Save the Past. Chapter Six of Many.. – Can Tari prevent what happened in the past to save her future?

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They reached the gate of Bree, by early evening and that it had started to rain. The door ward allowed them to pass through the gate. They headed for the Prancing Pony. Butterbur heard the door open and close a few minutes later. He walked over to see a lone figure standing there dripping wet.

“Good eve, master. I have accommodations for Rangers…” he could not say no more.

“That would be Elf, kind sir. I be an Elf.” Eärédien whispered gently and yet the tone stated she was female. “I will be requiring stabling for three horses as well.”

“So terribly sorry, mistress, I meant no disrespect.” Butterbur mumbled as he pushed a room key and told her which room she would be staying within. That was when he noticed Frodo and the other Hobbits standing there. “Oh terribly sorry for not seeing you, kind masters, we have hobbit size rooms for you to stay within.”

“They are with me and be staying within my room.” Eärédien stated, calmly.

The four Hobbits looked shocked at her as they followed her through the bar to the room and that was where she informed them that she will be sitting near the window and will rest there.

They objected almost immediately about that. They refused to allow her to sleep in a chair when she has a bed right here.

“Do not worry; I will rest by the fire. I brought my furs in with me.” Eärédien showed them the fur she had brought into the room with her. She placed them on the chair near the window and gazed below to see the stable boy taking the horses into the three stalls that were made up for them. “Come, let us venture down and have a meal.”

They nodded and headed to the bar to get a meal. Eärédien only asked for soup and bread for herself. She made sure that they were in a corner of the room where she could watch everyone without too much problem. Pippin and Merry asked for pints of ale. They were busy eating and chatting. Eärédien was watching the Men in the bar. Couple Rangers walked by whispering, their dirty brownish gray cloaks hid most of their features but for their hands which were rough and dirty looking. They headed towards the bar.

“It is the only way,” whispered one Man.

“You better hope it brings out the true King to come claim his rightful place as our King and not that elf raised bastard who sits upon the throne,” whispered the other Man.

Eärédien heard it and knew these two Men were the ones she was sent to slay. She had to follow them to Minas Tirith and slay them before they slay Aragorn. She watched as they went up to the bar and got a pint of ale from Butterbur.

“Eärédien, what’s wrong? What is it?” asked Merry, noticing how distracted she was as she watched the two Rangers stand at the bar with the pints of ale in their hands.

“I…nothing, I thought I recognized someone.” Eärédien stated, as she turned back to look at Merry. “We leave before first light and before breakfast.”

“What?” they whispered loudly.

“We will have breakfast later on in the morning, if we get to Rivendell before the sun is over our heads. The message I carry is needed to be delivered to Elrond and then to Aragorn as quickly as possible.” Eärédien replied.

They knew the messages were important and they agreed to forgo breakfast for the messages were more important than their stomachs. They finished their meals and they soon retired to bed. Eärédien knew that the two Rangers may stay there for a week before moving on. She could only hope and pray that they would, it would give her a chance to get to Elrond and then to Minas Tirith in time to plot the way into the castle and behind the two Rangers. Slay them before they could slay her grandsire and escape before being captured by Legolas or Aragorn or even the guards.


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