Silvren’s Journey – Chapter 14

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“Thranduil ‘s sons and some of his men will meet you at the Redhorn Pass in two to three days. Elladan Elrohir, please bring her back to me. ” Elrond pleaded.
Elladan and Elrohir nodded sadly as they turned and rode ahead of their company in search for their mother. ” “Arwen? ” a small and timid voice called out from Arwen ‘s doorway.
It was late in the evening and stars shone brightly in dark sky. A slight chill seemed to linger in the air as Arwen read a book by the flickering light of her candle. “Yes, Sil? ” she asked looking up from her book.
Silvren walked slowly into Arwen’s dimly lit room and sat down on the bed next to Arwen. “I had a bad dream about mommy, Will they be able to find her? ” Silvren asked, clutching her favorite stuffed animal. A leopard that Celebrian had made for her.
“I don’t know, Silvren, I… I can’t answer that for you. “
Arwen said and stroked Silvren’s long hair.

Celebrian opened her eyes and could see nothing but darkness, her head spun with horrifying memories of the Ores torturing her. Even though she couldn’t see them, she could still feel the sharp ends of the whip lashing against her back. Ripping through her dress and slicing the flesh on her back. Red lines of blood appeared across her back from the whip and small welts developed next to the cuts. Again and again they whipped her, laughing and snorting as they did. Warm blood trickling down her back, staining her dress as she stood on tips of her toes. Her hands bound together above her head and hung from an iron hook.

Celebrian flinched at the memories as her eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness. She could see that she was in a small, dark cave and that her hands were now bound behind her back. Her ankles were also bound together with rough rope. Celebrian winced as the pain in her shoulder worsened and stung unbearably. The bleeding had stopped but the wound was still open. Celebrian scooted around so that her hack was not against the wall and faced the hack of the cave. She saw a small fire burning in a ring of rocks that sat in the middle of the cave. An orc sat on a large rock turning a long iron rod around in the fire. An evil smile stretched across his disfigured face.
The orc looked over at her and his smile grew wider as he stood up and limped towards her. The long iron rod in his clawed hand. It’s tip glowing orange from the fire. Several other orcs strode into the cave and came towards her as well.

“Ah, Legolas, we ‘re very glad you and your men came to help us. ” Elladan said as they approached the Elves from Mirkwood.
“We help all our friends in a time of need. ” Legolas replied proudly.
“We passed a trail among the woods that we believe she’s taken.” Celebdil said from next to Legolas.
“If so, then please lead the way. “
Legolas and Celebdil turned their mounts around and led the two companies into the woods.

An agonizing pain shot through Celebrian’s shoulder as the orc poked her wound with the hot. iron rod. The other orcs stood there and laughed as they jeered him on. She sat on the floor, trying to hold back tears that were stinging her eyes. Celebrian squeezed her eyes shut as she held back the tears and tried desperately to think of something else. A hard, sharp pain rushed through her nerves and Celebrian screamed out in agony as the orc jabbed the rod into her open wound.
The skin around the wound was blistered and red. It was a horrible sight to look upon and made her stomach turn. The tears began to flow down her cheeks as the orc continued to jab her wound.

Legolas and Celebdil stopped about two leagues into the woods, so that Elladan and Elrohir could inspect the trail.
Elladan jumped down off his horse and walked towards Legolas, searching the ground with his eyes as he went. “Mother fell here. ” Elladan whispered. “Then an orc came up and… dragged her off this way.” he continued, looking to his left.
“They dragged her? ” Elrohir said in shock.
“They ‘re Orcs. they don’t care what they do to their victims. ” Legolas said in a hard and cold tone.
“They must have picked her up about here. ” Elladan said as he followed the orc’s footprints.
“Elladan. ” Elrohir muttered. “Look, an orc’s liar. “Elladan’s eyes shot up and he gazed through the trees at the dark cave in front of them. A sudden wave of horror and anger swept over him.
“We don’t have any choice, come on.” Elladan said as he drew his sword, his gaze fixed hard on the cave.
Elrohir came up beside his brother and drew a deep breath. Then together, they plunged into the dark cave with the two companies behind.


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