Saviors of Arda – Chapter 1: Discussions In The Livingroom

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” We have been sent here by the Valar to find and teach twelve people the languages and how to fight. We believe that you eight are the main group,” he started as we all either gasped or stared at him like there was no tomorrow.

” You are probably wondering why we chose you. Simple, the Valar told us that the first people we meet who will give us shelter were the main group. We are to let you chose the other four,” continued Gandalf.

” Well, this is interesting. Just curious, why do we have to do this?” asked Megan.

” Because, A new dark lord has risen in Middle-earth. We are to accompany you through Middle-Earth but you are to be the leaders in the resistance. You see, this new dark lord convinced the Southrons and the Easterlings to rejoin his side. He has taken over Mordor again and has turned his head towards Gondor. His former master could not do it but he thinks he can because the Elves have left,” said Gandalf.

” Oh, ok,” said Megan.

” We need someplace to teach you. Do you have any ideas?” asked Gandalf.

” My father owns two cabins up in Tennessee, a state north of here. He also owns ten acres around it,” I said.

” That is perfect, when can you chose the other four so we can leave?” asked Gandalf.

” Well, let us throw around some people and we will decide,” I said.

” Don’t throw them,” said Frodo.

” It is a figure of speech, it means to give ideas,” said Destiny.

” Well, who do you have in mind?” asked Gandalf.

All at the same time we said, ” Chad.”

” Who is this Chad?” asked Gandalf.

” Chad is my older brother,” said Samantha who knew her brother was a Tolkien freak.

” Well, that leaves three more spaces,” said Gandalf.

” What about Orlando Bloom,” said Jennifer as we all laughed.

” What is so funny?” asked Legolas.

” In a movie called `Lord Of The Rings’, he played Legolas,” Matthew said as we started crying cause we were laughing so hard.

” Oh, they made a movie about that,” said Glorfindel while looking bewildered.

” Yeah, anyways, what about Nick?” said Brandon.

” Yeah, that leaves two more, preferably two girls, to be even,” said Destiny.

” Hadassah and Cana,” I said.

” Sure,” said everyone else.

” Those are weird names compared to yours,” said Pippin as Eomer smacked him.

” Well, Hadassah is an Irish Jew and Cana is short for Elcana and she is an Irish Jew also,” said Samantha.

” Ok, that settles it, can you write them and have them come with their stuff as soon as
they can,” said Aragorn.

” Write, I will just call,” I said.

” How can you call them?” he asked puzzled.

” With a phone,” I said as I held it up so they could see it.

I called them and they all complied. They all packed and drove over. Gandalf was happy with all of the picks and he decided we would leave the next day.

” Just curious, do you want to watch Lord of the Rings?” I asked.

” Yes!” they all said.

I put it in and they all sat down to watch the TV. It started out with the prologue and you could here them whisper stuff like “That didn’t happen” or “So that is how it happened”. It was funny because they just sat and stared at it. We sat there and watched until it got to the `Flight to the Fords’ seen when Glorfindel stood up mad and I paused it.

” What Glorfindel?” I asked.

” They switched Arwen for me. Why did they do that?” he asked as he sat back down.

` Because she is hotter,’ is what I was thinking but what I said was, ” The writers didn’t have the money for another person to play your part.”

He nodded his head to acknowledge it as a good answer. I pushed play again and it started. They watched fine until it got to the scene on the ` Bridge of Khazad-Dum,” when Arwen, Eowyn, Rosie and Diamond started crying. I got them tissues and they were contempt again. We watched it until Boromir died and I stopped it right before that scene.

” Why did you stop it, is it over?” asked Boromir ironically.

” Do you want to see yourself die?” I asked.

” Oh, I am alive now. It will be fine,” he said as I pushed play again.

They watched in silence and the girls cried again (touchy feelings I guess). They clapped once it was over. We set up the beds and then I went and called mom and dad who were in Germany for the summer. They said it was fine that I took some friends to the cabin for a year.

We all went to bed. I got up the next morning at the crack of dawn. I made coffee and tea then went to take a shower. I got out and everyone was up. They all got ready and we put all of the luggage in the car we designated for luggage. We then made them choose traveling buddies. (Dorky, I know but hey.) They chose like this:

Elladan – Elrohir
Aragorn – Eomer
Faramir – Boromir
Arwen – Eowyn
Diamond – Rosie
Legolas – Gimli
Haldir – Glorfindel
Frodo – Sam
Merry – Pippin
Gandalf – Olorin (hehe)

We took six SUV’s. I took Jennifer, Elladan, Legolas and Gimli, and Elrohir. Samantha took Megan, Arwen, Diamond, Rosie and Eowyn. Matthew took Chad, Haldir and Glorfindel. Hadassah and Cana took Gandalf, Faramir and Boromir. Brandon took Destiny, Merry and Pippin. Nick took Cameron, Aragorn, Frodo, Sam and Eomer.
We left and headed for the highway. Comedy will ensue…


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