Secrets of Star-Dome – The Journal of Elrond

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Elros is dead. My brother is dead. Elros, Tar-Minyatur, star-foam, my sweet little brother is dead.
We were so close. We did everything together. He was younger than me, but he was quite tall. We were both dark haired, dark eyed, fair skinned, and of noble birth, our father being Earendil the Mariner and our mother being Elwing the White.
In our younger years in Alvarien, we were regular, playful boys, never separated. Mother and Father even mixed us up sometimes, calling me Elros and him Elrond.
We were both strong. When we learned to fight, we both learned the bow and the sword and the spear, but I favored the bow. Elros favored the sword.
He was also amazingly strong of spirit. I remember a time when I had stolen two pieces of cake and had eaten them both. Father caught us. Elros insisted that he had eaten the other piece, and we were both punished. Later, I asked him why he had done such a thing.
“I can’t let you suffer alone, brother,” he replied with a honest smile crossing his fair face.
Around our teenage years, Mother found a tutor for us. Oh, how we loved to tease the poor scholar! Who would have ever known that the two mischievous brothers would end up cherishing books in our later lives? I remember him yelling at us for not putting our names on our papers. Honestly, our minds were on other things,–weapons, friends, girls– and we forgot to put our names on our papers. Or we simply put “E.” He would scold us for doing so since our handwriting was so alike, and the first four letters of our names had the exact same letters.
I no longer recall how it happened, but I remember the struggle. Alvarien was taken by the sons of Feanor, and Elros and I were taken prisoner. Luckily, we befriended Maglor, and we were spared. Mother took the Simaril and threw herself into the Sea. Elros and I knew she survived. Father was with her, and they had found the Undying Lands. Then the four of us were given the choice of the Half-Elven. Were we to be counted among the Elves or Men? The Firstborn or the Secondborn?
Mother was the first to make the choice. She chose to be counted among the Firstborn. Father chose the same. They remained in Aman, and Father rose into the sky to watch over the Western Shore for all eternity. After a horrible struggle, I chose the same.
And then Elros sealed his doom. He, always interested by the Secondborn, chose to be counted among Men. I watched in awe as his sharp, pointy ears suddenly rounded. His eyes lost their majestical sparkle, and his skin lost its radiance. His face became coarse and worn, and he shrunk. I had never looked down upon him before, but I did then. As he lost his Elvish beauty, mine seemed to intensify. The women flocked to me like never before, but I did not care. My brother’s well being was the only thing on my mind.
Elros took men to Númenor. I fought in wars with Gil-Galad and saw the fall of Sauron. Then I founded the beautiful city of Imladris. We stayed in contact, writing long and scholarly letters to each other. The letters have stopped now.
Then I was summoned to Numenor. My brother was dying. I sat by his bedside, listening to him murmur, his voice becoming softer and softer as each day progressed. I wept long by his bed, and he told me to be strong. But my heart was too heavy.
It was the afternoon of his death. He was so near to the darkness that he could barely speak. But he was able to ask me one thing.
“Elrond, why have you stayed with me for so long?”
“Because I cannot let you suffer alone, brother,” I said, fighting the tears.
Elros died then. His last breath escaped from his body, and then I wept like I had never wept before. I clasped his hands and kissed his brow, but I knew that nothing could bring him back now. I have lost my dear, dear brother. I cannot eat, I cannot sleep. Nothing will ever bring me out of this despair for I have lost half of myself.


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