Saviors of Arda – Chapter 4

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They pulled into the driveway and parked. There were two giant log cabins and a pool. They decided that the guys would be in the bigger one with the girls in the smaller one.

House 1: Guys

” I get a bed and that is final,” said Gandalf as he headed towards Jason’s parents room.

” Obviously, I get my room,” said Jason as he went to his room.

” That leaves ten beds, and there is one, two, three, … and Eomer makes nineteen,” said Matthew who had come with Jason one summer to the house and knew about the beds.

” I get one, I am the King,” said Aragorn while Chad muttered under his breath ` Not Here ` while the elves laughed because of their super sharp hearing.

” I get one, I am the oldest person here besides Gandalf,” said Glorfindel.

” Uh, me too,” said Haldir.

” That leaves seven beds,” said Jason as he came back from his room, ” I am giving them to Legolas, Faramir, Boromir, Eomer, Elladan, Elrohir and Gimli.”

” What about us?” asked the hobbits at the same time while the humans just stared at Jason.

” The basement has a couple of futons for Chad, Matthew, Brandon, Nick and Cameron. The hobbits can all sleep on the sofas in the basement also,” He said.

” Oh,” they replied.

They all took their stuff (mainly the humans) to their areas and started to unpack.

House 2: Girls

” Isn’t it darling,” said Arwen as she looked at her Hello Kitty bedroom.

” Yeah, too bad we have to share,” said Eowyn jokingly as she looked at it too.

Megan and Jennifer were in the room next to the Middle-earth royalty (LOL) in guess what, another Hello Kitty room.

” Is his mom obsessed with Hello Kitty?” asked Jen.

” I don’t know, but looks like it,” they said as the giggled and unpacked.

Beside them were the hobbits in another Hello Kitty room.

” It is so cute,” said Rosie.

” Yeah,” said Diamond as they ran and jumped on their beds.

Destiny and Samantha were in the next room and it wasn’t Hello Kitty, it was Barbie


” Oh my God, it is Barbie,” said Destiny as she fainted.

” Oh my God, it can’t be Barbie,” said Samantha as she fainted.

” Are you ok Destiny and Samantha?” asked Cana and Hadassah as they saw the room and fainted also (they had a Hello Kitty room also).

House 1: Boys and Girls in the Livingroom talking

” When will the training start?” asked Brandon.

” We need to start as soon as possible but we have to wait for certain things to come to us,” replied Gandalf.

” What is this certain things?” asked Pippin as Eomer leaned over and told him followed by ” Oh.”

” Well, should WE know,” said Jason.

” It is a surprise, where is the little one?” said Aragorn.

” All the hobbits are here,” said Arwen.

” No, the short human named something like sad,” he said.

” Oh, Chad, he went to get some gas for his car,” said Samantha.

” Ok, what do we have to eat?” asked Merry.

” We can order pizza,” offered Destiny.

” Yeah!!” said Boromir.

” Do you know any pizza places around here Jason,” asked Cana.

” Chad’s back, and yes, there is one in town but they don’t deliver. We would have to either eat it there or bring back cold,” Jason said.

*Cell Phone Rings*

” Hello,” said Jason.

” Bring out us and be fast,” said Chad as he hung up.
Jason motioned his head and they followed him.

” What’s up?” asked Hadassah.

” The Two Towers is playing at the drive in,” he replied.

” Road trip!!!” said the girls.

We went back inside and gathered everyone into the cars and told them it was a surprise (they probably thought it was pizza). We drove into the theatre (weird sounding isn’t it) and parked. We sent the twins to get pizza and the met us there ten minutes later. The movie started and all of the “Characters” were in awe of the big screen. They sat there quietly while Gimli said everyone once in a while; ” Dwarves are really better runners when it is short distance,” followed by everyone else, ” Right.”

When the Gollum split personality scene came on they all laughed except Sam who thought it really had happened behind his back and he was mad.

The Helm’s Deep scene was really funny because you heard Haldir say stuff like; ” I never even went to Helm’s Deep,” and ” I never died.”

But Gandalf was happy the way he came in, but Eowyn was in a corky mood and was glad she got to go to Helm’s Deep instead of staying in Edoras.

Once the movie was over they clapped and got into the cars (in this case, Hummers) and they drove home. They got there and everyone went to bed because Gandalf said that the day was tomorrow after coming out of a trance.

A/N: I haven’t seen TTT since January so all the scenes are from the video game and what I remembered


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