Silvren’s Journey – Chapter 16

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It was a beautiful spring day with the sun shining in the clear blue sky and no clouds in sight. Birds were flying in the sky, taking care of their young and their high chirping filled the air as Silvren walked towards her father’s study.

“Father.” Silvren asked as she walked into his ever so quiet study.
“Yes, Silvren.” he looked up from a cream-colored parchment he held in his hand that Glorfindel had delivered to him earlier that morning.
“I was wondering if I may help patrol the borders.” she asked, a little hesitant at first.
“You want to help patrol the borders?’ he raised an eyebrow at her.
“Yes, I do.” Silvren stated, her voice more stable than it had been.
“I don’t know.” Elrond started, trying to think of a good reason not to let her help patrol the borders.
“Please, Atar. We are rarely ever attacked and Elladan said that I’m good enough.” Silvren pleaded as Elrond set the paper down on the top his desk and walked over to the arched window.
“Did he say that?” Elrond turned to look at her.
“Aye, I did.” Elladan voiced as he stepped into his father’s study form the corridor.
“And did you put this idea into your sister’s head?” Elrond asked him.
“No.” Elladan answered, thinking that a bizarre question for Elrond to ask, since he should knew how Silvren behaved and how her mind worked.
“Do you think her capable of this task?”
“Aye. I trust her with my life.” Elladan nodded his head with confidence.
“I will allow you do help patrol, only if Elladan is on patrol with you and watched your back. I can’t risk losing you.” Elrond turned to face Silvren who was full of happiness and ready to dart out of her father’s study. “Will you do that, Elladan?”
“Thank you, Atar.” Silvren ran over to Elrond and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.
“You’re welcome, and Silvren, please be careful.” Elrond said to her as she turned to leave.
“I will.” Silvren smiled at him and then darted out of the study.

The only two Elflings in Rivendell were running about hitting each other with wooden swords. They were the twin son and daughter of Arien, Silvren’s handmaiden. Silvren loved them and spent a lot of her free time playing with them. She laughed as she watched them from her balcony, slashing and thrusting the swords at each other.Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a figure run up the front stairs to the house. Another elf, a stable-boy, was leading a horse to the stables. Her eyes lit up with excitement upon recognizing Ranel, Legolas’ silver horse. Silvren turned and ran from her room and down the main staircase. She was running down a narrow corridor and skidded to a stop before running into Glorfindel.
“May I inquire to what the rush is?” he asked slightly humored as always by her antics.
“Uh…”she muttered peering over shoulder, looking for Legolas. “Not right now.” She added quickly and darted past him in search of her newly arrived friend.
“Legolas!” she called out as she spotted him walking down the corridor towards Elrond’s study.
Legolas turned at the sound of Silvren’s voice and a warm smile grew across his face like a newly blossomed flower.
“There you are. I was going to ask your father if he knew where you were.” Legolas said as he walked in her direction. “Shall we go outside, tis a lovely day.” he asked.
“I suppose we could. The twins are out playing.” Sil told him.
“The twins?” he asked, not knowing of whom she spoke of.
“Oh, you have yet to meet them. Come and I shall introduce you to them.” Silvren grabbed his hand and led him to where Fëanor and Alfirin were playing.

“Silvren!” the small twins called out as Silvren and Legolas walked towards them. “Will you come play with us?” Fëanor asked as he and his sister clung to Silvren’s legs.
“First I want you to meet someone.” she said as knelt between the two elves. “This is my friend Legolas.”
“Is he a prince?” Alfirin asked quietly.
“Yes, he is.”
“He’s a very cute prince.” whispered Alfirin.
“Yes…he is.” Silvren agreed with a small smile pulling at her pink lips. “And these two rascals are Fëanor and Alfirin.” she said stood up and ruffled their blonde hair.
“Come, we must defeat the evil dragon.” Fëanor pulled on Silvren’s hand.
The four of them played together until the dinner bell rang and then they raced each other to the dining hall where many of the elves were already eating.

“So when do you leave?” Silvren asked Legolas.
“In about three weeks.” he replied as they walked arm in arm through Elrond’s private gardens. The stars sparking in the silky black sky above them, the moon shedding a silver light upon the Elven-city.
“I wish you didn’t have to leave so soon.” she whispered sadly.
“I wish I didn’t have to leave either. Míriel will be arriving in a couple of days and she won’t be leaving when I do. She doesn’t have to tend to duties like I.”
“It must be hard being a prince. I mean, always having to watch how you behave, constantly by your father’s side or running earns for him. It’s almost like you don’t get to have a normal childhood.”
“It’s not always that hard.” Legolas stated. “I think the hardest part is being away from your friends and the ones you love.” He said softly, gazing down at her face in the silver moonlight.
Silvren glanced away from his gaze as warmth began to rise to her olive-colored cheeks. For a while they walked in silence, enjoying each other’s company, listening to the chirping of crickets in the grass and the distant hoot of an owl.
“Legolas.” she sighed, leaning her head on his shoulder.
“I think I’m ready to go back.” she whispered.
“Do you want me to walk you to your room?” Legolas questioned, looking down at her as the stood in the middle of the stone path way.
“Would you?” she turned her head just enough to gaze up at him.
“Yes. I would do anything for you.” he smiled a warm, loving smile.
“You treat me too much like a princess.” she snuggled into his shoulder.
“You are a princess.” he implied.
“No. I’m not. I never want to be one.” she said in a hushed tone.
Legolas scooped Silvren up into his strong arms and holding her close to his warm, muscular body as he began walking back towards the house. “Well, then you’re my princess.” he whispered close to her ear.
“Don’t be silly.” she shuddered at the warmth of his breath brushing against her ear and then drifted off into a light sleep.


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