Silvren’s Journey – Chapter 18

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Silvren knelt behind a bush that lined the dirt path, wearing her light blue tunic with a brown overdress that laced up the sides, on top of it. She had just spotted her victim, Legolas. He was here on another so called earn for his father, but Silvren knew better.
His back was turned towards her so she quietly snuck out from her hiding place and crept up behind him. Silvren tickled the side of his ribs, sending him dancing across the path.
“You!” he breathed with a smile.
“Yikes!” Silvren squeaked and darted down the path, searching for a hiding place. Silvren could hear his light footsteps as he ran towards her. Before she could find a place to hide, two strong hands grabbed her by her sides and started tickling her.
Silvren laughed as she tried to squirm out of his grasp but he was top strong. She could feel her stomach begin to hurt and her eyes begin to water as she laughed.
“Okay! “she laughed. “Enough!” Silvren stumbled forward after Legolas let go of her, both of them still laughing.
“That was a lovely ‘Welcome back to Rivendell, Legolas’ you came up with.” he laughed.
“You were only gone a few days since your last trip, but I’m glad you liked it” she said trying to catch her breath.
“You ‘re such a stinker.”
“What? I had to do it.” she giggled. “But does that mean I’m a stupid, old, stinker also?” she asked slyly.
“Very funny.’ Legolas smirked. “Let’s go find your father.’ Legolas said and the two of them walked up the stone steps into the Homely House.

* * *

“So how did your punishment go the other day?” Elladan asked as Elrohir walked into Elladan ‘s room.
“It stunk. The maidens made me wash the dirtiest and smelliest clothes of them all. Then I had to wash the dishes; which were covered in dried up sauces and other nasty stuff that was coated on them. I also had to take out the trash, which smelled worse then the stables when they haven’t been cleaned yet.”
“I’m so sorry. At lest you were surrounded by available maidens when you washed the clothes.” Elladan smiled impishly.
“They totally ignored me.” Elrohir pouted.
“What is it that you wanted to ask me? ” Elladan asked still smiling.
“Have you seen my sword?”
“Nay, you probably lost it that room of yours.” Elladan smirked.
“Very funny. Father wants me to practice but I can’t if I don’t find my sword. “
“Why don’t you ask one of sisters if they’ve seen it?” Elladan suggested. A look of horror and anger swept over Elrohir’s face as he stared at Elladan. Elrohir darted from the
room, leaving Elladan behind and confused.
* * *
Silvren slid Elrohir’s sword, with its sheath, under her bed and jumped happily onto her bed. She snatched a book off of her small night table by her bed and opened it up. Reading it as she sat on top of her bed.
* * *
Elrohir walked angrily down the hall towards Silvren ‘s room, paying no attention to those that he passed by, including Legolas.
Both Legolas and Elladan followed behind Elrohir at a safe distance.
* * *
Silvren sat happily on her bed, reading one of her favorite books when her door swung open, Glancing up, she saw Elrohir coming towards her. An angry look clouded his face and eyes burned with anger like she had never seen before.
“Where’s my sword?” he demanded.
Nervously, Silvren glanced at the small fire that burning on the fireplace on the other side of her room.
Elrohir turned his head, following her gaze. His blood became hot with rage as he grabbed her by the shoulders. His grip was tight and painful as he began shaking her, demanding her to tell him what she did with his sword.
Silvren screamed as loudly as she could as Elrohir proceeded to violently shake her. Tears filled her eyes and spilled down her face as she cried out, hoping someone would hear her or that he would stop.
“Elrohir!” a loud enraged voice shouted in bewilderment. “Stop it this instant. “
Elrohir let go of Silvren, letting her fall back on to her bed, at the sound of his name. Quickly, he turned around to see
Elrond standing in Silvren’s doorway.
Silvren curled up into a small ball, hiding her face in her knees as the tears continued to flow from her eyes and onto her bed.
Legolas and Elladan ran over to her bed and sat down next to her, trying to comfort her.
Elrond glared angrily at Elrohir. “How dare you? Your own kin. Your own Little sister”
“She threw my sword into the fire!” Elrohir bellowed. “What do you say about that?”
“That’s no excuse!” Elrond barked. “If she were 400 years younger, you would’ve tailed her, You should be ashamed of yourself.” Elrond shouted then turned his gaze upon the small child that laid curled up on the bed. “Silvren, did you throw his sword into the fire?”
“No… I didn’t.” she muttered, her voice sounding small and weak
“Oh, don’t lie.” snapped Elrohir.
“But I didn’t!” Silvren protested.
“Well then where is it?”
“Under my bed.” she sniffed.
Elrohir got down on his hands and knees and lifted the hem of her blanket off the floor, peering under her bed. To his surprise, he found his sword laying there within it’s sheath. Elrohir stood up with his sword in hand and glanced over at Silvren, who was leaning against Legolas’ chest. His arms wrapped protectively around her.
“I’m sorry.” Elrohir muttered as brushed past Elrond and exited through the open door.
“Come, Elladan. I will practice with you if you wish.” Elrond said grimly. Elladan nodded in return and bent over, kissing Silvren on the forehead before leaving.
“Why did you take his sword?” Legolas asked once Elrond and Elladan had left.
“Because last time he took all of my clothes and I wanted to get him back. ” Silvren said shyly. Legolas smiled down at her tear-streaked face, remembering that incident not long ago.
“I miss my mommy.” Silvren cried.
“I know, I know.” Legolas whispered, remembering how hard it was for him when his mother went over seas. “You’ll see her again, don’t worry.”


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