Secret Love: Part 4 – New creature in Middle-earth

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Several weeks of waiting passed as Aerrianah lay on the couch inside Frodo’s hobbit hole. Each day Bilbo would pour tea down her throat and try to wake her. I so happened one rainy night that Aerrianah was sleeping on the couch.

“Help will come to you Aeri. Help will come.” “MOTHER, NO!! DON’T LEAVE ME!!”

“Mother, don’t leave me. Mother, NOOO!!” Aerrianah sat up on the couch. The room was dark and nothing but her heavy breathing could be heard. Where am I? Aerrianah got up and walked through the dark. Frodo was coming down the hall. Aerrianah ran into him and screamed. Frodo yelled and jumped back as soon as she touched him. More feet could be heard and Pearl lit the lamp, ” What is it? What’s happening?” Aerrianah rubbed her head and groaned. “Aerrianah you’re awake! It’s been weeks!” Aerrianah looked at her and stopped rubbing her head. “Weeks? Wait… How did I get here?” She looked to each of the faces that were looking at her. “Your horse brought you she did!” Aerrianah looked at Sam “Killi? Where is she? is she okay?” At this moment Frodo stepped forward. “She’s fine. She’s in the barn right now.” Aerrianah sighed with relief. Frodo motioned to the other hobbits. “Now would you mind telling us what happened?” He smiled at her and she smiled back. “Sure I’ll tell you…Later.” And with that she ran out into the rain.

The sun began to peak over the horizon and the rain slowed to a light shower. The others caught up with her and surrounded her please tell us Aerrianah.” Pearl asked. Aerrianah sighed and looked up at her. “My parents are gone. So is my sister.” A lump began to wedge its way up her throat and she swallowed. “It was in Rivendale. When I got there after I took Merry home, there was fire. I went into the castle in search of my family. It was terrible. Fire was all throughout the castle and many elves were dead. Burned and bloody they were, all out in front of me. They had been slaughtered. I jumped the flames going into the castle further. I went to my parents room and even more elves were slaughtered. Some were even pinned to the wall with spears. My mom was standing up and her right side was soaked in blood. I was so happy that my mother was okay and I asked about my father and sister. They had been taken by goblins. My mother and I tried to get out. We went back to the flames I had jumped and they were much higher. Too high to jump. There was a gap in the flames and we ran for it but it closed up. Then there was another gap but it closed up too. We were trapped in a ring of flame. She stopped trying and I saw she was crying. I had never seen her cry before. I hugged her and told her not to leave me and she said she’d never leave me no matter what happened. She said, `Help will come for you Aeri! Help will come!” and then she showered blue light on me. A burning vine fell on her back and I ran to help her. Again she said `Help will come for you Aeri. Help will come.’ And then she…” Aerrianah stopped talking and the lump in her throat grew. Her eyes began to burn with tears wanting to fall. “Aerrianah you don’t have to say anymore.” Frodo said softly.

Aerrianah looked at all of them. Silent tears were falling down Pearl’s cheeks and the other girls were choking back sobs. Sam was petrified. Aerrianah closed her eyes and tears began to fall. She blinked them back and looked at the sky. “I tried to find a way to get my mother out of the ring of flame but I tripped and didn’t get back up. Then next thing I know Killi is there and she lowered her front to me. I felt dizzy but reached up and wrapped my arms around her neck. She lifted me as easily as the child I am and carried me out. Over the flames and out to the rain. I managed to pull myself up on her back with my feet dangling over her side before I slipped away.”

Pearl looked at Aerrianah. “That’s so terrible!” she whispered. Sam and the others agreed. Tears were slipping down Frodo’s rosy cheeks and he swallowed. “Please Aerrianah. Say no more.” He hissed. Aerrianah waved it away. “My mother is dead and now I have to be tortured by the fact that she is dead and my father and sister are somewhere being tortured and don’t think I’m alive. `Tis a terrible burden.” She choked. The tears came freely and she placed her head on her knees and cried. Frodo slipped to her side and tried to comfort her nobody could say anything. “They slipped away because I was not there.” Aerrianah whispered. Frodo tipped her head upward and said, “Don’t even think it Aerrianah! It wasn’t your fault! Don’t even think it! You can cry for them but you cannot blame yourself! You cannot blame yourself!” Aerrianah gripped his tunic and cried on his shoulder. The others cried with them in their hearts and to the world. They cried for Aerrianah and Frodo and they cried for Death. Frodo held Aerrianah tight and she continued to cry. He lifted her head and took her into a kiss.


The sun shone on from that day and the animals lived. A white horse stood in the pasture, her long silvery hair swayed in the wind. Small pink flowers were woven into her hair where they joined the few blue that were left and a blue and silver stranded rope hung about her neck. No saddle was ever placed on her back. Hobbit children ran through the fields and among them was our Aerrianah. Brave and cheerful as she was, she stopped and looked away to the flying hawk and she cried once again for her family which she lost. She lives among the Gamgees and Frodo now where she is one of them. She still cries but can bring a smile to anyone’s face. She ran to join the other hobbits in their play and swore, that she would search for what remained of her family and find them some day.


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