Samwise’s Story – Part 4

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Chapter 4

The journey of two old friends, Merry and Pippin, was almost at its end. Soon they could see the Hobbiton in all its beauty. ” I am at home!” sighed Pippin. “Yes, now we can hope, that Sam is at home. As a mayor of Hobbiton has plenty to do!” added Merry
“Right you are,” said someone behind them.

“Sam!” shouted Merry.

“Welcome, Master Meriadoc, at Bag End, " smiled Sam at visibly surprised hobbit. “And you, Master Peregrin, as well!”

“Thank you for a nice welcome, Sam- or shall I call you Mr Mayor?” replied Pippin.

“Not at all. You can name me however you want,” said Sam. “Why have you come, Master Peregrin?” asked Sam in curiosity.

” I have a strange message for you from King Elessar,” was the answer.

” What kind of?” Sam was taken by surprise. He did not expect King Elessar to order him any kind of task.

” You shall go with me and he is going to tell you, for I do not really know what does he want from you, even though I am his counsellor,” answered Pippin.

” I am going to stay here, am I right?” wondered Merry.

“Yes, you are.” said Pippin in a quiet voice.

“When are we going to leave Hobbiton?” asked Sam.

“Tomorrow morning. Say Rosie and Elanor Goodbye, take all the necessary things with you, and tomorrow, before the Sun rises, is our time to go. The journey is quite long, and although we are going to take our horses, it will take some time before we reach Minas Tirith,” answered Pippin.
The evening was as jolly as it never was before. The three friends sat together with Sam’s wife, Rosie, who was expecting a second baby soon.

” Take care of you and Elanor”, Sam said to her “While I am away, the Mayor will be Master Meriadoc”.

" I will do that, do not worry,” smiled Rosie. Merry was full of memories. The last couple of years happened many strange things. He could remember himself standing on the bank of the river at Grey Havens, biding farewell to Bilbo and Frodo. Whenever Merry even thought of it, tears appeared in his eyes. Pippin was telling the news of Lady Arwen and Aragorn. He told Sam about the possible heir of the throne of Gondor that was born some time ago.

Sam said:" What a wonderful world it is, after fall of Sauron!”

“Aye, Sam,” laughed Pippin. Suddenly his voice turned into seriousness: “I remembered Frodo this week. I remembered all the days of Fellowship Of The Ring. I wonder where is Gimli, I wonder what is Legolas doing now!”

“Me too, Pippin! I miss all my friends, but most of all Frodo and Gandalf. I think of Master Frodo wherever I go,” hissed Sam. “He was so brave to face such evil that had reigned in the realm of Mordor. We were best friends. I was thinking of his happy life in Hobbiton with all of us, yet the things happened how we did not expect, and now we are here alone.”

“I think Frodo would be very happy to see you as a mayor and a proud father indeed”, interrupted Merry the speech of Sam.

” Yes, he would. And now it is time to eat something. The journey to the south is long, and therefore we need some food.”

” I have some LEMBAS here”, said Pippin and pulled the Elfish bread out of his pockets. All had food enough, and then they could go for a sleep.
It was midnight. Pippin and Merry slept together in a special quest room. They were talking to each other. “This evening had been marvellous,” sighed Merry.

“Yes, what a pity we have to part tomorrow. Who knows when we are going to meet again,” muttered Pippin.
The Moon shone bright above Shire. The Brandywine was floating slowly, and some might have said they could hear some beautiful voices sing. Everything seemed to be all right, no strange creatures appeared. Yes, these days were happy for the inhabitants of Middle Earth, for nothing made them worry, nothing feared them.


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