Silvren’s Journey – Chapter 12

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It was just before dawn when Legolas quietly walked down the almost dark corridor towards Silvren’s room. He opened the door ever so slowly, not to wake her, and walked over to the bed where she was fast asleep. He slipped a small envelope on the elegantly carved table that sat beside her bed. He turned and gazed down at her with a small smile spreading across his fair face.
A tiny smile pulled at the corners of Silvren’s mouth as she slept, her brown hair lay limply upon her soft shoulders that peeked out of her purpled-sleeved nightdress.
Legolas leaned forward gently kissed her brow, slowly pulling away as Silvren sighed deeply, barely stirring as he gazed at her a second longer. Legolas turned from her bed and walked over to the door, closing it behind him with a soft click, regretting that he had to leave. He didn’t want to go, he wanted to stay a little longer with Silvren and spend time walking around the woods and gardens with her. Honestly, he never wanted leave, he wanted to be by her side, always. But that would have to wait.
* * *
“What?! They’re gone?!” Silvren exclaimed as she followed Elrond around his study.
“Yes.” Elrond replied as he gathered up some books and walked out of his study, walking down the hall towards the library.
“When did they leave?”
“Just before dawn.” he replied as he entered the library and walked past the displayed shards of Narsil.
“Why didn’t you wake me or tell me last night that they would be leaving?” she inquired following him towards a narrow set of stairs with her skirts hiked up for easy walking.
“You were sleeping and I wasn’t sure when they were leaving.”
“Daadd!” she whined walking over to a large bookshelf behind him.
“Silvren, don’t question me right now.” Elrond said sternly as he examined the books then sought out where they belonged on the shelf.
Silvren watched him for a few minutes noting that the stern and wise features of his face showed the age of a forty or fifty year old man. “Where are they going?” she asked, to which Elrond let out a sigh of aggravation.
“You’re not going after them.” he said calmly, trying to keep his composure.
“Where ar-“
“Silvren, how many times do I have to tell you? You’re not going after them.” he said angrily, glaring at her with hard eyes.
With a frustrated huff, Silvren turned stormed out of the library and hurried to her room, slamming the door behind her. Her eyes swept across her room as if she were searching for something then settled on a small envelope that sat propped up on her night-stand. Silvren walked over to her bed with heavy footsteps, still barely making a sound on the stone floor, and plopped down on the side of her bed. She picked up the blank envelope and carefully opened it up, finding a neatly written letter inside.

Dear Silvren,
I’m sorry that I was unable to say goodbye
to you in person, but we needed to leave as soon as possible.
I hope to see you soon.

Your Devoted Friend,

PS I also included a small necklace for you to wear and remember me by. Think of me as often as I do you.

Silvren folded the letter up and set it to the side. She opened the envelope and crumpled up in the corner was a silver necklace. She dumped the necklace out into the palm of her hand and turned the small amulet over face up. The circular amulet was engraved with swirls and a small emerald embedded within the center of the amulet.
Silvren unclasped the necklace and hung it around her slender neck, closing the clasp. The chain was so long that the necklace could easily hide beneath her dresses neckline.
“You love him don’t you?”
“Ah!” Silvren gasped, startled by Arwen who had silently entered her room.
“Well, don’t you?””Ah…I wouldn’t say I love him.” Silvren whispered. She bent her head forward to hide the flushing of her cheeks.
“But, you like him more than a friend?” Arwen asked, her eyes glittering in the sunlight.
“I never said that.” Silvren muttered, her hair falling over her shoulder and hiding her face from Arwen.
“But you don’t have to. I see it in the way you look at him, the way you talk to him and by the way you miss him when he’s gone.” Arwen said in a serious manner.
“Oh, Ar, do you have to be a nuisance?” Silvren groaned.
“Of course. I’m your older sister, it’s my job.” Arwen smiled. Come, breakfast is ready.”

Silvren sighed as she sat in her favorite tree by the crystal blue lake. It had been several weeks since Legolas and Aragorn had left and she still missed both of them. The sound of birds singing near and far could barely be heard over the roaring of the waterfall in the background. All very soothing sounds to her. Silvren hummed quietly as she braided her hair, the hem and the slit sleeves the fell several inches above her elbow of her soft green dress floating about in the breeze. She was so occupied with what she was doing that she didn’t notice the elf that was approaching her.
“Good afternoon, Silvren.”
“Yikes!” Silvren squealed, startled by Legolas’ voice.
“No, scared.” she scowled at him, continuing to braid her silky hair.
“Are you just going to sit there or are you going to come down and welcome me?” he asked playfully.
“No. The view is…let’s say, more pleasant up here.” she smirked with laughter filling her eyes, her fingers busy tying a leather band at the end of the braid.
“Oh, is that an insult? Well, if that’s what you’re going to do, then I guess I can go back to Mirkwood.” he tormented her.
” I would never insult you. Now why would you do that?” Silvren asked, hooking her ankles under the branch next to her and leaned backwards, hanging upside down from the branch she had been sitting on.
“Because, I think my best friend has turned into a complete monkey.” he held a serious face until he finished speaking, then started laughing.
“Am I a cute monkey?” she asked smiling, her long braid dangling towards the ground.
“Very much so. The cutest I’ve ever seen.” he smiled. “You really should see yourself. A sight it is. Now, are you going to just hang there all day or actually come down and join me?” he crossed his arms, smiling at her as her braid blew about in the breeze.
“All right, I’ll come down.” she sighed playfully as she swung back up. Silvren unhooked her feet from the other branch and swung her right leg over the side of the branch she sat on, carefully preparing to jump out of the tree. She brought her left leg around and almost lost her balance as she slid off the
branch and landed on her feet in front of Legolas. “There, are you happy?” she asked him, pushing a
lose strand of hair out of her face.
“Yes.” he smiled, holding the crook of his arm out to her.
“Does Lord Elrond know you’re here?” she asked him as they walked casually across the green grass towards the dirt path that led back to the Homely House. The soft, summer breeze playfully teasing their loose strands of hair and Silvren’s loose sleeves like the spring breeze plays with the leaves of the young trees.
“No, I came looking for you first.” he grinned, gazing down at her face that was glowing sweetly in the soft sunlight. “Though, I do have a message to deliver to your father from my father.” his gaze turned back to the path ahead of them, the beautiful trees laying before them like the vast sea, large, wonderful, and mysterious.
“I’m sure they’d love to come for a visit, Legolas.” Lord Elrond said as he fold the cream-colored paper that the young prince had presented him with back up. “When would it be most appropriate?”
“Whenever tis best for you, my lord.” Legolas replied with a slight bow.
“What about late summer, will that be fine?” Elrond asked him.
“I would say so.”
“Then late summer it is. You may go now.” Elrond dismissed him.

“So what did he say?” a small voice said from behind Legolas as he walked down the long corridor. He turned his head and saw Silvren jogging beside him, trying to keep up with his larger and faster body.
“Were you eavesdropping?” he asked suspiciously.
“No. I was walking by and heard something about us coming to visit, am I not correct?” she said with a tiny smile.
“Aye, you’ll be coming in late summer.” he smiled.
“Yeah! Will you be staying here until then?” she asked anxiously.
“Most likely.”
Silvren smiled and ran off to find Anariel, her long braid bouncing against her back.


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