Silvren’s Journey – Chapter 15

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The next few days went by relatively fast and soon Arwen and a small escort left Mirkwood for the realm of her grandparents.
Several weeks went by and the leaves on the tree had begun to change color as the middle of fall approached.

“It’s a shame all these leaves fell so soon.” Silvren sighed as she and Legolas walked about the woods near Thranduil’s palace.
“Yes, but I got an idea.” Legolas said with a mischievous smile on his face and a similar sparkle in his eyes.
“What?” Silvren asked with wide eyes, full of curiosity and excitement.
“First we have to gather all the leaves and make a huge pile.” he told her as he started scooping up leaves with his hands and throwing them into a pile.
“You’ll see afterwards, now come on.” he said as a small pile began to take shape.
Shrugging her shoulders, Silvren knelt on the hard ground, holding the hem of the top layer of her dress so that it scooped downward and formed a small pocket. She gathered the crisp, fallen leaves up into the top layer of her dress and when it was full, she dumped them into the pile that Legolas had started a few inches from where she knelt.

Hours dragged by as they continued to gather leaves and dump them into their growing pile. Every once in a while, a handful of leaves would tumble down on top of Silvren’s head as she knelt on the ground gathering up leaves.
“Legolas!” Silvren screeched. “You said to gather them for the pile not to dump on my head!” she glared up at him.
“Sorry, I couldn’t resist it.” laughed Legolas.
“Are these enough leaves?” Silvren asked as she stood up and dumped the rest of her leaves into the knee-high pile.
“What are you doing?” a voice asked from behind them.
Legolas and Silvren turned to see Celebdil walking towards them from the direction of the palace.
“Ah!” Silvren squeaked with a look of surprise etched across her face.
“Well, should I?” he asked again when Celebdil didn’t answer.
“It’s your funeral!” Celebdil said throwing his hands up in the air.
Legolas turned around and looked at Silvren debating about whether or not to throw her into the pile of leaves.
“I dare you.” Silvren muttered, not thinking before she spoke.
With that invitation, Legolas strode towards her and gently pushed by her by her shoulders into the pile of leaves that sat behind her. Dry, golden and brown colored leaves floated up in the air as Silvren landed in the pile, her jaw dropping in shock.
Legolas stood laughing in front of her as she quickly jumped to her feet and started after him.
“I’m not in this!” Celebdil shouted and took off towards the palace as Silvren ran after Legolas.

Legolas zigzagged in and out of the trees and back towards the leaf pile. He turned around as Silvren came up behind him and shoved him into the pile of leaves that were behind him. As he fell, he grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her down into the pile beside him.
“Ai!” she shrieked as she landed on her hands and knees beside him in the pile of leaves. “What was that for?” she asked him, sitting back on her heels.
“You pushed me first!” Legolas said as he sat up, pulling leaves out of his long, blonde hair.
“What?! You pushed me first!” she exclaimed.
“Well you dared me!” he stated.
“You were going to do it anyways.”
“Not necessarily.” he smiled, pulling a leaf out of her hair.
“Fine, you win!” she shouted, throwing her hands up into the air as he stood up.
“Come on.” Legolas said and extended his hand to her, helping her to her feet.

Two weeks went by and before they knew it, it was time for the twins and Silvren to travel back to Rivendell. By late afternoon they were standing at the edge of Thranduil’s kingdom saying their good-byes.
Silvren gave Legolas a hug and a quick kiss on the cheek before turning to mount Elladan’s horse, Arnill. Elladan helped Silvren up behind him and she slid her arms around his waist, watching as Legolas’ figure disappeared into the distance as they rode off. Silvren sighed and laid her head upon Elladan’s shoulder, the soft, velvety material of his jerkin rubbing against her cheek as they rode through the woods.
“Don’t worry. You’ll see him again.” Elladan said.
“How do you know.” she scoffed, hating it when her brothers teased her about Legolas.
“He’ll probably come looking for you soon.” he said with a knowing smile.
“Right.” Silvren said sarcastically.
The escort of elves reached Rivendell quickly and without any trouble. The entire escort were greeted at the gate by Elrond and several other elves, that awaited the arrival of Elrond’s children.


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