Second Chance at Love – Ch 5

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Coio laid on her bed, bored half to death, and Arwen had left a little while ago. She said she feared if she stayed to long, she would have to face Legolas’s wrath. Coio tried not to think that the pillows below her head were soft, or the sheets were like silken water, as if they were trying to lull her into a comforting sleep. The sheer satin night gown entranced her in it’s softness, making it a battle to keep her eyes open. Legolas had been gone a hour, leaving Coio wondering what was taking him so long. `Oh I wish he would come back soon.’ thought Coio. Her eyes slipped closed, thinking of her one love, Legolas.

With Legolas

`Finally,’ thought Legolas, as a man exited the house in front of him. He had been waiting out side the shop for almost two hours, after ordering the kitchens to make all of Coio’s favorite foods.

“It is done, Barron?” asked Legolas.

“Yes, my lord,” Barron said handing over a medium sized bag to Legolas.

“I really must thank you, Barron. I didn’t trust anyone else with something as important as this.” With that Legolas turned toward the palace wanting to see if Coio’s dinner was done. Legolas had gathered the dinner from the cooks and was entering his and Coio’s room. `By the Valar’ he thought upon seeing Coio on the bed, hair spread out on the bed, `She is so beautiful.’ Legolas looked down at his hands, and the tray in them. `Should I wake her up? She was hungry, but she also needs her rest,” whilst Legolas was contemplating this Coio started to wake.

“Legolas, is that you?” Coio said in a groggy voice.

“Yes, A’maelamin” (My Beloved) Legolas said approaching the bed, setting the tray on the side table.

“What took you so long?” she asked sitting up.

“Well, I had to have something made, here.” Legolas handed here the bag.

“Mani cael lle umia naust, Legolas?” (What have you done now) Coio said opening the bag. She then gasped at the contents, he had the dragon daggers re-forged. “Legolas,” she whispered.

“That is not all,” he said closely to here ear. At the bottom of the bag, there was a small, blue box. Coio opened it and in side sat a golden ring.

“Legolas,” the ring was encrusted with diamonds on the band with elvish writing saying “Love will last forever.” and mounted on the ring was a emerald with gold flakes running through it. “This was what you were doing?”

“Yes, mela,” he chuckled softly, “I didn’t give you a ring before, so I’m giving you one now.”

“Legolas, mia belig er,” (my strong one) “I do not need a ring, for I love you.”

“I know,” he whispered in her ear.

“Can you hand me the food tray?” with that Legolas laughed, and they both settled in to eat.


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