silthalion’s story, part 3 – this is the third part

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She sat, and Elrond stood. Mir bobbed her head in what was unspeakable laughter.

`This is Silthalion, she is clever, spirited, has the right, and has a point in this matter. But I have not the strength, neither does Lorien or Cirdan. *We cannot destroy it with any tool we here possess.’said Elrond `And they who dwell beyond the sea would not receive it: for good or ill it belongs to Middle-earth; it is for us who still dwell here to deal with it’*

Silthalion was thinking this over when Gandalf talked more of it. The meeting continued for a while. Silthalion knew the Ring must be taken to the fire of Mount Doom, where it was made, to be cast into the fire. Then Elrond spoke again, telling exactly what Silthalion had thought.

There was silence once more. Silthalion studied everyone. Boromir stirred. Silthalion looked at him with doubt. After a time he spoke. He said we might use the Ring, but alas, no.

Silthalion listened to the conversation, knowing the course that was to follow that discussion. The Dwarf spoke of the other rings. Then Bilbo spoke, and Silthalion was suspicious. He wanted to take the Ring to Mordor himself, did he? Gandalf told him no, the Ring had passed his hands.

Frodo, at last spoke. Then another Hobbit came from behind the bushes, not unnoticed by Mir. He would go with Frodo, his name was Sam. All this would be very confusing for someone like Bombadil.

Silthalion rested and thought in the days that followed the council. Autumn was leaving quickly, though, as the days slowly changed from gold to silver, and the few leaves that remained slowly departed the great trees. She had been nearly two months in the land of Rivendell when some of the scouts began to return. Silthalion was walking through the rooms of one of the dwellings inside Rivendell when she overheard Elrond talking to the Hobbits about who would go to Mordor with Frodo. She had a mind to talk to master Elrond about that matter herself.

About three days later, Silthalion strode into the library of Elrond. He, luckily, was reading some old account of Lorien.

`Master Elrond, a word, if you will?’Silthalion timidly stepped up to him. Mir, as always, at her side.

`Of course’ he stood, and tucked the book in its place on the shelf.

Silthalion sat down, Mir on her lap, closely followed by the Elf. `Who will accompany Frodo on his journey?’

`Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Boromir, Samwise, Meriadoc, Perigrin, Frodo, of course, and Gandalf. Why do you ask?’

`Might I go with them? They may need my skills in herbs, or bow.’

Elrond sighed and said `That cannot be so. I have spoken with the Company and we have agreed nine to counter the Nine riders.’

`But what of the dark Lord on his throne? He should be countered, as well, should he not?

Elrond thought quietly. `You are right in this matter. I will allow you to accompany them. But I know you would have followed had I not given my counsel.’

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