Silvren’s Journey – Chapter 17

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“I’ll race you!” Silvren shouted to Legolas as they walked down the stoned steps from the Homely House.
“You’ll lose.” Legolas said.
“Ready,” Silvren said, “set…go!” the two elves sprang forward down the dirt path that led to the lake, passing other elves as they raced each other.
Legolas easily took the lead with Silvren not far behind him as the path turned sharply and the large lake came into view. It was only a matter of seconds before Legolas reached the lake, and he did, two seconds before Silvren reached it.
“That was fun.” Silvren smiled as she jumped up onto a low-lying branch of the large tree that grew beside the lake.
“It was.” Legolas agreed while sitting upon the grass in front the tree as Silvren proceeded to climb higher into the tree.
Silvren stopped half-way up the tree and balanced herself on a thick branch, walking further out onto to sturdy branch. She stood above the waist-deep water and gazed across the lake at the wonderful trees and mountain side. Movement on the other side of the lake drew in her attention and she absently took another step. As she lifted her foot off the branch and began to set it in front of her other foot, Silvren missed and lost her balance, falling into the lake below with a loud splash. The cold water came as a shock to Silvren as she surfaced and gasped for air, her hair wet against her head and neck.
* * *
Legolas heard a loud splash and sat up straight with a startled look written across his face as he naturally look about for Silvren. When he didn’t see her, he jumped to his feet and looked out at the lake, waiting to see if she had jumped into the glittering blue water. When he saw her head rise out of the water he ran into the water and waded out to her as she swam towards him and the edge of the lake.
“You look like a drowned cat.” Legolas laughed as he helped Silvren out of the water and onto the grassy ground.
“Gee, thanks.” she muttered as he draped his dry cloak that had carried with him about her wet shoulders.
“Would you like to go back and change into some dry clothes.” he asked with a smile.
“Very much so.”
“All right, let’s go.” Legolas said and walked her back to the Homely House.
“Silvren.” a loud voice said in disgust as she walked down the corridor towards the main staircase.
Silvren whirled around to see Elrond standing in the doorway of the library, a not-so-happy expression on his face.
“What on earth did you do this time?” he asked her.
“Um…I fell into the lake.” she said nervously, her eyes cast down at the ground as she wondered what her punishment would be this time.
“You fell into the lake?”
“Uh-huh.” She piped up, looking up at his questioning facial expression.
“How did you fall into the lake?”
“I slipped.” she answered as several elves passed by them.
“Slipped? Off what?” he growing impatient with her simple answers.
“Off a tree branch. May I go change now?” Silvren desperately wanting to change into dry clothes.
“Just a minute. What were you doing in a tree?” he inquired.
“I was climbing a tree like I always do and I stepped too far out.”
“Go.” Elrond waved his hand at her.
“Thank you, Atar.” she said and took off down the corridor.

Several days later, a small escort from Mirkwood arrived at the front gate. Míriel rode behind two of the elves while Celebdil and four more rode in the back.
“Míriel!” Silvren cried out as she ran down the front stairs with her skirt hiked up almost to her knees, the back of her dress dragging across the steps behind her.
“Silvren!” Míriel shouted with happiness as she dismounted and ran over to greet her friend, Legolas walking behind Silvren as if he were a small puppy that followed her around everywhere she went.
“I’m so glad you could finally come back.” Silvren smiled as she hugged her other best friend.
“Me too. I can finally get away from my brothers and Mirkwood.” she said as she and Silvren pulled away, holding each other’s hands in a friendly manner. “Maybe, I’ll even meet nice guys that may interest me.” she teased, shooting Legolas a tormenting look.
“There’s plenty here for you to meet. Maybe you’ll find more than one that you like.” Silvren joined in on the fun and cast Legolas a smile over her shoulder.
“If any of them can put up with you, then they can gladly take you as their wife.” Legolas retorted.
“Come on, let’s have some fun.” Silvren said as Míriel sneered at her older brother then followed Silvren away from the house.

After two weeks had passed, Legolas gathered up his belongings and left to tend his duties in Mirkwood. Silvren and Míriel explored the woods around Rivendell and the luscious gardens as well as played and took care of Fëanor and Alfirin.


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