Silthalion’s Story Part 2 – The same story, part two

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During her travels, she came to Lothlorien. Galadriel welcomed her warmly, having foreseen her coming. She told Silthalion many things, and unbeknownst to her, Galadriel gave her a gift of keen senses, even for an Elf to boast. As well as an unusual sense to understand animals more than she naturally would have.

Still she went roaming, and a year after the visit, she was called to a council, from Elrond of Rivendell. That day she was strolling among the maple trees in the Old Forest near the Shire, late in summer, when she heard the sound of hoofs beating the earth. Mir, who as her scout, came running,. A messenger rode up after her, and requested that she go to Rivendell for a council that was to be held. Silthalion reluctantly agreed to go.

When she arrived, she was relieved when Elrond told her he had heard of her from Galadriel. Silthalion and Elrond sat in a room where there were many artifacts, and ancient books.

‘How did my name come into the conversation, master Elrond ?’ Silthalion asked when he told her.

‘The lady Galadriel asked me who I was summoning. I had told her, and then she revealed to me of you. Surely you trust the lady’s judgement on such matters? ‘

‘Yes, sir. Why did you summon me?’

‘With your wisdom, forest skills and knowledge of the land you travel, you might be able to give aid to the council,’ He paused ‘Galadriel bestowed a great gift unto you, Silthalion. She knew you for who you were meant to be, and gave you enhanced senses, to help you in a journey she foresaw you to take.’

‘What journey is this?’ But he would not say, and with that, Elrond strode out of the room to tend to other business.

She settled in, and made friends with some of the folk in the dwelling, who were not all Elves. So did Mir.

The day of the council arrived, after three relaxing days. Mir was welcome, of course, she never went anywhere without Silthalion. It didn’t take Silthalion long to feel a shadow over her mind,(the gift of senses) that a great evil was near. The cat was skittish, allowing only Silthalion to handle her. Also, that she was the only female in the Council. Then the Ring was brought forth by the strangest of creatures. Silthalion knew now.

During the time that Elrond was weaving the tale of the evil, Mordor and the ring of power, a strange Elf caught her eyes. She had met him once before, three years ago, when she was tracking an orc who had stolen her things while she was searching for a brooch that had fallen a league away. Mir had alarmed her, and she soon caught the thief.

His city offered hospitality when she was traveling in Mirkwood forest after she found the creature. He was called Legolas by his father, and he had taken a caring for Mir as well. Now she observed that he looked at her with a mixture of thoughts. He seemed glad to see her, but surprised she had appeared at the council, for Silthalion knew he believed her to be only mortal. Also he looked suspicious of why she had been summoned. But she smiled at him, and he smiled back.

Elrond paused in the telling, the Hobbit broke in, and a stranger, who Silthalion did not know, cried that he had at last found out what had become of the Ring of power. Then Elrond told another tale of what became of the Ring after Isildur. He ceased for a moment, then the stranger spoke up again, telling a tale for himself. Silthalion found out that he was Boromir of Gondor.

Then suddenly, Silthalion saw Aragorn, called Elfstone by her kind. He had helped Silthalion learn to handle a sword. Then he spoke up.

‘*And here in the house of Elrond more shall be made clear to you,*’He stood up and tossed his sword on the table in the center of the ring of chairs and their inhabitants.

‘* Here is the Sword that was Broken!*’

Silthalion looked on in wonder, for it was so: the sword lay in two pieces. She was so engrossed in amazement that she missed what was said next. But she knew in the back of her mind that the Hobbit had the Ring and tried to give it to Aragorn. The next thing she heard was Gandalf, who Silthalion had met in her travels some time ago. He said for the Hobbit, called Frodo, to bring the Ring forth.

Suddenly Silthalion felt a deep sense of fear and dread from around the circle. If it was truly the One Ring, many would be afraid of so much evil and power.

‘*Behold Isildur ‘s Bane!’said Elrond*’

Aragorn and Boromir talked for a minute, Silthalion hanging on every word. She looked at Aragorn, and he looked with doubt. Suddenly another Hobbit, Bilbo, whom she had met before in her stay at Rivendell, stood up quickly and belted out a song. Silthalion had to giggle quietly, it was a sight. Then Aragorn smiled and had more of a conversation with Boromir, but then Bilbo told his story. He was going to continue, but Elrond cut him short and asked Frodo to tell his story. He did, and everyone questioned and considered his steps. Silthalion had to stay quiet, for she didn’t want to be revealed quite yet, but she found it troubling.

While Silthalion was thinking more about the Ring’s journeys when someone cried to know about Saruman and asked some questions.

‘*I had not overlooked them, and they shall be answered, but these things it is part of Gandalf to make clear; and I call upon him last, and in all this matter he has been the chief’*said Elrond.

Then Gandalf spoke of hope, after that, told his story. He spoke of his finding of the Ring, in which he found the account of Isildur, and the readings of the flame writing. it was that time that he spoke the words:

‘* Ash nazg durbatuluk, ash nazg gimbatul, ash nazg thrakatuluk agh burum-ishi krimpatul!*’

It was strange how the wizard’s voice changed. Everyone quivered, and the Elves covered their ears. Mir hid her face in her paws. Silthalion caught Legolas’ eyes again. He was concerned.

Then Elrond and Gandalf spoke of how serious this was. Then Gandalf continued to talk about the corruption of Saruman, and how he was saved yet again by Gwaihir, the wind-lord of the eagles. He spoke a tale of Rohan, he then said he must speed up the story for fear of time. Gandalf made known that the Nine were before him and the passing of Frodo was not unnoticed from Hobbiton. He told of Bree and of how Gandalf had learned about Strider. He presented to the council the rest of the tale, as well.

All was quiet. Silthalion thought of everything Gandalf had said, and was weary already from the length of the council. She feared she could not hold the position much longer. For she did not do well forced to be in one place for long, being a wanderer. Then Elrond spoke more of a creature Silthalion had met, and had heard about from few. Bombadil, of the Old Forest. She heard Gandalf say he would be not a safe guardian for it, and would not take the ring:

‘* No,’ said Gandalf ‘not willingly. He might do so, if all the free folk of the world begged him. But he would not understand the need. And if he were given the Ring, he would soon forget it, or most likely throw it away. Such things have no hold on his mind. He would be a most unsafe guardian; and that alone is answer enough’*

Silthalion had an opinion to this matter, and she was not one to be silent when the time was ripe. *’But in any case,’* she said, standing up. *’To send the Ring to him would only postpone the day of evil. He is far away. We could not now take it back to him, unguessed, unmarked by any spy. And even if we could, soon or late the Lord of the Rings would bend all his power towards it. Could that power be defied by Bombadil alone? I think not. I think that in the end, if all else is conquered, Bombadil will fall, Last as he was First; and then night will come. There remain only two things for us to attempt: to send it over the Sea, or to destroy it.*’

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