Seekers – Prolouge-Thief and Outlaw

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Delondra walked through the misty morning with her cape pulled tight around her. The once large pack on her back was now quite a bit lighter from her flight from Brarelon. Soon, the small village she was to meet a mail contact, Iberith, in would be looming in front of her in the grey light of early morning.

Had Delondra not been a pure blood elf, she’d have alredy collapsed from the nonstop journy west to the Arch Havens.

Just as she’d expected, the village’s farming land was now around her with the main town not too far in front of her. People began to come out of their homes for the day’s work. One of the younger women was coming her way.

She wore a red walking skirt, a brown blous and coat, and worn in walking boots. She had long, brown hair, and emerald green eyes. At her side was an unadorned shortsword, and on her back was a short bow and quivver to mach filled with arrows obviously found in manny places other than here. The quivver was richly covered in a leafy and flowery design. The bow was just as ornate with the flowers and vines framing a name in ancient runes. A name that Delondra reconized well. Istin.

From the discription given to Delondra from her mail about the one she was to meet, this was Iberith.

“Iberith?” Delondra asked.

“Yes?” the young woman asked, startled by the eagerness in Delondra’s voice.

“My name is Delondra. We’ve been speeking through letters.” she informed.

“Ah, yes. Welcome, Lady Istiniel.” Iberith bowed.

“No…No, not any more. Just Delondra now.”

“I see. Will you rest first, befor we finish the journy, or do you wish to begin sooner than planned? I have heard…” Iberith’s eyes darted around. “We should rest first. There are things you need to know.”

“Yes, I did hope for a break from walking so much like this.” Delondra admitted.

Iberith’s small hide out was on the compleatly oposit end of the town area in a deserted farm house. It took nearly half an houre more just to reach it. When Delondra was finally able to set her things down, Iberith began to say what she’d not wanted to in the open.

“There have been solders out this way looking for you.” she said. “Sent by the queen is what the solders said. Sent to find an outlaw by your name and discription. They say that you’re wanted for killing your own husband. Is this true?”

“Some what true, though I don’t like it.” Delondra confessed. “He was drunk and attacked me when he came home. I was left with no choice but to defend myself, but I never thought it would come to his deth by my hands.”-she sighed-“There are also rumors that you have made a larger theft not long ago. One of great value. My other contacts say that there have also been solders set after you by the queen.”

“Well, it isn’t easy when you’ve got nothing to lose and the world to gain by one little thing here and there.” a light came into her eyes. “I didn’t exactly steal it eather. The owner tossed it, and I mearly recovered it from the river. Not my fault that the man didn’t know that I was there to see.”

“Well? will you show it to me or just keep me guessing?”

Iberith pulled out a small dagger from the chest under the window that she’d been sitting on. Delondra’s eyes filled with shock.

“Hill Folk just don’t know what they’ve got in there. From the inscriptions it’s name is Sting.”


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