Save the Past. Chapter Four of Many.. – Can Tari prevent what happened in the past to save her future?

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The next morning, Tari slept in knowing it will be a while before she gets to sleep for she would be on the move when she gets into the past. Elrond slowly rode up the path leading to Tari’s home with the two Istari knowing this will be the last day that he will see Tari in that day. He had to write a message to himself in the past so he could give her any advice that will come up while she is in Rivendell. He made sure that the map he carried in his saddlebag gave her the right directions to get to Minas Tirith, the main city of Gondor.

He walked into the house expecting to see her rushing about trying to get everything packed, but he noticed that the carrier that she uses when she travels was all ready packed. He crept towards her bedroom and stopped at her door. His ears heard the shallow breathing of Tari as she slept in the bed. He knocked on the door. “Tari, it’s time. You must awaken so we can get the spell going.”

He heard rustling of bed sheets and then a voice, “I’m coming. Let me get a shower in first.”

“Be iest lîn.” He turned away from the door and walked towards the kitchen. He made her a light breakfast knowing that she might end up losing it when she gets to the past.

Tari entered the room with her hair pulled back in a ponytail. Elrond knew she had to wear it in the fashion of the elves if she was to look like a full blood Elf in the past. He placed down her fruit plate and began to braid part of her hair to then braid the two separate braids into one braid in the back. Elrond started to explain what she would have to do to get the past to its proper place and then return back to the future.

“No, that’s where you are wrong, Elrond. That spell will not let me return here,” spoke Tari.

“WHAT?!” exclaimed Elrond.

“Yes, the prophecy was written in the journal even it is still there. It states this; the last heir shall vanish and so shall the name Gondor vanish along with him. It didn’t state about a female heir, Elrond. My father left no sons to take the name of Gondor after he died. I will end up taking the last name of my husband when I marry. The line of Gondor is dead with the death of my father.”

Elrond sat down in the chair looking at her shocked. But he knew what she said was true. There really weren’t any other descendants of Aragorn and Arwen left but for Tari. Elrond took hold of her hand in his. He pulled away from her and withdrew a scroll. “Give this to my counterpart in the past. It will tell him everything and why you are there. He…I mean I will help you after that in getting to Minas Tirith and save Aragorn.”

Tari turned to the two Istari as they entered the house and asked, “Is it time?”

They nodded as they walked out of the house and towards the field where the three horses packed and ready to go were. Tari looked at Elrond as she hugged him and told him that the land and house has been sold to the tourney’s show holder and for him to gather anything that he wants from the house and move it to his home. The two Istari got the gate opened and Tari mounted her bay mare Amarie and started to enter the gate.


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