Silvren’s Journey – Chapter 17

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“Arwen, tell me a story, please!” Silvren said bouncing up onto her bed. Silvren turned and looked at her sister who had just finished braiding her hair and was now brushing her own long, dark hair.
“Hold on, Sil, let me finish what I’m doing and stop bouncing on your bed!” she said turning to face Silvren,

With that, Silvren gave one last jump and plopped down onto her bed, grinning at Arwen. She crawled towards her pillow and sat up, shoving her feet under the silky sheets. Silvren leaned over the side of her bed and grabbed her favorite stuffed animal that had fallen onto the floor while she was jumping. Then she made herself nice and cozy under the sheets.
Arwen got up from her chair and walked towards Silvren’s bed. “What story did you want to hear? ” she asked as she sat down on the side of the bed.
“I want to hear about when mommy and daddy first met.”
“All right.” Arwen replied.

So, Arwen told Silvren the story of how their parents first met, which Celebrian had done many times before she left.

* Five years later* 2516*

Five years went by quickly and Silvren, now 616, is slowly developing into a woman. Legolas and two of his brothers are just now coming back for a visit and Elrohir is up to his tricks again. But we all know that deep down Elrohir loves his sisters.

“Elladan! Elladan?” Elrohir whispered at Elladan ‘s door. “Are you in there?”
“Yes, what is it?”
“Come with me, I want to show you something.” Elrohir whispered as he tried not to laugh.
“What did you do this time? ” Elladan asked as he followed Elrohir down the hall to his room.
“You’ll see!” he giggled as they entered his room.

Elladan glanced about Elrohir’s room and saw nothing out of the ordinary. It was messy and cluttered like normally.
“What? I don’t see anything.”
“Look in here.” Elrohir said handing him a big sack that was full of something.
Elladan peered into the open sack and gasped. “You didn’t!”
“Yup!” Elrohir said, his eyes full of mischief. “Every article of Silvren’s clothing is in this bag. I snuck in while she was bathing in the other room. She ‘II be coming out soon.”
“Elrohir!” Elladan hissed at his younger brother.
“Do you realize how much trouble you’ll be in?”
“Of course. Come on, she should be out now. “
Elladan followed Elrohir out into the hall and they made their way towards Silvren’s room.

* * *

“You ‘re getting the floor all wet, dry your hair out.” Arwen said. She threw another towel Silvren’s way and Silvren used it to dry out her long, wet hair.
“I’m going to go get dressed.” Silvren said as she walked from the bathroom into her room. She had a long, fluffy
white towel wrapped around her slender body.

Silvren walked over to her wardrobe and opened its heavy wooden doors. A look of shock swept over her face, seeing that it was empty. She walked over to her dresser and found it’s drawer’s empty as well.”Arwen!” called Silvren.
“Have you seen my clothes? “
“Um, no. Why?” Arwen asked a furrowing her brow.
“All of my clothes are missing.”
“How can that be?” Arwen asked as she walked over next to Silvren.

Silvren stared at Arwen as a thought came to mind. “I know.” she said and quickly grabbed a see through robe and darted out her door. Silvren saw Elladan and Elrohir standing near by.
“You!” Silvren shouted, pointing to Elrohir. “Where’s my clothes?” she demanded.
“Your clothes? What are you talking about?” Elrohir asked innocently as he began to back away.
“You lie! Give me back my clothes!”
“Sorry, but I can’t do that.” he replied and turned, running down the hall with Elladan at his heels.
“I told you to give them back!” hissed Elladan as ran up next to Elrohir.

As they turned a comer, they all most ran into Legolas, who was walking towards them. “Oh, my lord, I’m so sorry about-Silvren!” Elladan blurted out. He quickly turned around to find and stop Silvren before Legolas saw her.

“Silvren, no! Go back to your room!” he shouted, frantically waving his hands at her.

Before he could stop her, Silvren turned the comer and found herself face to face with Legolas. Silvren gasped at seeing him as her cheeks began to turn pink and she heard Elrohir laugh from next to her.
Silvren felt something heavy being draped over her shoulders and turned to see Elrond standing next to her. An angry look on his face.
“What is the meaning of this? ” he asked sternly.Silvren glared angrily over at Elrohir, who was now trying his hardest not to laugh.
Nobody said anything as Elrond’s gaze swept over each one of them. “Silvren, you speak first.” he finally said.

Silvren shyly glanced over at Legolas then down at the floor. “Elrohir took my clothes. ” she murmured through clenched teeth.

Elrond tried not to laugh as a small smile appeared on his face. “He took your clothes? ” Silvren nodded in response as Elrohir finally burst out laughing, tears streaming down his cheeks as he doubled over laughing.
“Silvren, Elladan, you may go now. Elrohir you will help wash clothes and help in the kitchen tomorrow.”

Instantly, Elrohir stopped laughing and stared at Elrond with wide eyes. “What?! Those are girlie jobs!”
“Yes. ” Elrond nodded. “And that is your punishment. Now go give Silvren back her clothes.”
“All right.” Elrohir seethed. Slowly, he walked down the hall towards his room.
“Oh how Celebrian would laugh at them. The things they do are amazing. We’ll definitely have stories to tell her when we meet again.” laughed Elrond. “Excuse my children for their childish behavior. I don’t think they’ll ever grow up.”
“They are easy to excuse. They keep Rivendell and its guest quite entertained.” Legolas said with a smile.
“I’ll see you at breakfast tomorrow. Good night, Legolas. ” Elrond said as they departed down the hall.
“Goodnight, Lord Elrond.” Legolas whispered


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