Sailor to the Grey Havens – Sequel to “Mother of the Evenstar,” part five

by Mar 2, 2003Stories

Okay, here it is! I’m sorry I made you all wait so long, but I was in New York with my mom and sister. Hope you like it!

The pain stopped increasing, but it was no less. Celebrian could not stop screaming or crying. Far from being numb, her foot was agonizingly awake.

Her torturer stood up. “I’ll be back soon,” he snapped. “Shut up, Elf.” She tried, but she couldn’t. Her disobedience was rewarded with a blow across her mouth, a sharp one. The Orc stalked out of the torture cave.

Celebrian’s voice was getting hoarse from screaming, but it would not be quiet. The tears poured like a cataract down her face.

Her pain-filled brain registered the sound of swords clashing in another cavern. A rescue party? In her dazed and tormented state, Celebrian wasn’t sure she knew what a rescue party even was, but she gathered her voice and let out a piercing scream, to alert her rescuers to her cave. Then her voice gave out, her foot burned in pain, and her tears kept streaming down her face.


“Hear that?” Elrohir listened as his brother called to him over the clang of swords. There it was, no doubt – a high, anguished scream.

“Mother!” Elrohir yelled, his voice breaking.

“We’re coming, Mother!” Elladan shouted as well, beheading an Orc. He turned to Elrohir and said, “It was that way!”

Elrohir swiped at an Orc, killing him quickly. “Then let’s go!” he called back, taking off at a dead run.


Two figures burst into the cavern, sweaty, grimy, bloodstreaked. Celebrian stared up at them, uncomprehending. “Who are you?” she asked dazedly.


“She doesn’t know us!” Elrohir cried in horror.

Elladan raced to his mother’s side. “Elrohir! Her foot!” He seized the screw and twisted it back. The boot loosened.


Celebrian gasped as the boot let go of her foot. A figure stood up from the floor. Had he loosened it? Was he an Orc? She really didn’t care. The boot was off, that was the most important thing.

Another figure came to stand beside her. “Mother?” it said. “Can you hear us? It’s me, it’s Elrohir!” She heard the words, but through a red-streaked mist. She was going numb, the coldness spreading from her shoulder through her body.

Someone – one of the figures? She couldn’t see – touched her shoulder. She whimpered hoarsely, and the fingers withdrew. Voices were speaking above her. Were they talking about her?

Gently, she was lifted from the chair. Cradled in someone’s arms, Celebrian was carried out of the chamber. “Elrond!” she whispered hoarsely before, held gently against Elladan’s chest, she fell back into unconsciousness, succumbing to the poisoned wound.


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