Save the Past. Chapter Three of Many.. – Can Tari prevent what happened in the past to save her future?

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“He was what…I remember there was two Men in the throne room that day. They acted strangely. Something was not right with them but when they got up to speak with Aragorn, they lunged at him and stabbed him several times. The healer there and I couldn’t save him.” Elrond said sadly.

“Did you or Legolas kill the two Men?”

“Legolas slew the two Men but he could do nothing for his friend. He never recovered from that. He went into the woods of Mirkwood and even though every elf tried to find him couldn’t. I fear he may not even come for you, Tari.” Elrond said.

Tari’s head lowered as she stood up and headed outside. “For some reason, when I saw the book shrink and then the last page written was that of Arwen stating what had happened to Aragorn…I knew Legolas wouldn’t come for me like he promised.”

Elrond followed her outside. “Tari, he might come for you. We just never could find him. It was like he couldn’t stand being seen by anyone knowing he had failed his best friend.”

“He might have decided to go hunt Orcs and get killed by them to take him away from his grief he holds in his heart, Elrond. You had the chance to destroy the One Ring but *YOU* didn’t! You allowed Isildur to leave with the One Ring!” snapped Tari.

“True, I did allow him to leave. If I had attacked him there, I would be fighting my own brother’s descendant and my great grand nephew along with the Ring itself. That Ring would have given him superhuman strength and I couldn’t do a thing against Isildur. But it took over 2000 years before it was destroyed by Gollum, the second Ring bearer, when Frodo refused to destroy the Ring.”

“Gollum fell into Mount Doom’s lava and died there taking with it the One Ring.” Tari said, quietly.


“Then, I have no choice then. Get the White and Gray here by tomorrow. I need to save my grandsire!” snapped Tari.

“Are you serious about going back there?!”

“Yes! Elrond, you don’t realize it do you! I’m dying here! Arwen didn’t give birth to Aragorn’s second son which is where my line is from! Aragorn was dead before Arwen conceived that son! My line is dying! I’m dying, Elrond! I have to go! I have no other choice!” screamed Tari.

Elrond looked at her and knew she spoke the truth. He had to go get the Istari back to her home now. He stood up and spoke, “All right. I’ll go bring them here. But there is one thing I must do before you leave for the past.”


“I have to write a letter to myself for you to hand over to me in the past. It will help you out when you go to Rivendell. I’ll also get you a good map of the land before you go so you do not get lost there. How long do you think you have before the two Men kill Aragorn?” Elrond asked.

“I have only three weeks before they kill him. I have to kill the Men before they reach Aragorn and flee from there before he catches me,” said Tari, looking at him.

“You will need to get four very special people for the job of preventing them from catching you then.”

“You mean the four Hobbits, Sam, Frodo, Merry and Pippin.” Tari raised her eyebrow in interest.

“Yes, but you will need to get two more extra horses than just the one you ride, Tari, for them to help you. Plus you will have to leave your name behind until the day you are found by Aragorn and Legolas. Figure out a name while I am gone.” Elrond said, as he rushed from the house at a fast pace to the horse he rode on.

Tari watched as he galloped away, she knew what he said about leaving her name behind for as soon as she said her name anywhere in Gondor, it would filter back up to the castle and to Aragorn and Legolas. She took hold of her horn and blew it three times and waited for the responding reply. She smiled as she headed for the barn to get the other two stalls ready to accept the new horses that were coming from her other field where she kept them till they were needed.

An hour later, her friend arrived at her home with the two horses a mare and a stallion. The two horses were placed within their stalls and fed. Tari spoke with her friend for a few minutes before they headed into the house and papers were given to her containing the proper papers of the other horses that Tari owned.

Tari sat on the deck overlooking the pond and then glanced down at the book she owned which contained many elvish names and translated her name of Tari Lightfeather into Eärédien. She knew no one would know her true name is Tari Lightfeather till she desired it to be known. She turned into the house and started to make a light meal to settle her rumbling stomach, hoping that the food would calm down her stomach. `It is just nerves, Tari. It will calm down soon.’ She thought as she looked at the small journal that Aragorn wrote in and knew it had to be packed in her bag too. She knew she needed just a few things to be tucked in the carrier when she leaves for the past.

She pulled out her dark grayish brown cloak and placed it next to the carrier that she was starting to put together so when the morning came she would be able to quickly leave instead of rushing around the house gathering things when it was all done. She picked up the book and started to reread the journal till she started to nod off at the table. Tari headed off to bed knowing that in the morning was going to be the toughest day in her life.


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