Silvren’s Journey – Chapter 2

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Running into her room, she slammed the door behind her and flung herself across her bed, crying into her pillows. Silvren sat up and scanned her bedroom with teary eyes. Then ran about her room gathering up things and throwing them into a bag. Silvren grabbed her cloak that was hanging on a peg on the wall and threw it about her shoulders, fastening the small brooch.
Quickly and quietly, Silvren slipped silently onto her balcony and climbed down a thick vine and onto the ground below. She ran beneath the shadows of the trees and made her way to the dark stables. There she found Asfalas fast asleep.
“Sorry to wake you ,girl. ” she whispered as she stroked Asfalas’ mane.
Slowly, Silvren led Asfalas out of her stall and the stable then through the quiet woods. Silvren mounted Asfalas once they reached the east road and galloped swiftly throughout the night under the moon’s cover.

Back in Rivendell, Elrond was pacing up and down the corridors, worrying about Silvren. She had left his study in tears and then locked herself in her room, four hours ago.
“Lord, Elrond. I’m afraid I have some bad news. ” Glorfindel gasped as he entered Elrond’s study. “What is it? ” he asked turning to face him.
“Silvren is …um she’s. ” Glorfindel started nervously, knowing how Elrond would react. “Where is my daughter? ” Elrond growled, stepping closer to Glorfindel. Only an inch was left between them and Elrond’s eyes were glowing with boiling anger.
Glorfindel suddenly felt much smaller next to the enraged Elf. He trembled with fear, not knowing what would happen to him or Silvren when Elrond found out she had disappeared. He had a feeling she had gone to Mirkwood but wasn’t going to tell Elrond that.
“She’s not to be found. She’s gone.” he said softly under his breath. “What?! She’s gone?! Where?! ” demanded Elrond. “We’re not sure, my lord. “
“Find her, I don’t care how, just find her!” he shouted.
“Yes, my lord. ” Glorfindel said bowing. He quickly exited the room in search of a party to find Silvren. “I can’t loose her. I won’t loose her. ” Elrond muttered to himself as he sank into his soft, velvety chair by the fireplace.
* * *
Silvren kept on riding throughout the night and the next day. Hardly stopping to rest or eat. Finally, after many weary hours of riding, Silvren reached the border of Mirkwood’s kingdom. There, she was met by several look-outs including Celebdil.
Quietly, she explained to Celebdil who she was and that he wasn’t to tell anyone about her visit. Under the cover of the moon, Celebdil led her towards the palace.
“Celebdil, please, I need you to take me to Legolas’ chamber. I need to talk to him. ” Silvren begged, her face hidden beneath the hood of her cloak.
Not bothering to ask, Celebdil nodded and led her throughout the palace to his brother’s chamber. Celebdil knocked loudly on the large wooden door in front of them. After a few seconds, a tall elf appeared and at once she recognized him as Legolas. “You have a visitor. ” Celebdil winked then with a slight bow, left.
Legolas turned and looked her over, not knowing who she was or what to do, but as she as she spoke he had a feeling about who she was.
“Please, I must speak with you. ” she said quietly in a pleading tone.
A small smile spread across his face while he watched her shadowed face. “Follow me. ” he said and turned back into his room, Silvren quietly following behind him. Legolas silently shut the wooden door behind her then turned to face her in the dimly lit room. “Come, Silvren, show your pretty face. ”
Silvren’s jaw dropped in amazement as Legolas threw back her hood, revealing her bewildered look. Legolas laughed and drew her in close, hugging her tightly. Silvren pulled away after a second and looked down at the floor, remembering why she was there.
“What are you doing here? ” a confused expression came over Legolas ‘face. He took her small hand into his and looked down at her bent head, waiting for an answer.
“I…I ran away. “
“Why? ” he asked even ore confused.
“Because our fathers want to betroth Telden and I. ” she said, starting to cry.
“What!? Why?”
“I don’t know. They just do. ” she replied, crying harder.
“Well, don’t worry about it. Telden has been gone for awhile. He went off on his own, for what reason, nobody knows. ” he reassured her.
“I’m not going to marry him anyways. I can’t. I-I don’t love
“You don’t have to. You need some rest. Come, I’ll take you to your room.”
Still holding her hand, Legolas led her down the corridor to her guest-room.
* * *
All of Rivendell and Lothlórien was in an uproar over the young princess’ disappearance. Elrond stayed his study, pacing back in forth, worrying himself to death as the others searched for Silvren. The woods around the two Elven-cities echoed with the many fair voices of the Elves looking for Silvren. Elladan and Elrohir led a group of Elves outside of Rivendell’s borders, in hopes of finding their sister.


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