Silvren’s Journey – Chapter 13

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It was a beautiful summer day and Thranduil ‘s sons were spending their last day and night in Rivendell. It was mid-afternoon and the Sons of Elrond and of Thranduil decided to go hunting for the dinner the following day.

“Come on, Elladan, we need to go. ” Elrohir said as his horse impatiently stomped the ground. Silvren came bounding down the stairs of the house with Arwen walking behind her.

“May I come, Elrohir? ” she asked, not wanting to be left out.

“No, Silvren. You are too young. Besides, you belong here with mother and Arwen, not off trampling in the woods.”
Silvren lowered her head as tears welled up in her eyes. Elladan nodded his head in agreement though Silvren didn ‘t see it.

Silently, they rode off. Legolas, looking back, could see the tears that were running down her cheeks. He sighed, hating to see her upset He even treated her better than his little sister, who was only 103 years old, and turned to face the
path ahead path them.

When they were finally out of sight. Silvren turned and ran back to her, crying all the way. She threw herself upon her bed and buried her face into her pillow.

“Silvren. ” Arwen said softly as she stood in the doorway. Silently. Arwen walked over to Silvren’s bed and sat down beside her, placing her hand ontop of Silvren’s head. “Shh, stop crying. Tell me what’s wrong.”

“They don ‘I like me and my stupid loose tooth won’t fall out.” Silvren said burying her head further into her pillow.

“They do too and your tooth will fall out when it’s ready. Now get your head out of that pillow or you ‘II suffocate.”

“But they never let me go. ” Silvren said as she sat up and turned to face Arwen. “I never get to have any fun.”

“Now, that’s not true and you know that. Think about all the fun you get to have. Like when Legolas accidentally called you his stupid, old friend. You never let him live that down. Come, cheer up. It’s time for dinner. ” Arwen said as she stood up, taking a hold of Silvren’s hand. Together they walked downstairs and joined their parents for dinner.

A few days later, Thranduil and his sons left Rivendella nd traveled back to Mirkwood.

“Mommy, may I go with you to see grandma and grandpa? ” Silvren asked as she sat down on her parents big bed.

“No, not this time, sweetie,” Celebrian replied.

“Why not?”

“Oh. Silvren, don’t pester me with questions right now. ” sighed Celebrian.

“All right. ” she said.

“When are you leaving? ” Silvren asked after a few moments.

“Tomorrow morning.”

“When do you come back? “

“Silvren. Please, I need to pack. “

“All right, all right. I’m leaving. ” Silvren said as she
jumped off her parents bed and left the room.

*The next morning*

“Do you have to go. Mommy? ” Silvren asked as she hugged Celebrian tightly around the waist.

“Oh, Silvren. you ‘II be fine. Your father will be here to take care of you. ” Celebrian said trying to comfort her youngest daughter. Celebrian knelt in front of Silvren and held her by the shoulders.

“Daddy take care of me? Are you serious? Mom?!” Silvren whined.

“Oh, it won’t be that had. Arwen will be here to help.” Celebrian laughed and kissed her daughter goodbye.

Celebrian turned and gave her other children hugs and kisses goodbye before turning to Elrond. Elrond walked up to her and embraced her for a long time, fearing for her safety. Finally, he pulled away and kissed her on the lips as tears formed in his eyes. “Be careful, Celebrian. I’ll miss you. “

“I ‘II miss you too. ” Celebrian sniffed, trying to hold back her own tears. Celebrian turned and mounted her silver-dappled horse and rode off into the distance with her escort.

* * *
“Ah, finally. The Redhom Pass. ” Haldof said. one of Celebrian’s guards. “It shouldn’t he much longer to Lothlorien, depending on the weather. “

“Haldof, did you hear something? ” asked Celebrian.

“No. Why?”

“I thought I heard something, hut maybe it was just my imagination. “

All of a sudden, a shower of black-feathered arrows fell upon them. Celebrian ducked in fear as Orcs poured into the valley around them. Around her, her small escort had drawn their bows and were returning a shower of arrows at the Orcs. They were able to kill a few Orcs that were in the front with swords but many of the others fell to the rapidly firing Elves. But there were more than six Orcs with bows and slowly her escort was diminishing.

Haldof was shot in the shoulder by one of their thick, black arrows and fell to the ground. Celebrian’s blood ran cold as she looked around and saw two more guards fall from the brutal swords of the Orcs. Her escort was now down to five. where it once been twelve.

Celebrian slid off her horse and darted into the nearby woods, hoping the rest off her escort would distract the Orcs and by a miracle come out alive.

Celebrian picked up her dress as she ran blindly through the woods. Night was approaching, but she was determined to get away. Celebrian stopped to catch her breath and listened to hear if they had followed her. The air was oddly still and she could hear nothing but the chirping of crickets. Celebrian picked up her dress to run again, when out of nowhere, an arrow sliced her shoulder. She clutched her arm and stumbled to the ground in pain. Tears began to fill her eyes and she could feel the bitter poison surge through her veins. Her hand was covered in the warm blood that pulsed from her wound. All her thoughts spun through her mind like a windstorm as she slipped unconscious.

* * *
“Lord Elrond! Lord Elrond!” a distant and familiar voice called out.

Elrond looked up from the book he had been reading to Silvren from where they sat under one of the great trees. Elrond handed Silvren the book as she scooted out of his lap and then he stood up.

Arwen walked over and sat next to Silvren as a familiar yet stumbling figure approached. The Elf’s clothes were covered in dirt and tattered from a long and tiresome journey. His left shoulder was covered in dried blood.

“Haldof?!” Elrond said as he walked towards the Elf. Elrond’s face began to turn white as he looked Haldof over.
“My lord, they’ve gone after her. ” Haldof stuttered.

” They? Who’s they and what happened? “

“Orcs. They attacked us at the Redhorn Pass. Celebrian fled but they went after her. “

Arwen stood up and walked over to her father’s side, laying a comforting hand on his shoulder.

Elrond was as white as a chalk and found it hard to talk. He felt as if he had been dreaming and his dream had suddenly became a nightmare. His worst nightmare. He swallowed but a hard lump remained in his throat.

“I must find my sons and Erestor. ” he whispered in a hoarse voice.


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