Save the Past. Chapter Two of many.. – Can Tari prevent what happened in the past to save her future?

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Tari sat down in the chair looking out the patio door and sighed gently. Elrond knew his daughter’s descendant was saddened by the loss of her lover and grand sire. He knew the two lovers would be reunited soon.

“Tari, do not worry. They’re fine. Maybe you should go to bed and let me tend to things here till you wake?”

Tari sighed as she stood up, “Thank you, Elrond.”

He watched as she walked back into her room and closed the door. He stood up, started to clear away the table and washed the dishes in the sink. Elrond thought of the past when he first heard the horn’s call, Arwen, her twin brothers and he heard it together and he was out of the room in an instant ordering the men around him to get onto their horses for the King was in danger and riding out with them praying that they got to them in time to save them. He found them in a middle of a huge fight with two horses fighting alongside of them. He also found two other horses the ones that they had originally rode dead in the field of Orcs. Now the memory of what had occurred a few hours ago matched that of the past. He knew the horses without doubt had come from their visit to the future and that Aragorn had created a line of great warrior horses from those with whom they had received from Tari, his descendant.

Elrond finished washing the dishes; he quickly wrote a note to Tari letting her know that he has to go and `be’ Hugo Weaving for couple of months and he would be back as soon as he was able to. He, then, turned off all the lights and walked out of the house and assumed his role as a `mortal’ even though he was an elf who lived for many, many centuries.

Weeks went by before Elrond reappeared at her home, this time he was alone for he brought a newspaper containing that day news. Elrond entered her home to notice that almost everything was the same as he had left it. But for the journal that Aragorn wrote in when he was King. He just barely glanced over it but his mind screamed that something was wrong by the size of it. He knew Tari would have emerged from wherever she was at to greet him but she was not coming out.

“Tari, are you here?” he asked, as he went around the house looking for her. He finally headed for her room.

“In here, Elrond,” spoke a hoarse voice.

Elrond stepped into the bathroom where to his shock was Tari leaning against the wall with a layer of sweat on her face. Elrond rushed to her side and lifted her up into his arms carrying her back to her bed. He noticed that there was a still moist washcloth by her bed.

“How long have you been ill? Why didn’t you send Gan…I remember you can’t send him because he’s with Aragorn.”

“About three days ago, I would throw up during the morning and then during the afternoon. I was too tired to even lift up the horn and blow it. I thought I was ill and it would pass in a day but it is day three,” said Tari.

“Well, I can get you better a bit. Nai envinyatie sire ter manyat. (Let my healing flow from my hands.)” As he laid his hands on her forehead and hand, she could feel the warmth from him flowing into her ill body.

Tari’s eyes grew limp as she fell asleep under Elrond’s eyes. Elrond watched as she slept in the bed. He picked up the moist washcloth and took it to the bathroom where he ran cold water over it and squeezed the extra water out of it. He went back and placed the washcloth over her eyes and forehead. His mind raced with worry about why was she ill in the morning and afternoon but nothing came to mind. Elrond shook his head as he’ll figure it out later. He wanted to get her healthy first. He headed for the kitchen to check the food as that might be where she’s getting sick from. Elrond checked the food to find that the food is out so it had to be her body – something must have made her ill. Maybe it was the stress of loosing her lover that is doing this? He wondered.

Elrond went to the table and looked at the journal that she had out. He knew who it belonged to and it was Tari’s grandsire and his son-in-law Aragorn. Something in him screamed something wrong as he picked up the book. He flipped to the first page and started to read it reminiscing about that time.

Hours raced by as the sun rose from her sleep, Tari walked out of the room to see Elrond sitting in the chair reading the journal. “It shrunk over three days ago, Elrond. Something is not right in the past.”

“What caused it to shrink from the huge volume journal it once was to this small of one?” asked Elrond.

“Aragorn was assassinated, Elrond.” Tari said, calmly.


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