Saerwen: The Tainted Hybrid – Chapter 1: The Beginning

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For generations to come, the story of my life will be told from parent to child in order to shy them away from what society says is wrong. And, for generations, they will only receive one side of the story… and it won’t be my side. After all, I was the one who made Sauron himself look like a pansy with a large mace and a ring that shined pretty when thrown into a fire. He was nothing more than an ant compared to me and the deeds that I have committed against this world.

My name is Saerwen, for whoever good it will do for you. My story starts in a land down in the South. A kingdom long forgotten by time and modern civilization. A kingdom of elemental elves. We hold as much power as a Maia and the grace and longevity of an Elf… Well, at least the common elf in the kingdom did.

I, on the other hand, am not so fortunate. Unlike those around me, my blood has been tainted by that of a human. Nasty and foul, humans are as dangerous as the Orcs of Sauron and even rival my `inhumanity,’ or so they would come to call it. The culture who raised me had all but forgotten about this disgusting race… Up until the day that I was conceived.

And now, I invite you to see the story from my side. To know why I did such `awful’ and `merciless’ things to those who claimed domain over Middle Earth. This is my own story of hate, lust, and revenge. A story of hating the living and envying the dead. And it all start on that fateful day… One thousand years ago.


There was great laughter in the Hall of Friendly Tears. The Elves from all over the small and forgotten kingdom of Silma had come for the feast. Everyone was present except for the Princess Lind. She had not been seen all day.

Everyone knew that the Princess had often liked to go for rides through the kingdom and further North on her lovely mare. Most had always warned her against such actions but she had never listed. The world to the North had always fascinated her and she had dreamed of venturing to far off lands to visit them and learn of their culture. Upon occasion, she would ask her parents to go. But, having heard of the wars in the North, the Lord Ainion and the Lady Daerwen had always refused to let Linda venture off to such barbaric lands. They wanted to protect their daughter, as any true parent would, from the threats that the world outside peace and order presented.

But this ride had lasted too long. Linda had always returned in time to prepare for the evening feast. At the age of nearly eight thousand years old, she was sharp and wise enough to be back before the sun set. The beasts in the lands were fierce and often ventured out during the night. The kingdom walls provided security and shelter from the abhorred beasts. Most who were caught outside the walls at night, who were unable to defend themselves or get to reasonable shelter, would not be found again. No traces would be left behind, not even a rage of clothing.

At the head of the table sat Lord Ainion, his faithful and lovely wife sat to his right. Both had put on pleasing smiles and had attempted to go through the night as though there was nothing the matter with the whole situation. But, no matter how convincing the smiles or strong the wine, their worry lingered in the air and was as tangible as the wine goblets they drank from.

Suddenly, a guard made his way hastily to the Lord and whispered into his ear. Immediately, Lord Ainion stood and Lady Daerwen was quick to follow. They made their way quickly from the room, not even bothering to stop to give any parting words. The guard lead them to a room that was elsewhere in the castle. Inside, on a bed, lay an unconscious Elf. Her bruised and battered face was framed by her tangled gold hair. The crown of green and golden leaves that had been upon her brown now sat on the night stand beside her bed.

“Dear Elbereth!” Lady Daerwen cried out, as she moved to her daughter’s side. She dropped to her knees beside the bed and took one of the girl’s hands into her own. “She is so cold!”

Lord Ainion turned to the guard. “What happened to her?”

“We are not sure, my Lord. When we found her she was on the verge of consciousness. I believe she was attacked by a human… That is what we made out from what little she could get out before she slipped into this state. Whatever happened… it has left her in a horrible condition.”

“Attacked… by a human…. Did you find any sign of this Human?”

“Assuming that is what happened, no. Do you want me to send out a search team?”

“No… If he is anywhere nearby than the beasts of the night will get him.”


Nine Months later…

Thunder echoed throughout the night skies as screams came from the room of Princess Linda. On one side of her was her mother, holding onto her hand as the Princess let out another scream. On the other was a maid, who was lightly dapping the Princess’ forehead with a wet cloth. At the Princess’ feet were two other maids who were helping pull out a baby.

“You’re almost there, Princess. Come one, keep pushing.” One of the maids at her feet said.

“You can do it, Linda. I know you can.” Lady Daerwen said lightly to the Princess, brushing her hair back some.

Linda nodded some, the pain showing in her eyes as she attempted another push. Yet again, she let out a chilling cry as the child slide out of her and into the hands of one of the maids. Immediately, the maids cut the cord and went about cleaning up the child.

“It’s a girl!” One of the maids said lightly.

Linda nodded to acknowledge it but hardly moved anymore. Her eyes drifted to her mother. “Mother… I am so… sorry…”

“Don’t be, it wasn’t your fault.” Lady Daerwen said gently, squeezing Linda’s hand some. “You cannot always control what happens to you and that is that. You should be proud of yourself. You did a challenging thing today.”

“That’s not what I am sorry about… Mother…” Linda replied as she closed her eyes. Suddenly, Linda’s entire body went limp. The birthing of the child had drained Linda of all her energy… and her life had passed on.

For a moment, Lady Daerwen just sat there, not sure what to make of this. She shook Linda’s hand some. “Linda? …Linda, wake up. Linda?” Suddenly, it dawned on Daerwen… her daughter was dead. Tears instantly began to well up in her eyes and began to streak out and down the sides of her face. “No, Linda… Come back… Linda!”

From the side door, Lord Ainion instantly came in when he heard his wife’s cries. He stopped in his tracks the instant he saw his wife bent over his daughter’s body, cradling Linda in her arms as she wept. His eyes drifted from his dead daughter, to his wife, to the child that his daughter had died while birthing. Slowly, he walked to the newborn baby and lifted the child up. “A girl…”

“Yes, my Lord.” One of the maids said, allowing him a bit of a nod.

“This child… is an abomination… She should not be allowed to live any longer.”

Daerwen raised her head from Linda’s dead body, tears still in her eyes. “Don’t kill her, Ainion. She did not cause all of this.”

Ainion slowly looked over to Linda before he looked back to the baby daughter. “No, perhaps you’re right. She didn’t cause any of this… But she will be our tool to get back at those who did.” He then turned, leaving the room with the child.


And the Lord Ainion lived up to his words. The child that was birthed was given the name Saerwen the half-Elf and half-human child. She was raised in the dungeons of the castle by an Elf maiden who had lost their sight to a spell that had been cast upon them years ago. The maiden, who called herself Raina, had taken care of the child throughout her young years and had shown her small signs of love and care as Saerwen grew. But, with Lord Ainion’s frequent visits, the child soon grew tainted with an evil and began to lust for the chance to destroy the world of humans.

No one really knows what happened to Saerwen when she was down in the dungeons. But it was all done by the order of Lord Ainion to shape Saerwen into a warrior who could take over the whole of the world and make the world of men suffer for the lose of his daughter.

While in the dungeons, other children were brought to accompany Saerwen in her training. Three other boys were brought in and, together, the four trained to take over the world of men. Saerwen clearly became the leader of the four while Durion, Megildur, and Maldor just followed what she said to do. During their training, they learned how to use their elemental powers to cover the weaknesses of the others and, by doing this, became a stronger and more effective team.

Saerwen was blessed with the element of darkness as well as the ability for foresight. Durion was blessed with the element ice of and all of his senses were keener than those of the rest. Megildur was blessed with the element of fire and had a way of dealing with all the creatures that he encountered. And Maldor was blessed with the element of water as well as the ability to go for very long periods of time underwater without having to resurface for air.

And everything went well for their training… until one fateful day when Saerwen snapped.



The guard nodded and turned back to Saerwen, bringing his wipe back before he snapped it forward. The crack of the whip echoed through the dungeon and Saerwen let out a bit of a cry as another gash was formed in her back. She slumped down some, her legs finding no strength to hold her up anymore.

“Do you see what happens when you do not listen to me, Saerwen?” Lord Ainion asked. “You know better than to defy me.” He then looked to the guard. “Again.”

Again, the guard nodded and lashed the whip across Saerwen’s back. She let out another cry and raised her head, her dark blue eyes staring up at the ceiling.

Slowly, Lord Ainion walked out to her and stopped beside her. “You are only alive because I allowed it to happen. And now, in return for my generosity, you had better continue to do nothing more than obey me or I will make sure that you die. Is that understood?”

Slowly, Saerwen’s eyes looked over to him. A bit of a grin came to her face as she began to chuckle.

Lord Ainion looked to the guard, who shrugged, before looking back to Saerwen. “What is so funny?”

“It’s just that I have realized something… I don’t need to be here… You put me here because you are afraid of me…” Suddenly, a dark flame engulfed her hands and a crazed look appeared in her eyes. Lord Ainion took a step back, his eyes widening as he realized what was happening. Quickly, he turned and dashed out the door, the guard following close on his heels.

The chains broke and Saerwen slowly stood, brushing her black hair back. “Don’t think you’re getting away that easily…”


“What is happening?!” Lady Daerwen cried as Lord Ainion ran into the throne room. There was panic in her eyes as well as worry. There had been so many people coming into the throne room to take refuge from what was happening. Screams echoed throughout the great halls of the castle. “Have the beasts of the night come here?!”

Lord Ainion stopped, his breathing heavy but he did manage to get out what he had to say. “No, I am afraid it is much worse than that.”

He did not manage to get anymore out before the doors to the thrown room were blown open. Everyone turned to the door, waiting for the bringing of this havoc to step through. At first, there was only smoke billowing in from the doorway… But then, figures appeared… Four of them, with Saerwen at the head.

The four marched right into the throne room, not even bothering to stop when the archers raised their arrows and aimed. “Fire!” Lord Ainion yelled… But before they even could, Megildur looked to the archers and they burst into flames.

Saerwen continued straight for the thrones, a bit of a crazed grin forming on her lips. “So this is where the great Lady and Lord, who are suppose to be my loving grandparents, sit and slouch all day.” She looked to the Lord and Lady, who both stood away from their thrones as she turned around and sat down in one, throwing one of her legs over the arm to the chair as she looked at them. “Well, I believe you have no choice but to follow my rule now… Oh loving grandparents.” She stated, in a bit of a mocking tone.

“Stop this at once, Saerwen!” Lady Daerwen said as she moved towards her. “Have you not caused enough damage for today? Just stop it now.”

“Shut up before I silence you!” Saerwen boomed out as she stood from the chair and walked towards Daerwen, wrapping a single hand around the Lady’s neck and lifting her from the ground. “I wouldn’t be like this if this was not the way you made me. Isn’t this what you made me for? …Death and destruction?” The grin returned and Saerwen began to choke off Daerwen’s air supply.

“Stop this now!” Lord Ainion yelled as he ran towards Saerwen, drawing his sword.

Seeing this, Saerwen threw Lady Daerwen at him. Lord Ainion’s eyes widened and Daerwen fell upon him and his uncovered sword… The sword going straight through Daerwen’s back.

“Ainion…” She breathed out right before her breath escaped her.

Lord Ainion took his wife’s body into his arms, not believing what had just happened. “…Why?”

Slowly, Saerwen walked over to Daerwen and took the gold and green leaved crown from her brow and held it between her two hands. “How lovely a thing… It is a shame I hate beautiful things.” She then used all the strength in her arms to snap the gold in half, throwing the two separate pieces of the crown aside once she was done with it.

While she was turning to walk away, Lord Ainion slowly stood and drew his dagger. He turned and ran at Saerwen’s back, aiming to stab her in the back. But, suddenly, a sword slid into his stomach and out his back. He stopped and slouched over Maldor… The one who had produced the sword as well as the fatal wound.

Saerwen continued to walk towards the throne and sat back down on it, yawning some as she looked over the rest of the cowering elves who stood in the throne room. “Kill them… kill them all.”

Durion, Megildur, and Maldor nod before turning back to the rest. Screams began to fill the throne room but there was nothing they could do to save themselves…


The crackling of the fire in the middle of the throne room was loud and Saerwen watched as another body was thrown onto the pill. After the slaughter of everyone else in the throne room, she had ordered that their bodies be burned. And so they were being burned, right in the middle of the throne room.

Durion turned to Saerwen after he helped throw another body onto the fire. “That is the last of them.”

“Good.” Saerwen slowly stood and began for the exit to the throne room. “Now onto the great next task.”

“And what would that be?” Megildur asked as he followed.

“Why, we were all wronged for a reason… Why not finish what we were originally meant to do, only on a larger scale. I want to see this world burn and suffer for the wrongs that have been committed upon us because of it. I intend to see this world die… along with everything in it.” She stopped and turned back to them. “Who is with me?”

Slowly, the three men looked to one another before looking back to Saerwen and nodding in approval. “Where to first, Saerwen?” Maldor asked.

The grin that crossed Saerwen’s face was that of evil and malice. “Why, let’s start with the lovely kingdom of Gondor.”


Author’s Note: I do apologize for the confusion this part may bring to some readers. As time goes on, the story will become more organized. I was having a hard time deciding how to start it off. But this will do.


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