Silvren’s Journey – Chapter 12

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“Okay, hold the bow here with your left hand. ” Elladan said as he showed Silvren how to hold the bow. “Now take your index, middle finger and the ring finger and place them in the middle of the string. That’s how you’ll hold it. Now we’ll use an arrow. Using your right hand place the arrow across your bow like this and knock the arrow to the string. Place your index finger above the knock and your middle finger below it. Make sure you keep the arrow straight and still.

“Like this? ” Silvren asked as she showed him how she was holding the bow and the arrow.

“Good. Now hold it up and pull your fingers back towards your cheek. Now let go.” Silvren let her arrow whistle through the air and hit her target perfectly with a thud. “Excellent. Here, try again. ” Elladan said, handing her another arrow. She missed the next target by five inches.

“Good try. Pull back farther this time.” he coached her.
Sighing, Silvren knocked another arrow to her bow and pulled back until her fingers were touching the corner of her mouth. Then she let it go, hitting the target right in the middle.

Over the next five years, Silvren learned how to fight with swords and knives and learned self-defense. She spent a lot of time practicing with Elladan and sometimes with Legolas.


“Mommy? ” Silvren asked quietly as she walked into her mother’s room. Silvren had just turned 275 and was still a small child in Elven eyes.

“Yes, Sil? ” Celebrian asked as she pulled a gold brush
through her long, golden hair.

“Can I go play outside? “

“Can. yes. But may you go? ” Celebrian said with a small twinkle in her eyes.

“May I go outside?” Silvren sighed, saying it only to please her mother.

“Yes you may.”

“Thank you!” Silvren yelled as she darted from the room.

* * *

“Elladan!” Silvren screamed playfully.

“Having fun? ” he asked.

“As always. ” Silvren laughed as she spun around, blocking his sword with hers. Then she did a roundhouse kick to his side, causing him to drop his sword in surprise.

“Hey!” Elladan shouted and lunged to tackle her.
Silvren squealed as she dropped her sword and took off down the path. She didn ‘t get very far when, Elladan came up behind her and grabbed her by the waist, bring her down to the ground on her hands and knees.

“No fair!” she squealed and turned to face him. seeing him sitting on his heels. Taking advantage of him being off balance. Silvren pushed him backwards onto his back.

“Okay, you win!” he shouted, still lying on his back.

“Ha!” Silvren said jumping to her feet then looked towards the Homely House. “We had better head back or else we ‘II miss dinner and get in trouble. ” she said looking hack at him.

“All right. You go on ahead and I’ll go back and get our swords,” he said as he stood up and brushed the dirt and dust off of his back and backside.

“Okay. ” Silvren said and took off towards the house as Elladan went back for their swords.


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