Silver Wings: Chapter One – A Story

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The reason I’m not continuing Legolas’ Love is b/c my friend and I are going to write this story together! We hope you like it! And please don’t be angery that I have started over.

Legolas walked down the steps to the forest floor, as he did every night. He walk into the forest and sat under the Mallorn Tree that was planted on the day of his birth. He sat down and looked up at the stars. They are especially beautiful tonight. he thought, as a limp smile spread across his face. All of a sudden he heard the trampling of hoofs in the distance. He noticed a beautiful Elven maiden was riding a pure white horse. She wore a silky white dress which was fitted tightly, the waist flowed into a long skirt which draped neatly over the horses flank. Long sleeves ended at her fingertips, while lengthy folds underneath caught the wind as she rode through the trees. Her hair was curly strawberry blonde; her ringlets were tied back neatly in a half ponytail. She had spellbinding light blue eyes.

When she rode up to him he asked her, “Why is a beautiful maiden such as yourself riding at night? You could get hurt.” Legolas said as he walked up to the side of the horse.

“Where is Mirkwood, I have an ergent message for the king.” The maiden chose to ignore Legolas.

“I must know your name before I show you to him.” Legolas toyed with her.

“My name is none of your business, but you must take me to him.”

“Fine, I shall but I will find out your name.” Legolas to the reins of the horse and led her to the castle. He had the guard take to horse to the stables, and then Legolas to the maiden to his father.

“Father.” Legolas said to get Thranduil’s attention. The maiden blushed, for she didn’t know she was in such good company. “I found her in the forest, she has a message for you.”

“Thank you Legolas.” The King said he guestured to the chair infront of him for the lady to sit. Legolas went out the door and stood by the doorway and listened in. “Now milady, what is your name and what is your message.”

“My name is Lady Valia Everglade, I live with the Parents of Penelope, daughter of the King and Queen of Valorien Just south and west of her. My message is, we are here if you need assistance. Orcs and Trolls have been heard to be aproching your city and ours.”

“I wonder how I hav not heard of this. And I am king of this realm. Thank you very much Valia. I see that you are quite weary from your travels, you may stay here tonight.”

“Thank you kindly my lord. Yes, I am a bit tired.” Valia gave a curtsy.

“Legolas, please take Valia to a guest room.” Thranduil said, he knew Legolas was standing there the whole time.

“How did you…Yes father.” Legolas offered Valia his arm, and she took it. They walked down the hall, and up the stairs. As they stood in the doorway of the room where Valia was to stay Legolas asked, “Could you please tell me now your name?”

“You should know it by know.” Valia said as she smile. Legolas blushed and said nothing more to her, and left.


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