Silvren’s Journey-Chap. 24

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Silvren shivered at the coldness that surrounded her and slowly opened her eyes. Sitting up, she glanced about the room and pinched her arm to make sure she wasn’t dreaming. She wasn’t.

“It’s about time the She-elf woke up.” a horrid voice growled from the dark, dimly lit doorway. The voice was low and rough, making Silvren’s stomach toss and turn inside her. She turned to face the origin of the voice and saw a hideous-looking, thick-limbed orc standing in the doorway. His hands had long, sharp claws and his teeth with pointy ends. He had long, oily hair that was pulled back in a long pony tail at the base of his neck. His eyes were dull yellow with flecks of red floating around the black slit of a pupil. They reminded her of a cat’s eyes only ten times fiercer looking.
“Come, my master wants to speak to you.” the orc growled, motioning with his clawed hand for her to follow him.
Slowly, she stood to her feet and followed the horrible smelling creature down several dark, narrow passages. The passages and the set of stone steps he led her up were dimly lit by orange torches, shedding an eerie light upon the dark walls.
The air was cool and still, casing a heavy blanket of uneasiness to drape over Silvren. Finally they reached the top of the stairwell and the orc continued down the dark hall. There were hardly any doors along the stone walls, bugs and cobwebs clinging to the cold stone. Suddenly the orc stopped and Silvren almost ran into him, very much relived that she didn’t.

Silvren watched as he pulled out an iron key and unlocked the door, pushing it open so she could enter the room that lay behind the door. She looked up at him with uncertainty in her eyes and a baneful grin grew across his dark lips, revealing his horrible looking teeth. Cautiously, Silvren walked into the room and quickly spun around to face the orc.
“Master will be here soon.” he sneered and slammed the door shut with an echoing bang.
As soon as the door shut, she ran towards it and tried to open the door but it was locked. Silvren hit the door with her fist and laid her forehead against the rough wood of the door. She could feet the wood vibrate beneath her forehead due to her punch and slowly, she turned around to face the room she was being held captive in. She leaned her back against the door and gazed about her, the room was nothing like the room she had been in earlier. The walls and floor was still made of grey stone but these walls and floor looked somewhat cleaner and not as aged as the previous room’s. To her right, against one of the smaller walls, sat a large four-post bed with wood that was stained a dark brown and the canopy that hung above the bed and down the sides was colored blood red. The black sheets that were spread out on the bed and the pillowcases on the pillows looked like they were made of satin. Even the candle holders that sat on wooden tables next to the bed and on the window ledge were black with blood red candles.
Silvren’s eyes swept across the room and fell upon a window on the other side of the room. She darted over to the other side of the room, her bare feet barely making a sound as they softly touched the stone floor. She peered out the closed, barred window and sighed as all hope of escape drained from existence. The window was too high for her to escape by and there weren’t enough sheets for her to try tying together and hanging it out the window to climb down by. She would just have to wait. Wait and think of a way to run from this dreaded place.
Silvren turned and knocked her forehead against the stone wall, resting it there as a sharp pain shot through her head and tears began to fill her eyes.

“That wasn’t very smart.” a mocking voice said.
Silvren looked up from where hear head had been resting and glanced over at the door to see Telden standing in the dark doorway. An evil smile upon his pale face and his dark hair, blacker than ever, was pulled back in elven fashion. She glared angrily at him as he began walking towards her.
“Finally after all these years I’m finally able to succeed in having you within my power.” he smiled, his pale eyes glowing fiercely with a terrifying fire. “Victory has never been so sweet.”
“You have no power over me.” Silvren said as she backed away from the window.
Telden’s smile grew even wider and all the more evil as he stepped towards her. “You have something of great value to me, something that will help me take over all of Middle-Earth.” he grinned.
“I have nothing that is of any use to.” Silvren took another step backwards.
“You will learn soon enough.” he smiled.
“My family and Legolas will come for me.” Silvren said bitterly.
“There’s no doubt that they will and when they do, they will be in for a big surprise. My dragon shall make a feast of them.”
“Your dragon” she breathed in a small whisper.
“Yes.” he grinned darkly. “She’s always hungry.”
A look of horror crossed over Silvren’s face as she stared at him in disbelief while he kept talking.
“Every single person will die. I will fight until every last one is dead.” he grinned wickedly. “And when your father is dead, I shall recover his ring, then Lady Galadriel’s and then Mithrandir’s. With their rings and yours, I shall take control of all the elves and then one day, I will rule all of Middle-Earth. And you will be my queen.” he smiled, his pale eyes flickering with grim evil in the dim candlelight.
“No! I can’t let you!” she cried out in anger and horror. The tears that had been threatening to fall from her eyes, now streamed down the sides of her face. “You can’t have me. I don’t belong to you!”
“So you belong to Legolas? Well then I’ll just have to take you from him and turn you against him.” his eyes laughed merrily while his lips were curled back in a horrid smile.
“I never said that.” Silvren spat back.
“Well surely you meant it.” he smiled as if that hideous smile was plastered to his pale face.
“I don’t belong to anyone and never will!” she shouted at him, furry building up within her as he enjoyed every moment of it.
“Once I kill everyone you won’t have to worry about that.”
“Leave me alone!” Silvren screamed loudly and ran past him to the furthest corner of the room and collapsed there; curled up like a small ball in the small corner.

Telden laughed at seeing her so upset, savoring the moment that he had worked so hard to achieve, he would always remember this. With an evil smile, Telden turned and left the room, leaving Silvren huddled in the corner of the room, crying for her friends and family.
* * *
“Welcome, family and friends. It is unfortunate that you had to come to these woods on such devastating circumstances.” Celeborn greeted Elrond and his company as the large group of elves approached the lord and lady stood awaiting them.
“What news do you have of Silvren, if any at all?” Elrond asked as he dismounted his silver dappled horse and strode towards his mother and father-in-law. His face was pale and drawn back as if he hadn’t eaten or slept for weeks, though it had only been days.
“Come inside and we shall talk about it. King Thranduil and his company arrived just yesterday afternoon.” Celeborn said as he walked up the silver twisting staircase next to his son-in-law.
“How is Arwen? Is she all right?” Elrond queried as his twin sons followed behind him and Glorfindel followed not far behind them.
“She is fine, a little shaken, but fine.” Celeborn answered, his eyes floating towards the top of the stairs where many elves awaited them, the silver blue lights of the small lanterns glittering against the dark sky and reflecting off the silver railings of the stairs.
When they had reached the top of the stairs, Elrond gazed about the circular room and noticed Galadriel, Thranduil, Legolas, Haldir and several other elves waiting for their arrival. He also spotted Arwen hurrying towards him with her red skirt clutched tightly within her fist, a flood fresh tears streaming down her face.
“Ada!” Arwen exclaimed as she threw her arms around Elrond’s neck and buried her face in his shoulder.
“Shh, everything will be fine.” Elrond wrapped his sturdy arms around his eldest daughter’s slim waist and held her tightly. “You have nothing to be afraid of.” he whispered, his breath brushing against the delicate peak of her ear.
The sound of quiet footsteps, but those that were not of an Elves’ brought Arwen’s head up and she peered over Elrond’s shoulder, wondering who it was that would be allowed in these heavily guarded woods, much less to such an important counsel. Her soft blue eyes grew wide at the sight of dark, dirtied attire, much like that of a ranger’s clothing, and she gazed up into the sparkling blue eyes of Aragorn.


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