‘Shae’s Story – Chapter 1

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Authors’ Note: This is a companion piece to Sister to the Prince, which I’m writing myself. book_of_kells and I decided this would go well with it, and she wanted more say-so over the character I based on her. Enjoy!- Aidi

Disclaimer: We’re not claiming anything created by Tolkien, just using the world and some characters. The characters Aiduial, `Shae, Taruku, Malloske, Hylama and Aina’quenta are ours.

`Shae’s Story
Chapter 1

This morning Laide came to wake me, telling me that Aidi and Arwen wanted me to meet them before breakfast. I pulled on one of my more comfortable gowns, an adjustable one, which was a dark grey. I ran out, meeting the others in the hall. We ran to breakfast joining Hylama at our regular table. After we had sat down, a voice came from behind me, saying some sappy things I don’t care to repeat. It was Leg’las, Aidi’s blonde brother, and he had a rare flower, melarslokte, in his hand. He tried to give it to me, but Aidi and Arwen dragged me from the room into a small antechamber.

As soon as the door was closed, I broke down. “What just happened back there?!? Did your brother just call me that? Your stupid, idiotic blonde brother?!?” I screamed, panicking. This was not supposed to be happening. I have no feelings of that kind for the prince. Some girls go out of their ways to see him, and then swoon all over the place, but seriously he’s not my type. He’s very far from it. They then explained their prank, and how they had put melathond into his wine, and how Hylama must have put more in.

A minute later though, the king came in. I when was too preoccupied with my plight to notice much, but when he left, Aidi and Arwen dragged me to Aidi’s room where we put on our boots, and discarded the more cumbersome pieces of our attire. We went to the stable, and then to the archery range. On the path to the range, a hand grabbed me from behind, covering my mouth. I was pulled into the bushes and spun around. There was my other friend, Taruku.

“Are you seeing the Prince?” he asked roughly.

“No,” I gasped, “you should know that. He came up to us during breakfast acting all weird, and then the three of us split. Do you have any idea what’s going on? The others told me something about Hylama, Leg’las’ wine and melathond. Now he’s acting like this! Can you help?!?” I looked at him, a kind of desperation in my eyes and he was about to answer, but a call came from the range.

“‘Shae? Get your butt down here this instant! We really need to talk to you. Hurry up!”

I glanced at Taru, and ran to the others, leaving him watching after me.


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