Silvren’s Journey – Chapter 11

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Silvren bounded up the front steps to the Homely House, her robe flying about her as she hurried up the steps. She smiled and broke into a run when she saw Legolas walking down the corridor towards the main staircase.

Hearing the sound of soft footsteps upon the stone floor behind him, Legolas turned around to see Silvren running down the corridor towards him. With a smile on his face, he ran towards her and picked her up by her waist, spinning her around and setting her upon her feet again.
“Are you all right?” he asked, carefully placing his soft hands oh her cheeks, gazing deep into her eyes.
“Yes, I’m fine.” she whispered in return. “Just a scratch.”
“Good.” He said, pressing his forehead against hers and dropping his hands to her shoulders.
“Why are you here?” she pursed, looking up at his face.
Legolas smiled at her determination and lifted his head. “Let’s go to your room and talk.”
Silvren nodded and felt his hand slide into hers as she followed him upstairs to her room.

Neither of them had noticed the tall figure lurking in the shadows of one of the stone statues. Elrond had noticed the look Legolas’ eyes as he gazed at Silvren and didn’t like it. Slowly, he turned and walked in the direction of his study, closing the wooden door behind him. Elrond collapsed in the chair by the fireplace, his head resting in the palms of his hands.
Elrond knew that Legolas had lost his heart to Silvren and he had feared that this would happen. But what he feared most of all, was that Silvren would lose her heart to him. He did not want to lose his daughter, his little baby again.
* * *
“Will you please tell me why you’re here?” Silvren pleaded with Legolas as they entered her bedchamber.
Legolas sighed deeply as Silvren sat down on the end of her bed and he walked on to her balcony, thinking about what to tell her.
“Aragorn and I were traveling north of Hollin when he noticed smoke in the distance. When we realized that it was Rivendell, we came here as fast as we could.” he turned to look at her.
“Who sent them and why?” she asked gravely, wondering if he knew more than Glorfindel.
Legolas stood silent for a few seconds as he gazed out at the waterfall and trees below. Movement beside him caused him to turn his head and see Silvren standing beside him, gazing out at the forest as well.
“If you know, please tell me.” Silvren whispered, slowly turning to gaze up at him.
“Telden sent them.” he sighed, knowing that he couldn’t keep anything from her, at least for long.
“So it’s true? The rumor that the betrothal was broken off?” she asked excitedly.
“Yes. It threw him into an outrage.” Legolas replied as they gazed at each other.
“Did he cause the blizzard as well?”
“Yes. All I know is that whatever he had planned it didn’t work. He has been corrupted by someone of great evil and I fear for him. As well as you…and for the lives of everyone.” Legolas said quietly.
“I feel terrible.” Silvren murmured.
“It’s not your fault. You did nothing to cause any of this. Now, go back to sleep.” Legolas forced a
smile. Tilting his head downward, he lightly kissed her upon the top of her forehead then quickly excited
her room. Gently closing the door behind him.
The next morning, the sun was shining and the birds were happily singing from the trees above. The
affects of the fire were evident to anyone that looked about the forest. Trees were scorched black and the green grass that grew beneath the trees was burned to the dirt ground. The bodies of dead orcs were burning in an open field watched by several elves.

Silvren was up and dressed earlier than usual with one thing on her mind; find Legolas. She ran down the stairs and down the corridor, glancing about for her best friend. She spotted him standing outside with his back facing her. Quietly, she walked up behind him and threw her arms around his neck, catching him by surprise.
“Piggyback?” she asked childishly.
Legolas struggled playfully beneath her grasp before finally giving in and giving her a piggyback ride around Elrond’s gardens.
“Happy?” he asked, setting her down on the ground.
“Overjoyed. Did we lose any men last night?”
“Aye, we lost a few.” Legolas replied sorrowfully.
“I wish I could have helped.”
“It wasn’t your place. Especially in nightclothes.” Legolas looked down at her.
“I don’t care what anybody says, I’m going to fight one day.” she stated firmly.
“We’ll see about that.” he said and started walking away.
“Something’s different about you.” Silvren muttered, catching his attention as he turned to face her.
“I can sense a change in you. I don’t know what it is though, but I know it’s there.” she said quietly.
Legolas didn’t say anything in reply, he just looked the young elf over and then continued walking away.
“I will and you’ll know it.” she muttered to herself as she watched him walk away and then went in search of Anariel.


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