SAFE HAVENS (Legolas and Menelya) – HEARTLAND HALF-ELF Time: 2004 A.D.

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I knew my work well by this time and I stopped counting `years on the job’ centuries ago. Menelya had been right; I did come to love the work as much as she did!

It was springtime when we teleported into a small wooded area outside Oklahoma City. We wore jerseys and jeans and boots. We always wore the raiment to fit whatever Period of Time was at hand.

“So? Where’s the Elf that’s suppose to meet us here?” I asked, peering about. “What’s his name again?”

“Anthony. But remember, he’s only Half-Elf, so be kind,” she said, also peering about. “I do hope nothing has happen to him.”

“Seems all the Elves in this country are a mixed-breed,” I grumbled, “except for the group in the Rocky Mountains and the group near Mount Monadnock in New Hampshire.”

“Perhaps there are others wholly Elvish…we just haven’t found them yet. This is a very large country. Anyway, do not Elven qualities enhance the other races?”

“Of course, but the Elven race wasn’t suppose to mix with other races. We have had this discussion many times before!”

“But they did mix, even from the First Age…Luthien and Beren? And…”

“They were special cases!” I declared.

Then she eyed me, as if to scold me. “And what of your own involvement over the Ages with women of the human race? Just because you have not produced any half-elves that doesn’t mean you are blameless! You still made love to them, did you not?”

I shut-up. It was true. Though Narbeleth, my old-time Warrior-maiden from Middle-earth had finally sundered to Tol-Esserëa, and was my live-in-friend and lover on that Isle when I would go there `to rest’ at times…I had made love to human women over the Ages…and might have fallen deeply in love with some of them, too…except Menelya and I never got to stay in any one place long enough for me to develop a real relationship with any of them.

“He’s coming. Do you see him?” Menelya asked.

I did. He was but a boy. Ten or twelve by his looks. He had a fair face and shaggy blond hair. He looked a lot like I had at that age! Except I had larger eyes… and I had Elvish-ears, and the boy had rounded ears.

The boy eyed both Menelya and me. “Nessa, the Fairy Queen of the Big Elms in El Reno said you could find my father?”

“It may be possible,” Menelya told him, “but please, tell us first your situation? Nessa only said your mother has died and a foster family now care for you, and it is your desire to live with your father who left two years back?”

“That is the situation,” the boy said, then began to eye us again and said to me, “You’re an Elf for sure…” then he looked at Menelya. “But what are you? You look like a human except for your hair. Are you an Ancient One?”

Menelya smiled. “Your father has told you of Ancient Ones?”

The boy nodded. “In secret he told me things. My mother didn’t believe that there were ever any Elves and didn’t want him to fill my head with Elvish lore…but he did anyway.”

“You mean your mother didn’t know he was an Elf?” I asked, amazed.

“No, she didn’t…he didn’t have the pointed ears…he did no magic…and he didn’t try to make her believe…so she thought the stories were fantasies.”

“Why did he leave?” Menelya asked.

The boy hesitated. “He didn’t want to abandon us. He had to leave. He never got sick so never had to have any blood tests…but then he was involved in a car accident and he was bleeding and they were going to take him to a hospital…so I believe he thought he had no alternative but to run away before they could do blood tests on him and stuff…and his true identity be revealed…that he wasn’t human.”

“We have seen similar cases,” Menelya acknowledged. “But your father has never tried to contact you since he left?”

“Once. A year ago. He said he almost died because of the wounds he got from the accident but he was better now and would phone me again when he found a safe place to live. Then mom got sick and died so sudden and the state turned me over to the foster family. They are okay, but I really want to be with my dad!”

“Did he have no friends or places he liked to visit?” I asked. “It could take years to find him if we have no clues where to hunt for him.”

The boy pondered. “He used to like to hike in a wooded area that has some caves and a big waterfall near the Texas border. He took me there once. It was sort nice but sometimes, sort of scary. I called it the Scary Wood. My father said there were some strange, even evil things there at times, but he wouldn’t let them harm me.”

“Anyplace else?” I asked.

Again the boy pondered. “No, that was the only place I know of.”

“Then that is where we will look,” Menelya said.

“Can I come along?” the boy asked.

Menelya smiled. “It would be best if we went alone.”

“His name is Matthew…but you don’t know what he looks like…” the boy started to object.

“We will know him.” I assured the boy. After all, how many Elves could there be in the Scary Wood with the name Matthew?

“Return now to your family,” Menelya told him, “we will contact you soon.”

So the boy left, sad he could not accompany us, but now with some hope in his heart.


And Menelya and I headed for the Scary Wood near the Texas border.

In the Scary Wood, Menelya and I searched for Anthony’s father and we found nothing unusual until I espied a small beautiful creature out of the corner of my eye which was sitting in the crook of an oak sapling spying upon us…and I grabbed it! But as I did, it dissolved instantly into water and dripped from my hand! “I’ve killed it!” I yelled, shocked! “Menelya! I just killed something!”

She came rushing up to me and looked at the liquid in my hand. “It was an Asrai,” she said. “They used to be quite common, but are rarely seen or caught. You have quick hands!”

Then, we were in for yet another surprise as there appeared before us a Sylph! And a male one at that! He was as surprised to see us as we were to find him! He had an almost transparent form, but in moments he got more denser so we could see him better.

“Look what a breeze from the Far West has blown in!” he exclaimed. “A Maia and an Elf?”

“And by what miracle or magic do our eyes look upon a male sylph?” Menelya probed, more astonished than even I.

“A miracle indeed! There are only six of us left upon this whole planet!”

“I believe it.” Menelya said.

“And to what purpose do you roam about this Wood? It has been obvious you are seeking to find someone. I have been watching you.”

“We seek an Elf named Matthew,” I said. “He married a woman and has a son. He used to come here?”

The sylph pondered, then frowned. “Ah, yes, the one who was badly hurt in a car accident…”

“That’s him!” I exclaimed, now excited!. “Do you know where he be?”

The sylph sighed. “He died. He healed from that accident, only to die in another. Got shot during deer season a few months back. How the hunters ever mistook him for a deer is beyond imagination. A few wandering Elves buried him. I know not where, and those Elves have long traveled on.”

“What a pity.” Menelya said.

“What a tragedy, is what I think!” said I. Another Elf gone! Too late we were again! Could it possibly be true? One day our races on Earth would be completely destroyed?


It was in great sorrow that we had to go back and tell Anthony his father was dead. Menelya tried to comfort the boy best she could, but the boy cried and so did I. Seems I cried more with every passing Age as my kindred dwindled to near extinction! And the Fey Folk were not doing any better either!

However, when the boy calmed down, he told us something he had not told us before. “My father had a relative, a cousin, who lives in a foreign country…Ireland? Telemnar, he called him…means Green, or something? He used to laugh and say, “Cousin Telemnar is like a four-leaf clover because he had four girlfriends and thought himself the luckiest Elf in Erie…which is Ireland, I think? I would like to meet him someday.”

“Then perhaps we can go find this Telemnar?” I asked Menelya, hopefully, because I liked the lad and wanted to help him.

But she gave me one of her `not right now’ looks, then she told the boy, “We will be going to Ireland on some errands in awhile, but we have other errands to do here first in your country…but I promise you, Anthony, we will look for Telemnar when we do go there and will tell him about you and the fate that befell your father. We will ask him to contact you if he is able. Do not despair…you have more the heart of an Elf than you might not even realize yourself. Try not to fret. Keep believing and be patient. Can you do that?”

“What else can I do?” he asked, feeling grieved and discouraged, then turned and walked off sadly.

“Will he be okay?” I asked Menelya, for the boy did not appear wholly consoled.

“He will be fine,” she asserted with an air of confidence, “we will see him again one day…he has a destiny.”

I couldn’t help but smile. “You told me that once upon a time.”

Then she smiled. “Yes, and see what it was?”

How greatly I had come to admire her most of the time, she was such a delight! I took her hand and squeezed it in an affectionate way as I knew she liked that.

Then she closed her eyes and like a thousand or more times now, she used her powers to transport us to another place…to do yet another errand…

And I knew not as yet where.


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