Silvren’s Journey – Chapter 14

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The next day, as would be expected, many of the elves rose later in the afternoon. Legolas was not one of them. He rose when the grass was still damp with the morning dew and walked towards one of his favorite trees in a beautiful glade that hardly any of the elves ever visited.
“You seem to be rather quiet of late. Is something wrong?” a voice asked him.
Legolas was sitting on the large, gnarled root of the tall beech tree that towered above him and glanced up to see his brother Celebdil walking towards him.
“Oh. I was just thinking. I come here often when I like to think with no one else around.” he replied quietly, absently drawing in the dirt around the root with a stick.
“About what?”
“Nothing really.” he sighed.
“Then why are you blushing?” Celebdil asked him, with a knowing smile spreading across his face.
“I’m not blushing.” Legolas retorted.
“Fine, if that’s what you think.” Celebdil threw his hands up in the air. “Is there a special girl you’re thinking about? Maybe……Silvren?” he taunted.
“We’re just friends. Really good friends.” Legolas said, dropping the stick and gazing out at the small pond that reflected the yellow sunlight.
“That doesn’t mean you don’t feel anything else for her. Go on, you can tell me.” Celebdil said. “Well, you have to tell me, I can see it in the way you treat her and behave around her.” he smiled.
Legolas sighed as he stared at the grass beneath his feet, the stick lying within the dew-covered grass.
“I can’t keep anything from you, can I?” Legolas asked, smiling up at his younger brother.
Celebdil grinned from ear to ear at his older brother as he sat down on a gnarled root beside him.
“You’re right, I do have feelings for her that reach far beyond a simple friendship.” he sighed as her appearance popped back into his mind. Her soft sweet smile, her silvery laugh and her bright, sparkling grey-blue eyes that were always full of laughter and joy. He thought her the most beautiful woman in all Middle-earth, even compared to Lúthien. And he loved her, more than anything else and he’d do anything for her.
“I thought so.” Celebdil said as he grinned with satisfaction. “She is good for you and you for her. Much better than some of those air-headed ones that only want to marry you for your looks and not your heart. Plus, she’s best friends with Míriel.”
“Since when have you become the expert on this subject?” Legolas smiled over at his brother.
“That is something I can not tell you.”
“Keep your secrets then.”
“Come one, father is looking for you.” Celebdil told Legolas while standing to his feet.
“Help me up if you would.”
“What are you talking about? You’re beyond help.” Celebdil laughed and took off running towards the palace with Legolas not far behind.

It was early afternoon when Silvren finally woke up, the sound of birds twittering in the background and a fresh breeze floating in through her open windows. She smiled as she hugged her pillow and slowly propped herself up on her elbows, gazing out the window at the trees and blue sky.
“Silvren?” the sound of Legolas’ voice drew her attention to the closed door on the other side of the room.
“Come in.” she called out and laid her head back down of the soft, comfy pillow, taking in the sweet scents of summer flowers that filled the air.
“You’re still in bed?” Legolas queried as he closed the door behind him and walked over to the side
of her bed.
“Yes.” she muttered with a faint smile.
“Come on time to get up.” Legolas said as he poked the side of her ribs through the satin sheets.
“No.” Silvren mumbled into her pillow as she squirmed away from him.
“You have to.” he smiled, trying not to laugh as he stopped poking her and she turned her face towards him.
“I don’t want to.”
“Why not?” he inquired, poking her again.
“Because my bed is nice and comfy and I plan on staying here all day.” she smiled teasingly as she slapped his arm, her shoulder and the short sleeve of her purple nightdress peeking out from under the covers.
“Fine, be that way.” Legolas replied and reached over her and grasping the sheets in his hands, he pulled the covers off her and dropped them at the end of her bed.
“Legolas!” she squeaked and curled up into a small ball, the end of her nightdress resting upon her ankles.
“If you won’t get yourself, then I’ll have to get you up myself.” he smiled as he grabbed her arms and dragged her out of the bed.
“Ow, you’re such a nuisance.” Silvren grumbled.
“Yes I am. I’m going go stand outside your door so you can dress, I’ll know if you go back to bed.” Legolas told her as he started walking towards the door.
“Fine.” Sil said, dragging her feet over to the wardrobe as Legolas left her room and closed the door behind him. She pulled out a simple light blue dress and changed her clothes then brushed out her long hair.
“I’m finished.” She called out to Legolas several minutes later as she braided her hair.
“What are your plans for today?” Legolas asked her as he stepped back into her room.
“What plans? I just woke up.” she smirked at him.
“Would you like to go horseback-riding?” he asked her, ignoring her comment.
“Yes!” Silvren squealed, clapping her slender hands together.
“That’s what I thought. Come on.” he smiled and grabbed her hand, pulling her out the door into the corridor.
Together they ran out of the palace towards the stables, passing Míriel who was playing a game with Ornendil and Arwen.
“Don’t we need two horses?” Silvren asked as Legolas emerged from the stables with only Ranel.
“No, Ranel can carry both of us. Besides, it more this way.” he smiled impishly.
Silvren raised her eyebrow as he jumped onto Ranel’s back then leaned over and grabbed her hand, pulling her up behind him. Silvren wrapped her arms around his waist as he turned to glance over his shoulder at her. “Ready?” he asked her.
Silvren nodded and Legolas turned back around, lightly kicking Ranel into a gallop.
“Where are we going?” Silvren asked Legolas as they rode through the woods.
“You’ll see.” he teased and nudged Ranel into a canter.

“This looks like a nice place to stop.” Legolas said after some time as he pulled Ranel to a trot then a stop.
“The stream?” Silvren asked he jumped off Ranel’s back and turned to face her.
“Is there something wrong with the stream?” Legolas asked as he picked her up by the waist and set her on the ground.
“No. We come here a lot, that’s all.” she said as she walked down the slope towards the hill.

“So when do you go back to Rivendell?” Legolas asked. He lay on his right side in the cool, green grass surrounded by small white flowers. He leaned on his elbow, propping his head up with his somewhat callused yet soft hand.
Silvren lay next to him on her stomach, leaning on her elbows as she twirled a small flower around in her long fingers.
“In a few weeks.” she replied, turning to look at him. “Arwen leaves for Lórien in a few days though.”
“I wish you didn’t have to leave.” he said quietly, picking and white flower and gently placing it behind the delicate tip of her ear.
“Because life is more fun with you.” he smiled at her, the sunlight reflecting in his eyes like it reflects off a pool of still water.
Silvren gazed silently at his face, studying the features that held secrets to his emotions that he didn’t express in words. His thin lips pulled back into a soft smile and his eyes gazing steadily upon her, happiness and sorrow melted within the warmth of his blue eyes. Everything seemed so perfect when they were together. Always having fun and enjoying each other’s company. It was as if nothing could go wrong when they were together. But how long would it last?


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