‘Shae’s Story – Chapter 2

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Authors’ Note: This is a companion piece to Sister to the Prince, which I’m writing myself. book_of_kells and I decided this would go well with it, and she wanted more say-so over the character I based on her. Enjoy!- Aidi

Disclaimer: We’re not claiming anything created by Tolkien, just using the world and some characters. The characters Aiduial, `Shae, Taruku, Malloske, and Aina’quenta are ours.

`Shae’s Story
Chapter 2

“What are we going to do? What are we going to do?!?” Aidi was pacing around in circles, her bow forgotten on the ground. Arwen was sitting on the ground, her chin on her fist, with her brow wrinkled in concentration.

“Well?” I asked, “Any miraculous way to save our stupid butts? Or wait, perhaps I should just go to you father, Aidi.” At this, she stopped in her pacing, giving me a stunned look.

“You wouldn’t dare, Hithshae Carnim!”

“You wanna bet, Aiduial Hyanda, Princess of Mirkwood and daughter of Thranduil?”

“Nice to see you can remember my title!”

“You don’t like it!”

“At least I have one and am not merely the daughter of the King’s Steward!”

“You’ll regret that one!”

“Oh yeah?!?”

“Yeah!” As soon as I said this, Aidi snapped, lunging at me. Her fist caught me right in the jaw as her uppercut connected. In response, I kicked at her, but she just grabbed my leg and threw me down. As she leaned over me, I donkey kicked her in the stomach, clambering to my feet as she staggered of balance. She straigtened ad we came at each other again, but as we were about to continue fighting, a voice rang out.

“Tampe! Aiduial, lle nar tarien! Hithshae, lle sint queler! Tampe sii’!*” Arwen came between us, livid with rage. “You two should know better! You have been best friends for centuries! `Shae, you should be happy I was the only one here, or you would very likely be on your way to cool you heels in the dungeons for awhile, attackin the princess like that!”

At this I had to protest. “I didn’t attack her, she attacked me!”

Arwen was resolute, though. “You should still not have done what you did. Aidi, I’m ashamed of you, too. I know this is stressful for you, but you shouldn’t take your anger out on `Shae like that. think about how she feels!”

Aidi and I looked at each other, knowing there was no arguing with Arwen when she got like this. We hugged, then, laughing at how stupid we had been and headed back to the palace.

*Stop! Aiduial, you are a princess! Hithshae, you know better! Stop now!


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