Silvren’s Journey – Chapter 15

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Celebrian screamed out in pain as the orc jabbed her arm again. She tried concentrating on seeing her family again and finally couldn’t think of them any more. When she opened her eyes, she realized that the orc had stopped poking her arm with the iron rod. She looked around the room and saw the orc kneeling over the fire with the rod, heating it up again.

In the distance, Celebrian could hear the clanging of swords meeting each other. At first she thought it might he two orcs having a bitter dispute, but it sounded like too many. A whole bunch of swords could he heard from the other cave.
Celebrian let out a piercing cry for help, upsetting the orc that was with her. He stood up and walked over to her. slapping her cross the face. “Quiet, you She-elf. ” he growled.
Another orc came running into the room, shouting in a rough tongue that she couldn’t understand. The larger orc that stood next to her. and apparently their leader, dropped the iron rod that he held in his hand and ran out of the room. Following the other orc into the other room.

* * *
Elladan swung his sword violently at the oncoming orcs. He stabbed an orc in the chest and spun around, blocking
another orc’s blow. He stabbed an orc in the chest and spun around, blocking another orc’s blow. Elladan knocked the orc off balance and severed his arm in half. He stared at the orc for a second, then decapitated the creature.
“Did you hear something? ” Elrohir asked Elladan as he walked up next to him. “I think I heard a scream coming from another part of the cave, but I’m not sure.” Elrohir said as he stabbed an orc in the gut.
“Come on. let’s check it out!” Elladan yelled to Elrohir and a few Elves that fought nearby.
Together they took off down a narrow tunnel that opened up into a small cavern. A small fire burned at the far end of the cavern and a dark figure sat dazed on the floor near the wall. Long.golden hair that was dirty from days without washing it hung in the figure’s face. The Elf wore a dirtied white dress and their hands and ankles were bound with rough, itchy rope.
“Mother!” Elladan gasped when he saw her.

Celebrian turned and lifted her head towards the familiar voice that was coming towards her. All she could see were two blurry figures running to her side. Her whole shoulder felt numb and she thought that she could hear them talking to her hut, she couldn’t tell.
She felt cold steel against her ankles as one of the figures began to cut the rope from her around her ankles. After they cut the rope from her ankles and wrists, they carefully lifted her off the ground and carried out of the room.

Elladan carried Celebrian outside where he mounted his horse, still cradling her in his arms. The rest of the company killed off the rest of the orcs and filed outside. Once everyone had mounted their horses, they began their long trip back to Rivendell.

“You’ve found her!” Elrond couldn’t help but call out as Elladan carried Celebrian up the front steps. “Hurry, take her to our room.” he said as he walked up to his eldest son.

Arwen ran out the front door and gasped at the sight of her mother as her stomach twisted in knots. She sensed Silvren running up behind her and blocked her view by shoving Silvren behind her back. Arwen let her brother and father pass by them before letting go of Silvren.
“Where’s mommy? ” Silvren asked Arwen. Her eyes wide with confusion.
“Daddy’s going to take care of her. ” Arwen answered plainly and patted Silvren on the head.

* * *
“Legolas? ” Silvren asked quietly as she approached the silent Elf, who sat on a stone bench in Elrond’s garden.
Legolas looked up, from where he sat, upon hearing Silvren’s little voice and put on a small smile. “What is it, my little friend? ” he asked kindly, motioning for her to sit beside him.
It was late in the evening and he was still weary from the rescue and the trip home but he wouldn’t let Silvren know that, or what troubled him.
“Will my mommy be all right? ” she asked. Her eyes were wet with unshed tears.
“She ‘II be fine. She’s just tired and sick, but all will be well. ” Legolas said, trying to hide his worry behind a smile.
“I hope so. ” she whispered.
“Me too. ” he muttered to himself. “Me too. “
* * *
“Celebrian. please . . . wake up. ” Elrond whispered.
His wife lay motionless on their large bed with two soft pillows stacked behind her head. Her hands were frail and cold like the freshly fallen snow in the mountains as Elrond held them within his hands. He had cleaned up her wounds and administered an ointment to the raw, blistered skin around the gash on her arm.
Arwen had washed her hair and helped Elrond give her some medicine that he had made to fight the poison in her blood-stream.

For days, Elrond sat by Celebrian ‘s side, hoping and praying for a miracle. He continued giving her medicine and cleaning and treating her wounds, but everything felt effortless. Celebrian barely had a pulse and barely stirred in the bed. He had tried everything he could.
Elrond sat by her bed with his head buried in his hands as he shed silent tears of sorrow.
“Elrond? ” Celebrian breathed and stirred silently under the blankets. Her eyes fluttered open and she blinked rapidly at the bright sunlight that poured in through the windows.
Elrond lifted his head up to look at Celebrian, thinking he was only hearing things.
“Elrond? ” she whispered again, turning her snow-white face towards him.
“Celebrian? You ‘re awake!” Elrond cried out happily as he scooted closer to her side.
“I never want to leave you again.”
“I won’t let you.”


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