Sapritsis fall and Beorns rise – The Human Bear

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Sapritsi lived in the little town in the north of Wold in Rohan, the horse lords home.
The town had all kinds of people, there were fishermen, lumbermen and also the merchant.
Of course the little villiage got an Inn.
Sapritsi was just a boy when he left the village to become a hunter. He was trained by Erath, the greatest hunter in the eastern Rohan. He was just as good at riding and hunting as he was to running and huntint.
He lived together with four other boys in the eastern Rohan region. They were the most skillful archers in the Mark, so they were called in to the army.
In the beginning of the third ages, when Eorl still was the king of Rohan, the four boys were called in for a mission in the west.
The people their, around Isen, the river, had seen a beast.
They said it was around 4 meters and ate men like chicken.
The four got this mission to break the new enemy down.
When they reached a villiage near Isen, did everyone see them as heroes, thought they haven’t watched the beast.
They known that 5 men had been killed by it and one have ben hurt but escaped.
The continued their trip and they did set up a camp a few miles from the villiage.
It was already nightfall when they were finished to get some sleep.
They sat out one guard for the night and Sapritsi and the other two fell asleep.
A few hours later the guard woke Sapritsi.
He was tired and wanted to sleep.
Sapritsi found it OK and sat down beside the fire.
He started to sing a song he had learned from his old father.
The sky was fantastic and the full moon gave him great courage. He thought of that elf who carried the great moon.

A couple of hours later he saw a big wolf standing alone on a rock. It looked down on their camp and took a great jump.
The wolf was about 100 yards from their camp and Sapritsi had tighenedt his bow.
The wolf ran now against him and the bow sang.
The arrow hit the wolf right in his chest and it falled down quick against the grass.
The other trhee boys woke up and went out with long knives in their hands and looked at Sapritsi.
They all smiled to him.

A week later were they back in the east Rohan, this time as heroes. Erath was proud of them and he gave them all new bows. Not an Obdal-archer bow, It was a hand made bow from the elves in Mirkwood.
Eorl had heard about the rangers, and would like to do something like that.
He gived them all one region to keep safe.
Sapritsi was given the Wold.

The first thing he did when he reached his region was to see his family.
But the village was destroyd and noone lived their.
He saw some tracks from a wolf and started to follow them.
The tracks lead trough the Forest of Fangorn.
There he met Treebeard and together with the ent he started to follow the murderers.
The tracks kept going after the forest, but longer than that would Treebeard not go.
He kept going and in Mirkwood, he saw them.
He killed them all but one escaped, and that one said where all the people were.
The wolf told him that they had fled to Rivendell.
Sapritsi killed the wolf and began to walk to Rivendell.
He reached Rivendell and saw his people, and with an escort with a couple of Elrond’s elves, returned them to their village and repaired it.

Sapritsi once met a bear when he was hunting.
He tightened his bow and aimed at the bear.
But the bear just stood there and looked sad.
He saw that the bear was hurt and he hailed the wound.
The bear looked at him and Sapritsi understood what the bear told him to do.
He picked up his knife and cut himself in his hand, then he tightened up the bear’s wound and let the bear’s blood mixed with his own blood.
When the blood had mixed up, the bear fell down and it was dead.

Sapritsi known that this was something special and he went to Eorl and told him that he was supose to leave the country.
Eorl gived the region to Sapritsis son and Sapritsi started his journey to the wild.
He found a great place with open fields between the Mirkwood and the Misty Mountains. He called himself Beorn and at the night he turned to a bear.
He found a great place that he called for Carock.
He lived in many lifetimes and he was a friend of all animals.

Beorn lived in peace until one day, it was that day when Gandalf the Grey, Bilbo and the 13 dwarfs stood on his doorstep.


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