Silvren’s Journey – Chapter 18

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“How much further?” Silvren asked Glorfindel, who rode upon his horse in front of her and Asfalas.
“Not much, my lady.” he answered over his shoulder.
Silvren sighed a deep, thoughtful sigh. Her and her brothers, along with a small escort, were traveling to Mirkwood for another visit. About two hours later, they were greeted by four elves, two of which would lead their horses to the stables.
“Come, the king is waiting for you.” one of the guards said and led them into the palace where Thranduil waited for his guest.
Upon greeting the king and chatting for a few minutes, they shown to their rooms so they could rest up before that evenings feast.

After changing out of her green riding clothes and into a nice dark blue dress with silver trim around the neckline and hem. Then Silvren made her way to Míriel’s room and together, the two elves walked down the hall towards the staircase. The blue skirt of Silvren and the dark green one of Míriel swishing about their feet as the hustled down the stairs towards the upper hall.
As they entered through the arched doorway, they could see that the room was brightly lit by thousands of candles. Some of which were hanging from the ceiling and others that sat in tall candelabras about the room. A long table was set at the end of the room with two smaller tables set on each end of the larger one table. Silver dishes were set out on the tables in front of each hand carved chair. Silver goblets and silverware were set beside each of the plates. Small white flowers adorned the centers of each table.
Silvren spotted Elladan and Elrohir already seated at the large table with Glorfindel and several other elves from the king’s court. Her eyes drifted about the room over the many faces as she and Míriel walked towards the king’s table. `Odd.’ she thought to herself. `Legolas isn’t here.’
“Are we going to sit across from your brothers?” Míriel asked Silvren.
“Sure, that way we can keep our eyes on them and keep them out of trouble.” Silvren smirked at Elladan as she and Míriel sat down in their chairs.

Throughout the entire meal, Silvren saw no sign of Legolas or his brothers, but she said nothing of it to Míriel. After the meal had finished, the dancing began and together, Silvren and Míriel got up from their seats and hurried out onto the dance floor together.
The two danced together then switched off with one of Silvren’s brothers, dancing with numerous partners throughout the night.

When the dancing had finished, Silvren and Míriel walked to their chambers, parting good night at the door to Míriel’s room. Silvren was walking down the hall to her room when she heard someone call out her name. Spinning around, she saw Legolas standing about forty feet away. From his weary look and his bow and quiver strapped to his back, she knew that he had been on watch for several days.
A smile melted onto her face and she ran towards him, throwing her arms around his neck as he wrapped his strong arms around her small body. Both of them overjoyed to see each other.
“You were out patrolling the borders, were you not?’ Silvren asked as she pulled away, just enough to look up at his face.
“Aye, that I was.” his smiled disappeared from his face but quickly returned. “I won’t have to for a few days though.”
“That’s good.” Her smile grew even wider. “Well, I a bit tired from dancing with so many Elven-lords tonight, I think I’ll go retire to my chamber.” she smiled impishly as her arms fell away from his neck and she walked away from him.
“Good night to you too.” Legolas chuckled, watching as she walked away.
“Good night.” she called back to him.

The sun was shining and the birds were perched high up in the trees, singing happily as a new day began.
Silvren stirred and slowly, her eyes fluttered open. The bright light blinded her for a few moments but soon her eyes adjusted to her well lit room. At first, when she sat up, she had forgotten where she was. Her bed lay horizontal to the balcony, unlike her room back in Rivendell, and at the far end of the wall there was a stone fireplace with a large, plush chair sitting on the right side it. On the other side there was an oak dresser and mirror with a matching chair. Next to the dresser was a beautiful oak wardrobe that was filled with many different dresses. The light colored ceiling was low compared to the one she had in Rivendell and she remembered that she was in Mirkwood and slowly, Silvren got up out of bed.
Silvren put on a slim fitting, dark green, velvet dress with a gold belt that hung around her hips and dangled down the front of her dress. She hummed the tune to a childhood song her mother use to sing to her as she pulled the silver-handled brush through her long, smooth hair. Gently, she twisted the two sides back and secured them with a green ribbon like she normally did.

Silvren walked out of the palace, through the courtyard and across the small wooden bridge. She wondered throughout the woods, winding in and out among the trees, stepping over fallen trees and rocks. Silvren came across a small stream with a fallen tree lying across it like a small bridge and with extra caution, Silvren stepped onto the log. She ran across the log and hopped off the log onto the ground that lay on the other side of the stream.
Silvren continued walking through the woods, the ground gradually slanting upwards. She could see a grassy clearing that lay ahead of her at the top of the small hill, curious, she ran up the hill to the top. Not hearing the footsteps behind her, Silvren walked over to the side of the hill, only just now realizing that it was a cliff and peered over the side. The drop fell thousands of feet down into a rushing river that cut through the cliff walls.
Silvren sighed as she watched the raging river below, entrance by the beauty of it’s blue water and the white foam that floated about the rocks as the water swirled onward. A gentle breeze blow across her face and played with her hair as it blew her dress about and wrapped it loosely around her ankles. She stood there without realizing that the rocks beneath her feet had come loose and were also weak.
Some of the rocks were slowly beginning to shift beneath her and suddenly they gave away, falling towards the raging river below. Silvren screamed as she tried to regain her balance as she teetered on the edge of the cliff, watching in horror as the rocks fell into the water below. Slowly, her footing gave away and she slipped, but not before two strong hands grabbed her from behind and pulled her backwards. She was pulled back with some much strength that she stumbled backwards and almost fell down the hill if her rescuer hadn’t of kept a firm grasp on her waist.
“Why are you always around when I do something stupid or clumsy?” she asked as she stared up at Legolas.
“I don’t know, but maybe it’s a good thing.” Legolas said as he looked down at her, concern still written across his face. “Are you all right?” he asked her.
“Yes, I’m fine.” she muttered, glancing away from him to the edge of the cliff when she had almost fallen in.
“Shall we go back and tell the others of your clumsiness?” he smiled.
“You wouldn’t?” she gaped in horror.
“Why shouldn’t I? Glorfindel is obviously not doing his job and should be punished for it.” he raised his chin as if he were a better protector than Glorfindel.
“Because I’ll ignore you.” she hissed, staring at him with a hard stare in her eyes.
“You wouldn’t.” he said, his eyes growing wide with dread as he stared at her.
“I would.” she said then turned and began walking down the hill and towards the palace, Legolas following not far behind.

Silvren made her way back to the palace where the other elves were just beginning to eat their afternoon meal. Silvren found where her brothers were sitting and sat between them at their table. She watched as Legolas entered the room, looking about for her. She sank down low in her seat to avoid his gaze and after a few seconds he gave up and sat with his brothers.
When she had finished eating, Silvren slipped out of her seat and then out of the upper hall unnoticed, so she thought.

Silvren quietly walked down a few winding passages up a flight of stairs towards her chamber . She thought of her sister Arwen in Lothlórien and her father back home in Rivendell and of Aragorn who was out in the wild somewhere. Then the thought of Gandalf and Bilbo crossed her mind, it had been years since she had seen either of them and missed them dearly. Finally she came to her door and opened it up, gently closed it behind her.
Silvren walked towards her bed and jumped at the sight of someone coming towards her and squealed, “Legolas!” as the tall elf approached her.
“Do you really think you could ignore me?” he asked, his eyebrows raised and his lips curled in an impish smile.
Without saying anything, Silvren turned and quickly took off out the door with Legolas at her heels. Her silvery laughter echoed through the halls as she ran down the winding passages and down the staircase. Silvren dashed out the front gate and into the woods with Legolas following behind her, loving every second of it.

Slowly, the sun passed behind huge grey rain clouds, darkening the realm below. The clouds parted open like the Red Sea and poured forth upon the lands below.

Silvren grabbed a low lying branch and began climbing up the tree when it began t pour upon them, drenching their clothes and hair. Half-way up the tree, she walked out onto a branch and saw Legolas scurrying up the tree behind her. As quick as lightning, she jumped out onto another tree branch and hoped to a third tree.
“So do you really think you can ignore me?” Legolas called out to her.
“No, but it was worth a try!” she smirked, her eyes gleaming with pleasure. She scrambled down from the tree as quickly as she could and ran through the rain, dodging trees and other obstacles.
Legolas leapt gracefully from one tree to another, leaping from branch to branch as he followed her from above. An idea came into mind and he leapt out of the tree, landing on his heels and falling upon a large stick as he fell onto his back. He groaned in pain and heard Silvren coming rushing to his side.
“Are you all right?” she asked, leaning over him with a concerned look.
“I think I’ll be all right.” he moaned as he tried to sit up, pain reflecting in his eyes.
“I can go get someone if you need me to.” se murmured.
“I’ll be fine.” he said as he sat up and glanced over at her, only inches from her face.
Before she could say anything else or move, he grabbed her around the waist and lightly kissed her on the lips. Her heart fluttered within her chest as their lips met, warmth rising in both of their bodies.
After a second or two had gone by, she quickly pulled away and stumbled to her feet, her mind in a daze over what had just happened, her eyes were cast upon the ground in an effort not to meet his gaze.
“No. I can’t do that. I-I must go.” she muttered as Legolas stood to his feet with a confused expression
written across his face. Silvren turned and ran back towards the palace, leaving him alone in the rain as she craved the refuge of her room.

“Good bye.” Silvren whispered shyly to Legolas, not able to meet his gaze as they stood by the border before leaving for Rivendell.
“Good bye, Silvren.” Legolas said softly, placing a quick kiss on her cheek, her cheeks flushing under the warmth of his lips pressed against her cheek.
“I’m leaving too, you know.” Míriel said from beside Legolas.
“Yes, I know.” he sighed with a small smile as Silvren turned and mounted Asfalas. “It’ll be all too quiet around here till you come back.” he smirked at his little sister.
“I love you too.” Míriel rolled her eyes and gave Legolas a hug, his gaze focused over her shoulder at Silvren who sat onto of her horse with her head bent forward as to hide her eyes from him.
“Good bye, Míriel. I Love you.” Legolas said as Míriel pulled away mounted her horse that waited impatiently beside Silvren’s.

Legolas watched with a heavy heart as the escort rode away into the distance, wondering what he had done to sadden Silvren. He hated the thought that he did something to hurt or upset her and wanted desperately to fix it, but he wondered if he’d even be able to.


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