SAFE HAVENS – Legolas Recruited Fourth Age: Tol Eressea

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Legolas & Menelya: SAFE HAVENS
Legolas Recruited
Fourth Age
Tol Eressëa

It wasn’t long after I arrived on Tol Eressëa that Gimli died. For days I grieved at the loss of my friend.

Days passed into weeks. I lost count how many went by. Time had little meaning in the Undying Lands.

It was a warm morning that I was sitting on a hilltop facing Valinor when she came again to me. Menelya…Dream Lady, I called her, for that seemed to me what she was when I was still in Middle-earth. As usual, there was a soft sprinkle of pale blue light, and then she materialized.

She had a perfect face and body; long silky silvery hair; and dressed this particular day in a gold embroidered garment.

“Gimli is gone,” I told her, tears filling my eyes yet once again, grief still jabbing my heart.

“I know, that is why I am here. Your grief has been long. It is a new bidding I place before you now.”

“A new bidding? Who bids me and to do what?”

“It is I who bids you, Legolas. As I have told you before, I am an errand-servant to Manwë and Varda. The work is great, and even more so with every passing Age. I could use help, and the High Ones have given me the privilege of the choosing. I would like to make you the offer. Come and work with me?”

I was stunned! “Surely, this is but another dream? How could I possibly do such a work? “You are Maia! I am but an Elf!”

“You are the one I choose, all the same.”

“But why? Why me?” I asked confused, unable to comprehend why she thought me so special!

She smiled slightly. “I have watched you since you were a little boy. You have the heart and spirit that will be what is necessary for the work.”

“But there are truly greater ones here than me you could choose from?”

Again she smiled. “But it is you I am attracted to. I offer this opportunity to you alone, Legolas Greenleaf.”

I frowned! Was she flirting with me? All those times she had come to my aid? It was maybe just because was attracted to me? “What is it you really want?” I asked suspiciously.

“I have told you.”


“Companionship. The work goes on for ever,” she said, matter-of-factly. “I feel, at last, a need for company, that’s all…as well as a need for a helper. You will not be obliged to do anything you don’t want to do. That is a promise.”

“Well, fine,” I said, feeling now a twinge of guilt…”but…what kind of work, what kinds of errands would I be doing?”

“Arda is a very large land and various races of Man-kind now have a foothold in nearly every area there be. They increase rapidly. But…there will always be pockets of Elves and Fey-folk who fight from fading altogether and these we will continue to help find safe havens for until the Final End for they have many enemies of all kinds. Those are the errands I am charged with.”

Then it hit me! I felt dumbfounded! These errands were not to be done in the Undying Lands! She wanted me to go back to Middle-earth!

“You mean to tell me you want me to go back to Arda? I just barely left there!” I spouted, exasperated and angry! “I just sundered! I’m suppose to live in joy and safety here until the End!”

My response didn’t seem to bother her in the slightest. “Think on it,” she said calmly, “I shall return in a short while. Your heart will guide you to make the right decision.”

Then, as before, in a soft sprinkle of light, she vanished.

I was very angry! How could she expect me to do such a thing! Sure, safe havens for Elves and Fey-folk were good and necessary…but why pick on me! I just escaped Arda! I was safe! Safe!

Then a hard guilt pang stabbed my heart. How many Elves and Fey-folk might die or utterly fade because I thought I deserved at last to stay in the safe place I now had?

Then I got angry again! This was not my problem! And she could choose some other to help her and be her companion! But no! She wanted me! Me and none other? Rubbish!

Yes, that was her ulterior motive after all, the dark part of my mind was now thinking…she wanted my body!

That thought made me flush! And I started feeling some arousal excitement myself!
Was this Maia just another Narbeleth? ***

But then, once again, another guilt-pang struck my heart. And this time my conscience got the best of me! How evil of me! Menelya was a good Maia, not some loose Elf-maiden wanting to frolic the day and night away…

Menelya served Manwë and Varda! She must be pure and innocent and truthful and sincere and every good thing Ilúvatar created in her!

Then another heavy thought hit me. She is old! Really, really, old! How many thousand upon thousands of years? She came to Arda before it was even fully shaped! Before that, she was in the realm of Ilúvatar when they sang the Song of Creation! She had seen the face of Ilúvatar!

Then I was totally overwhelmed with guilt! Dropping to my knees I cried to Ilúvatar to forgive me!

I didn’t see Menelya reappear, but I heard her voice. “Legolas…rise up.”

I struggled to my feet, and there she was. “I will go…” I conceded, resigning myself to her will, but not really knowing why!

“I thought you would,” she said, smiling. Trust me, Legolas. You will come to love the work as much as I do. You’ll see.”

Well, I didn’t know then whether to believe her or not…but I’ll tell you now…it has been a journey like no other I’ve ever had…and it is still going on…to this very day… whatever that happens to be at the moment…2004 A.D.and counting…

(HAVENS continued…)

(QUESTION: Do `you’ have a `favorite spot’ that might become a `Safe Haven’ for any of the Elves and/or Fey Folk still alive `today’? (Describe it a little?) I might use the spot in one of my future `Safe Havens’ episodes. I would like to hear about spots in America, Canada and Europe.)

(***You can read more about the character `Narbeleth’ also in my LEGOLAS (Script Series).


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