Silvren’s Journey – Chap.16

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“Mom, look what Prince Legolas made me.” Silvren said holding up a crown of colorful wild flowers. “Ah, yes. It’s very pretty, Silvren. Did you pick the flowers?” Celebrian said smiling at her young daughter.
“Aye, I did”
“Run along now and play.” Celebrian said when Elrond entered the room.
Silvren nodded her head and ran out the door pass her father, a smile upon her young face.

Elrond walked over to where Celebrian stood gazing out a wide window. He had noticed how sad she looked and how she tended to keep to herself lately.
“You are not yourself.” Elrond said as he stood beside her. “You haven’t been for the past year. Am I not correct?”
Celebrian looked down at the ground as tears began to fill her eyes. “Oh, Elrond!” she cried as she threw her arms around his neck. “I’m not ready to go west.”
“But you are. You ‘re miserable here. ” Elrond said as he held her tightly. “But what about you… and… the children? ” Celebrian sniffed as she pulled away from his embrace.
“I’ll be fine and so will the children. Arwen can help raise Silvren when she’s not over in Lothlorien.”
“No, you must go. You ‘II be happier there and we’ll be coming over one day.” Elrond said as he pushed a golden lock of hair behind the tip of her ear.Her eyes were a dull blue and not filled with the happiness they had once held.
The light that had once danced in them was long gone.
“You’re right, Elrond. It would be for the best. I’ll go as soon as possible. ” Celebrian whispered.
* * *
The road to the Havens was a long and tiresome trip. It rained half the time they traveled, the dirt paths becoming

rivers of mud or sludge. Galadriel and Celebom had not accompanied them, but had come to Rivendell to say their good-byes to their daughter. Celebrian and the others stared at the boat that was waiting for her. Elrond stood next to her holding Silvren’s small hand in his and tears welling up in his eyes.
Celebrian turned and said her farewells to Elladan and Elrohir, hugging them tightly and kissing them on the forehead. She then turned and walked over to Arwen, who
stood next to Silvren and hugged and kissed her as well.Celebrian turned and knelt in front of Silvren, opening her arms to embrace her. Silvren threw her arms around her other’s neck and cried. Celebrian hugged her tightly, then gently pushed her back by her shoulders. She placed a soft kiss on Silvren’s forehead, cupping Silvren’s face in her hands.
Finally, she stood up and turned to face Elrond, looking deep into his eyes as tears flowed down her cheeks. Elrond pulled her in close to him and held her tightly, not wanting to let her go.
“I would go with you, but I am needed here.” Elrond whispered in her ear, then pulled back.
“I know, but I would have you here where you are needed most” she replied quietly, Elrond leaned over and gave her one last kiss.
“Yuck!” Silvren exclaimed looking up at her parents. “I never want to kiss a guy” she said in disgust. Arwen nudged her sister with her elbow while trying not to laugh. Even though, both Elrond and Celebrian managed a stifled laugh.
With one last look at her family, Celebrian turned and walked towards the boat. When she had boarded the boat, she turned and waved to her family as she disappeared from sight.
* * *
“Have you been sneaking into the kitchen again?” a familiar voice called from down the path

Silvren froze, then quickly hid the strawberries in the basket that sat on the ground next to the bench.

“Well, have you?”

Silvren looked up from the stone bench she sat on to see Legolas standing above her. “Why would you ask that?” she put a big smile on for him. Silvren knew he was on to her especially when he spotted her basket.
“Hmm, what’s this?” he asked as he picked up the basket. “Ah, look, strawberries from the kitchen.” he smiled examining the big red berries.
“How do you know if they are?”
“Because the cooks finished picking the rest of the fruits and vegetables this morning.” he smirked.
“Darn. You know too much.” she said as she took her basket back from him.
“Please, I’m just a stupid, old friend. Remember?” he laughed.
“Oh, that’s right, my stupid, old friend.” she stated.
“Come on, dinner will be ready soon.” he said still laughing.


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