Silvren’s Journey – Chapter 10

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Four years had gone by in the blink of an eye and surprisingly, Silvren didn’t get into too much trouble. She spent time talking and exploring the grounds with Anariel as well as writing letters to Míriel, and sometimes Legolas. It was a normal summer evening, just like any other summer night, so it would seem, and the elves had just finished eating their evening meal. Silvren walked among her father’s gardens, a pleasure that had developed into a regular routine, humming to herself as she strolled about the different flowers. The air was warm with the hint of sweet, summer flowers floating about on the breeze. The stars were peeking out above the tree-line, shining brightly in the dark, velvety sky.
Slowly, Silvren made her way back to her room where she changed into her light purple nightgown and curled up into bed with a book. The candles next to her bed flickered in the unusually still night air. Suddenly, the flames went out leaving a small tendril of smoke drifting in the air. Silvren placed the book down on the small circular table beside her bed and walked over to the arched window. She could see nothing out of place for many miles. Yet, she felt as if something wasn’t right. With one last glance, Silvren returned to her bed. She laid there for several minutes, staring up at the arched ceiling before finally falling asleep.

Everything was still and silent in the Elven-city, but evil lurked beyond the borders, waiting for the signal.

Silvren was sleeping when the sound of screaming yelling woke her up. She sat straight up in her bed and looked about her room, wondering what was going on, her senses on high alert.
“What’s that smell?” she wondered aloud. “Smoke?”
Quickly, she jumped out of her bed and dashed over to her balcony and leaned over the railing, gasping at what she saw. The forest beyond Rivendell’s borders were a burning torch, slowly spreading towards the Elven-city.
“Silvren!” a panicked voice called out from the long corridor.
Silvren turned around to see Glorfindel burst into her room, his fighting garments looked as if he had quickly thrown them on. “Silvren, come, we must get you out of here.”
“What’s going on?” she asked as she threw her gauzy robe on and followed him out the door.
* * *
“Legolas! There’s smoke in the air. What do your Elven-eyes see?” Aragorn called out.
The two were traveling together and they were some miles north of Hollin, not even half a day’s trip from Rivendell. The smell of smoke in the air had caught Aragorn’s attention and he wanted to know it’s source.
“There’s a fire on the border of Rivendell!” Legolas shouted back to the ranger, his heart suddenly swelling with worry. The one he held dear to his heart was there and he wasn’t there to protect her from the fire and whatever started it.
“We must hurry to Rivendell!” Aragorn yelled, already heading towards the city.
Together, under the moon’s pale light, they ran at top speed towards Rivendell.
* * *
“Orcs?” she echoed in surprise.
“Yes. They set the woods around the border on fire and are trying to make their way here.”
Glorfindel stopped suddenly and turned to face her. “One can only guess why.” he replied sharply, his
eyes locked with hers.
“Telden.” Silvren whispered hoarsely.
Glorfindel turned around without answering, hurrying towards the main staircase.
“Why would he send them? How does he have access to orcs?” she persisted.
“Probably because he has been corrupted by some evil. There is a rumor that your father broke the betrothal to him, that Gandalf knocked some sense into him. If it’s true, then that would be a very good reason for Telden to send an army of orcs to our front steps.”
“You can’t confirm the rumor?”
“Silvren, I’m not just your father’s assistant. I’m your guardian and teacher. I can only be in one at a time.” he said as they reached the bottom of the stairs and walked out a side door.

Women and Children were running for safety as the men ran towards the forest.
“Silvren, go with the women and children to the caves.” Glorfindel commanded.
“But I can help.” she pleaded.
“Not dressed like that, now go!”
With that, Glorfindel took off towards the forest with the other men, most of which were carrying buckets of water as well as their weapons.
Silvren smiled to herself as she bent over and pulled her knife out of it’s leather sheath that she kept strapped to her leg.

Silvren ran towards Arwen and the other women who were running to the cave for safety. When no one was looking, she ducked behind the trees and made her way towards the woods that were ablaze. Stealthily, she crept through the trees, wanting to get a better idea of what was going on. Upon arriving at the scene, she spotted two filthy, gruesome orcs. Silvren knew that she wouldn’t be able to kill both of the orcs dressed as she was and something inside her told her to head back to the city. Slowly and quietly Silvren backed away from the orcs. When she was at a point that she could turn around and run, she stepped on a twig and to her misfortune, it snapped in half.
The two orcs jerked around to face her, awful grins spreading across their faces.
Slowly, she looked up and found herself gazing at their hideous, blood-thirsty faces.
* * *
“Legolas, you make sure that Arwen, Silvren and the other women and children are safe.” Aragorn shouted as they neared the city of Elves.
“Aye.” Legolas responded quickly. Without any hesitation, Legolas ran as fast as his feet would carry him towards the caves. The sulfurous smell of smoke filling the air around them and the grey smoke make it harder to see through the dark forest.
* * *
“That’s the she-elf! Get `er!” one of the orcs sneered at Silvren. Slowly, the two orcs headed her way.
“We ain’t goin’ hurt yous. We’re just goin’ take yous to our master.”
Silvren hesitated at first then ran towards the cave as fast as her long legs would take her, running over rocks and fallen logs and ducking beneath low tree branches. As she ran through the woods, a small twig scratched the side of her cheek, a thin line of blood spreading across the incision.
“Where do you think you’re goin’?” a big, horrible looking orc with eyes as red as blood stepped out in front of her from behind a tree. “You’re comin’ with us.” He growled as he reached out for her with his clawed hand.
* * *
“Arwen!” Legolas shouted while approaching the cave where women and children were still running towards for cover.
“Legolas?” Arwen asked, turning around to the face the elf heading in her direction.
“Where is Silvren? Is she safe?” he inquired hastily.
“I-I don’t know. I haven’t seen her.” Arwen replied, suddenly becoming worried about her sister’s safety.
“You go on with the other women, I’ll find her.” Legolas nodded towards the cave.
“All right.” Arwen muttered and turned back around, hurrying towards the cave’s entrance.
Legolas stood there a second, trying to think what Silvren would do in this type of situation. He smiled to himself knowing that she would want to help out and fight; the smile quickly vanished from his face with the realization that that was exactly what she would do. Turning around, he ran back towards the burning forest in search of Silvren.
* * *
Silvren dodged his reach and ran past the orc, slicing his throat open with her knife in the process, dark oily blood gushing from the deep wound.
Before she knew it, Silvren realized that she could run no further. It wasn’t because she was exhausted, but because she had cornered herself by a tall cliff in the mountain’s side. Turning around to face the forest, she gripped her knife tightly within her hand, waiting for the orcs that had been pursuing her. All the joints in her body felt taunt and trembled with fear. She could hear them approaching; they weren’t too far away.
“Hello, puppet. Come on, we ain’t goin’ hurt yous.” one of the orcs said as they slowly approached her.
“Yeah, why would we do that?” the second grinned evilly, his sword glittering under the night sky.
“Stay away from me.” she shouted frightfully.
“Or what?” the larger orc sneered, slightly amused and enjoying the fact that he was terrifying her.
“Or I’ll have your head!”
“What?! Who said that?” the bigger one growled, gripping his bloodied sword tighter with his disfigured hands.
A tall dark figure jumped out of a nearby tree with his bow out and an arrow set on the taunt string. “I did.”
With a loud twang of the bow, both orcs fell to the ground dead. The arrow protruding from their throats.
“Silvren, you don’t belong here. Hurry, I’ll take you to the caves.” he said, a tad bit of anger on the edge of his voice.
“What are you doing here?” Silvren asked, having to run in order to keep up with the older elf.
“No time to talk right now.” he replied sharply.
“You always have been the quiet type.” she muttered under her breath.”
“Only sometimes.” was his response, to which she rolled her eyes.
* * *
“Oh, Silvren!” Arwen called out when she spotted Silvren entering the cave. “I was very worried about you. Where were you and what took you so long to get here?” Arwen asked, tightly embracing her younger sister.
“I’m fine, don’t worry about me.” Silvren muttered, pushing through Arwen’s embrace.
Quietly, Silvren walked to the far side of the small chamber, an area where no other elves were and she could be alone. She climbed up onto a large rock, pulling her knees up to her chest and resting her chin on top of her knees.

Arwen watched with concern as her sister slowly walked away. Silvren had never acted this way before and it concerned her.

Silvren watched the women that were standing around with small children. Some of which were either crying or sleeping. Most of the women stood around talking to each other and others kept to themselves, more than likely worrying about their loved ones that were defending against the attack. Anariel stood off
with some other maidens, her face pale and filled with worry.

After some time had passed by, Glorfindel came running into the cave, breathing heavily as he bent over trying to catch his breath. “Everything is all right now. You may go back into the city.” he breathed as he stood back up.
Smiles lit up on many of the faces as the women and children started filing out of the cave. Silvren waited for most of the women to leave before moving from her rock, following and older elf out of the cave. The smell of smoke still lingered in the air as the smoke drifted across the sky like a heavy blanket.


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