Shadowfax,The mearas and life after the ring – Through the eyes of a horse

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Rohan was the comfy home of shadowfax and his dear mother rosennia the snowyfair and though he had lost his father in a fierce orc battle. Little Shadowfax was still as strong as a little bull there was no leader and they were yet to find one when shadowfax’s mother died shadowfax was a young stallion and his goal in life was to help people he was determined to become just that. Every other horse would tease him because he was an albino pure white he was. When he was older he indeed found a wizard in need of help. Gandalf was his name or olorin he had defeated the Balrog.The eagle had bear him to land he knew in fangorn. There he met me Shadowfax and called me wise white one i don’t know why he called me that though I have met up with two other strangers Hasuful and arod both of my kin. They were stunned that i was lord of all horses and apologized to me( not really they just wanted free rohirrim apples) for being so rude to me. It was very pleasant in Edoras they treated us if as we were kings {i guess thats why they call it home of the horse lords} There whole live revolves around horses. Me and gandalf have traveled far to find a guy named Eomer and the Rohirrim when we did we came to helms Deep and fought with the return of Eomer and 3 thousand rohirrim spears. I was back at Edoras dreaming about a beautiful mare, when I was interrupted i gave a loud snort “So much for giving a horse courtesy” Gandalf placed something on my back i think it was called a pippin or a halfling I forget. Then he got on me and told me “Go Shadowfax and show me the meaning of haste” personally Ihad no idea where i was going just I was glad eowyn was not bothering me with that stew that gave me indigestion.

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