SAFE HAVENS: Legolas & Menelya Episode #3 – POWDER RIVER Year: 2004

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The area was so beautiful and full of wild game! It had everything…mountains, plains, canyons, rivers…

“Okay, so it isn’t perfect,” I said to Menelya, “but near it. It would make a great haven! A wonderful place to live and explore!”

“Perhaps,” she agreed, “but remember, the Elf family that we are looking a place for are city-folk. they have not lived in this type of wilderness before. I think a nice little farm on the city outskirts would suit them much better.”

“At least let them see this place?” I urged. I knew she had the last word, always, but she did humor me and let me make suggestions at least.

“If you woud have your way, Legolas,” she said smiling, “you would move everyone out of the cities into the country…you still miss Greenwood.”

“I do, but I know cities are here to stay. But I still think Elves, modern or not, will be happier in a place like this than in a city…though farms are nice, but still not as safe for them as a haven in such a place as this.”

She pondered that, which was hopeful!

“Come on, Menelya,” I teased, “just let the family see this place then decide? This certainly has to be a place any Elf would enjoy!”

“It is beautiful…” she admitted, then sighed, “All right, we’ll see what they have to say to the idea.”

“Good! Great!” I exclaimed happily, “I could kiss you!”

That shocked her! She gaped at me! Like she took it seriously!

I quickly got embarrassed! “I didn’t mean that really!” I assured her. “It’s just an expression these moderns say sometimes!

She frowned. “You are getting quite smart with these modern expressions. Half the time I have no idea what the meaning is behind them.”

“Well, I can teach you the meanings, you beautiful bird,” I found myself teasing her, “then we can be hip together!”

She squinted her eyes at me admonishingly. “Legolas?”

I chuckled. “I’m sorry…I just feel good…don’t get angry at me, I’ll stop. Come on, dream-lady, zap us to the family…I would love to linger here but the day is burning.”

Then zap us she did.


We ended up in an alley in a run-down part of downtown Cheyenne. The alley ran between two abandoned buildings that had ‘to be demolished’ signs plastered all over them.

“They live here in the alley?” I asked. “Hopefully, not in the dumpster!”

Menelya pointed to a narrow starwell that led to the basement of one of the buildings. “Down there.”

It didn’t look very inviting! But I headed down the old, rusty and rickety stairway, and she followed behind me. I knocked on the door. Then again. It creaked open just a bit, and a glimmer of light issued forth.

“What do you want?” came a male voice, in a hard tone of one who did not like intruders.

“Let us in. We are friends.” I told him.

“In whose name do you come?” the voice asked, being very cautious.

Menelya now pushed in front of me. “I come in the name of Manwe and Varda.”

There was some whispering inside, then the voice said: “Even the demons know those names. Tell me something they would not know.”

Menelya pondered. “You went fishng two years ago on the White River and you heard the voice of Ulmo…he told you to pray to Manwe and Varda to send help to find you a safe haven…he told you a Maia with silver hair would come to help you…open your door and behold, for I am here.”

Slowly the door opened and a ragged-looking Elf stood there and gazed upon Menelya, who, for the sake of furthering to convince him of her status, let her silvery hair glow for a couple seconds.

“I am Menelya,” she told him, and this is my assistant, Legolas Greenleaf…we have come to help you.”

“The Elf, Haldamir, had a wife, Ireth, and a teenage son, Tathar. None of them had pointed ears…they looked ‘human’…but an Elf can always tell if the person is Elvish or not and most often even to what ‘degree’ he is Elvish…and these three were ‘wholly’ Elvish…except for the rounded ears.

Ireth wept with gladness at our coming. “We are blessed!” she kept saying over and over.

“Yes, please tell us.” Haldamir said.

All three looked haggard and alot older than they could have looked if life had been easier for them…it was obvious they were beginning to fade some, but were struggling to maintain their existence.

“Legolas has a spot in mind,” Menelya said, “It’s out of the city…”

“Good!” Ireth exclaimed, “We are tired of the city!”

“Yes,” Haldamir agreed, “a farm would be excellent!”

Menelya gave me an ‘I told you so’ look, but told them, “well it’s further out in the country than a farm, perhaps too far out.”

“It’s the Powder River area,” I interjected, “ever heard of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid?”

They all shook their heads.

“Powder River? You’re talking Big Horn Mountains area?” Haldamir asked.

I grinned. “Right! It’s got clean air, clean waters, plenty of game, fishing…it’s got eagles, too, and falcons…turkeys, antelope, moose, deer…”

“And bear, and mountain lions.” Haldamir said, frowning.

“Yes, but…there are caves there that could be made into quite nice homes,” I tried to convince them. “I lived in a cave for more than three thousand years…and there are trees you could build flets in…you cound find peace and perhaps happiness there, I know it! I tried to convince them.

“But what of the wild animals?” Ireth asked.

“We have none of the old skills of our ancestors,” Haldamir asserted almost ashamedly, “I do not know how to shoot bow and arrow or even know how to wield a knive or axe. How could we survive in such a wild place?”

“But we could learn, father?” Tathar asked. “Have we not desired and dreamed to live in an open and free place?”

“We could find you a teacher,” I ventured to say, then turned to Menelya, “Perhaps we could get Camthalion from the Rocky Mountain Haven to come live with them until they learned the skills and become accustom to the wilderness?”

She pondered and nodded…but then she frowned…and held up a hand for us to be quiet. The family was puzzled, but I knew she was getting a mind-message from Valinor…then finally she lowered her hand and turned to Haldamir. “Legolas has a good idea and we will discuss all this matter further, but right now, I must get him back to Valinor. We will return, I promise you, so don’t move from here yet…” then she turned to me.

I was puzzled to be sure!

“You have been summoned, Legolas, we must return now.” and she took my hand!

“Why?” I asked, getting fearful!

“Mandos has summoned you!”

And we were gone!

(continued episode #4)

(NOTE: Do YOU have a favorite spot you think might be a nice ‘safe haven’ for Elves or Fey-folk to live? Describe it a little? I might use it in a future SAFE HAVEN episode.)


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