Samwise’s Story- Chapter Three

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Pippin did not know for how long he was underway. The eastern wind blew him into the back, and one of the royal horses, Alcarinquë, was quick enough so that Pippin did not realize that he was already in Cardolan. But yet there was a long way to go.
” I am going to see my old fella Sam!”, he said in his heart. But, then, he murmured: “what does Strider want from Sam and me? “
Through valleys and mountains he rode, and while travelling, he sang a song of a sweet tune:

Shire, my dear Shire
I often think of thee
I often see the things
which noone else can see.
Shire, my dear Shire
I have thee in my heart
The friendship among thee and me
will never break apart.

Peregrin´s heart was full of sudden emotion, and tears were in his eyes. He stopped for a moment and ate LEMBAS. ” I should let some for Sam”, he thought. The horse of Elessar looked tired as well. ” Would you like LEMBAS, my dear friend?” asked Pippin curiously. The horse did not answer, but it seemed he nodded. Pippin shared the food with his animal friend, and set on the journey again.

On the border of the Shire there was a figure being familiar to him. The small man was wearing a long green coat and brown trousers. As he saw Pippin, he began to laugh: “What a coincidence!!! I was just thinking of you yesterday! And you come just in time! There is so much goin´on, Perergin Took!!” Pippin laughed as well: ” Merry, dear Merry! I am a helper of King of Gondor! Phew, it is so difficult! I have come to take Sam to Strider. He wants to talk with him” “Why?? How??” misunderstood Merry. “Do not know”,said Pippin in a quiet voice.

The rest of the journey they went together, as in gay old times. Pippin told Merry that Lady Arwen had become a mother,having a son Eldiaron, and that all people in Gondor were therefore happy. Merry was overwhelmed. “That is great news indeed! May Eldiaron have a happy life!” “Lets hope he has!! For his father had to fight hard for all of us before we all can live in peace again.”


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