Silvren’s Journey – Chapter 13

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Two and a half months later, Elrond’s children and a small escort as well as Legolas prepared to travel around the mountains to Mirkwood. It would take them several days and several nights to get to Thranduil’s kingdom. They arrived at the palace three and a half days later, after riding through most of the first two nights, only stopping for an hour or two to rest.

“Silvren?” a voice called from outside her closed door.
“Come in.” Silvren chimed, looking up from unpacking her bags. “Hello, Arwen. Hello Míriel.” She said as the two elves strolled into her room, Míriel running up and hugging her around the waist, both of them dressed in elegant dresses.
“You need to visit more often. Then Legolas would stop bothering me.” Míriel said as she pulled away from Silvren.
“I would if I could, but I fear my father will not allow it.” Silvren laughed as Míriel plopped down on the comfy bed.
“No fair.” The younger elf muttered, resting her elbows upon her knees and her chin on top of her fists.
“There’s going to be a feast tonight.” Arwen said dreamily with wide eyes full of happiness. She had always loved the feasts that were held in Mirkwood and hadn’t attended one in a very long time.
Both Silvren and Míriel rolled their eyes at Arwen’s remark.
“Hurry or we’ll be late!” Arwen exclaimed, shoving Silvren towards the wardrobe as Míriel giggled while watching Arwen baby her sister.
“No that won’t do. What abo- no that won’t work either.” Arwen murmured as she went through all the dresses that hung in the large wardrobe, Silvren rolling her eyes and tapping her foot impatiently.
“Ah, here we go!” she said and pulled out a long ,dark purple dress with light purple sleeves made of organza and a matching belt. The neckline was trimmed in gold and gold piping ran down the center of the bodice, splitting below the belt to reveal the fabric between the two strips of gold piping to be light purple instead of dark.
“Here, put this on and be quick about it.” Arwen shoved the dress at Silvren then hurried Míriel out of the room and stood outside with Thranduil’s only daughter.

It didn’t take Silvren long to slip into the cool, lightweight dress and then brush out her hair, but Arwen was still impatient.
“Hurry up!” Arwen said as she came back into the room,
“Why, no one of importance is going to be there, or is there?” Silvren teased her sister and Míriel bit her lip to keep from laughing.
“No, but dancing. I love dancing.” Arwen ensured her.
“All right, I’m done.”
“Finally.” Arwen exasperated, grabbing Silvren’s smaller hand and pulling her towards the open door where Míriel stood waiting for them.
Together, the three elves ran down the hall towards the staircase and down the curving stairs, heading in the direction of the front gate. As they ran out of the palace, Glorfindel stood waiting for them by the wooden bridge, the tree maidens slowly down at his presence. Glorfindel walked with the three maidens to the feast that was being held in a large clearing within the woods.

There were tables set upon small dais’s for the king and his court, smaller tables and chairs were lined around three edges of the clearing, not everyone liked sitting down to eat. Torches sprang up from
the ground around the trees, lighting up the large clearing that many of the elves stood in, talking as they waited to begin eating.
Fresh fruits, roasted and smoked meats, and sweet candies were laid out upon the long, green table-clothed tables.
The stars were shining brightly through the dark, plaited treetops that loomed above them.
“My lady.” Glorfindel said sweetly, holding out his hand to Silvren.
Silvren smiled and took his hand in a polite gesture, allowing him to lead her to the king’s table where they would sit, Arwen and Míriel following behind them.
* * *
Legolas stood next to his father’s side, wanting desperately to go and walk Silvren back to the feast, but then his heart dropped at the sight of Glorfindel walking Silvren to the table, leading her by the hand. A twinge of jealousy and disappointment ran through his nerves as he watched, he knew that Elrond favored the Lord Glorfindel and that he might even betroth Silvren to him. Slowly, Legolas walked over to the table as Glorfindel helped Silvren into her seat, an act that he had never done before, the playfully patted her upon the head as he took his seat next to her and began conversing with another elf.

“Oh, hello, Legolas.” Silvren piped up as he sat down in his seat across from her, Arwen and Míriel sitting beside each other next to Silvren.
“Hello, Silvren.” he said meekly. He glanced down at the white plate that was set before him, he felt nervous and like he couldn’t eat at that moment.
“Is something wrong?” she asked quietly, leaning a few inches over her empty plate, trying to read his facial features.
“No. I’m sorry.” he glanced up at her, smiling weakly.

After the delicious dinner had finished, the musicians began to play lively music and many of the elves hurried to their feet, anxious to dance with their loved ones and friends.
Ornendil and Arwen danced happily among the other elves, Míriel twirling about the grass with her brother Celebdil.
Silvren walked over to a tree where no one was standing, the hem of her dress trailing across the grass several inches behind her. She leaned her back against the rough tree-trunk, watching Arwen dance back and forth across the clearing with Ornendil and switching with Elrohir.
“May I have this dance?” a voice snatched out of her distant thoughts. Silvren quickly turned her head and gazed up at the elf that had silently approached her.
“Me?” she asked sheepishly.
“Who else?” he laughed.
“I don’t dance.” She glanced down at the soft grass that lay beneath her feet, her purple slippers hidden beneath the hem of her dress.
“Yes, you do!” he exclaimed, seizing her hand and pulling her out among the other elves.
“Legolas, I don’t dance!” she yelped, his grip about her wrist tight yet gentle .
Legolas turned around to face her so suddenly that Silvren almost ran into his chest. “I refuse to believe that you are unable to dance.” he said with a regal sounding tone to his voice.
Silvren took a step backwards, feeling uncomfortable with the small distance between them. Her heart began to pound heavily as he placed his right arm around her waist and held her right hand with his left hand. She had never experienced such confusing emotions as she did while dancing with Legolas. She didn’t know what to think and felt herself blushing under his steady gaze as they twirled about the other dancing couples.
“See, you can to dance.” Legolas grinned as he spun her under his arm and caught her with his other hand.
“I never said I couldn’t.” she smirked at him.
“You have outsmarted me again.” he sighed with a smile and a twinkle in his gorgeously blue eyes.
“I fear that it isn’t too hard to do, my lord.” Silvren teased him.
“Aye, that is what you think.” he smiled mischievously. “I will outsmart you one day and that day I will never let you forget.” he murmured leaning closer to her face and lingered a few seconds before pulling back away, a smile still resting upon his fair face.

Hours flew by and before they knew it, the dancing had come to an end and many of the elves were heading back to the palace, ready to retire to their chambers.
“My lady. It would be my honor if you’d allow me to escort you back to your chamber.” Glorfindel walked up to where Silvren and Legolas where standing near a tree. Míriel and Arwen not too far away with both of the twins.
“Oh.” she muttered, not knowing what to say as she glanced down at her hands clasped in front of her.
“Go on.” she heard Legolas encourage her.
“What? Are you sure?” she glanced up at him, knowing that he normally wouldn’t encourage her to go with someone else.
“Yes, I’m sure.” he replied, a faint but fake smile pulling at his lips.
“All right.” she whispered slowly and slip her hand into the outstretched crook of Glorfindel’s arm.
Legolas watched with a saddened heart as Silvren walked away with Glorfindel, glancing over her shoulder at him and sharing the same saddened look on her face.
“I think he likes her as well.” Míriel said walking up to her oldest brother.
“You don’t need to tell me that.” Legolas seethed, still watching after the two elves.
“Well, sorry to upset you.” she muttered. “But you’re going to have to work even harder to win her heart if you don’t want her falling for the guy.” she pointed to Glorfindel’s fading figure.
“Right.” Legolas sighed and walked towards the palace, ready to retire to his chamber as well.


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