ahh!” Míriel gasped, almost dropping her bow as Silvren aimed the deadly sharp tip at the elf’s chest.
“Whoa! Easy!” the elf exclaimed, his hands up in the air as Silvren stared at him with hard eyes.
“What do you want, Elladan?” she questioned him, not lowering her bow.
“I just wanted to check on you. You know, make sure the two of you are doing fine.” Elladan remarked, watching the silver tip of Silvren’s arrow.
“We’re doing quite well without anyone’s help.” she poked him in the chest with her arrow, his back arching as he gave into the point.
“Obviously.” Elladan replied, lowering his hands as Silvren returned her bow and arrow back to their places in her quiver.
“My Lord Elladan.” an Elven voice called out from several trees away. “We need your assistance on the western border, the goblins from the Misty Mountains are attacking.” an elf appeared on a branch level to theirs.
“You two stay here and alert us if there’s any trouble.” Elladan turned back to Silvren and Míriel before disappearing into the dark woods.
“Is he crazy or what?” Silvren asked herself out loud. “Come on.” she beckoned Míriel to follow her.
“Well he is your brother.” Míriel said, following Silvren as Silvren followed Elladan at a good distance.
“Besides that.” Silvren rolled her eyes and jumped onto a thick branch of another tree.
“Oh.” Míriel continued climbing through the dark trees behind Silvren. “Well then I can’t answer that.”

It wasn’t long before Silvren stopped climbing through the trees and pulled out her bow and an arrow, ready to shoot a goblin down as soon as she spotted one. Míriel crept up beside Silvren and gazed out before them, then turned back to her friend. “What is it? Do you see something?” she asked in a hushed tone.
“We aren’t far from the goblins.” Silvren whispered to Míriel, her soft eyes glittering in the darkness of the woods that surrounded them.
“Good.” Míriel grinned, pulling out her bow and arrow as well. “Let’s kill us some goblins.”
Silvren returned Míriel’s grin, only Silvren’s was more mischievous than her friends, and the scampered across the branch into the next tree.

The sound of arrows zipping through the air and the piggish squeals of the wounded goblins filled the air as Silvren and Míriel came upon the fighting, ready to help the other elves around them. Silvren fitted her arrow to her string and pulled it taunt, eyeing up her first target that was not too far away from them. The goblin was hobbling towards the trees with a small bow and arrow grasped within it’s clawed hands. He was eyeing up Elladan who had his back towards the creature. Silvren saw this and let her arrow fly threw the air before the goblin could set the black arrow to his bow. Her slender arrow flew between the plaited tree branches and struck the brow-skinned creature in the side of it’s neck with a horrible thud. A smile of satisfaction pulled at the corner of Silvren’s lips as the goblin fell over onto the dry leaves and hard ground, his mouth open in surprise and unable to take another breath.
The green molted-skinned goblin that stood beside the one Silvren had just shot dead collapsed to the ground with one of Míriel’s arrows protruding from it’s chest. The two friends continued shooting down the attacking goblins just as quickly and accurately as the guys were, not letting the guys outdo them.

It didn’t take long for all the goblins to be slaughtered and just as silently as they had come, Silvren and Míriel slipped back to their post.

“You missed it, Silvren, we killed all those goblins like they were nothing but little beetles.” Elrohir said as the twins walked back to the place with Silvren and Míriel. It was mid-afternoon and their two day shift had just ended. “You would have enjoyed it. Too bad.” Elrohir taunted the two girls.
Míriel was ready to sock Elrohir, her fists clenched tightly by her sides, for he was just as annoying as her twin brothers or Legolas tended to act.
“Thanks, Elrohir. I love you too.” Silvren said as if she really was upset about missing out on the
killings. They were now walking down the twisting passages of Thranduil’s palace.
“I know you do.” Elrohir wrapped his arm around her and squeezed her shoulders, placing a kiss on the side of her head, to which she grimaced and pushed him away.
“We’ll catch up with you girls later.” Elladan said as he and Elrohir walked towards their chambers at the other end of the hall that they were walking down.
“I`ll see you in a few minutes.” Míriel said as she and Silvren stood in front of the door to Silvren’s chamber.
“Yeah, I can’t wait to get out of these clothes.” Silvren glanced down at her sweaty, dirt covered clothing.
“Hey, at least you don’t have to wear it every day.” Míriel said to her.
“True. All right, I’ll catch up to you later.” Silvren said and started in her room.

It didn’t take Silvren long to bathe and change into her yellow shirt and matching skirt with small red roses embroidered on the yellow material. The straps were made of hundreds of small red beads with the sleeves starting two inches below her elbow, tapering down to her wrists. When she had finished changing, Silvren walked out into the torch-lit hallway towards the twisting staircase, her destination was the garden where she was Míriel was to meet her in a few minutes. As she was walking down the lower passage towards the palace gates, an eerie voice called out to her from a dark, bone-chilling room.
Silvren stopped dead in her tracks, staring straight a head as a chill running up her spine and goosebumps breaking out on her arms as she slowly turned her head towards the doorway. A tall, dark figure appeared with eyes glowing fiery red, evil lurking beneath them.
“Oh, Silvren you have grown so beautiful since I last saw you.” he reached out with a long, pale hand and placed it upon her neck, his thumb chillingly caressing her cheek.
Silvren tried swallowing the lump that had formed in her throat but it still remained there. “Such words from you are not what I consider a compliment.” she said bitterly.
“Ah, but I care not what you consider a compliment. It fact I enjoy the hunt even more when you continue to run.” he smiled thinly. “Once again I have come for what is mine.” he stepped closer to her. Too close for Silvren’s comfort. She tried to back away but he gripped her shoulder tighter, pressing his long fingers into the soft flesh of her shoulder, nearly hitting her pressure point.
“I don’t belong to you. I don’t belong to anyone.” she said with a bit of coldness on the edge of her voice.
“Oh, but that cannot be. An Elven-maiden as beautiful as you must belong to someone. You shall be mine and I will give you anything and everything you want. We shall rule of Middle-earth together. I as the king and you…you as my queen.”
Before Silvren could say anything, Telden leaned forward, placing his cold lips upon her warm ones, running his cold fingers along the bare section of her back. Telden could feel Silvren struggling against his grasp and tightened his grip on her, causing her to struggle even harder.
Silvren brought her knee up into his groin, his hands quickly dropping from her shoulder and back as he cried out in pain. Her face was white with fear as she slowly backed away from the crouching elf.
“Leave me alone. Your words are nothing but poison to me.” she said harshly. Without lingering, Silvren ran past him towards the front gate and past the guards into the gardens. She glanced back over her shoulder to see if Telden was following her and ran right into Legolas’ arms.

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