Ruckus to Gain Peace; Part 6 – Survival

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The Northern settlement’s inhabitants were delighted when their missing came back to them. They were ill, from the spiders’ poison, but they were alive. The spiders hang their prey for a while, to cause more tenderness in it. And the spiders hadn’t yet killed their victims. But the people hadn’t seen how much a poisoned person resembled a corpse, and so all hope of Elessar being alive was dashed.
Bór was the one who discovered that Elessar was still alive. And so doctors were sent for. But nothing could be done about it, as they didn’t have any antidote. They said that it was possible for it to pass, and they couldn’t help with the poison. But they could treat the wound. Though when they were doing so, they found another wound which was located on Elessar’s right arm. They examined the wound and retreated it. Then Elessar was left in peace in a bed to recover.

Aragorn became aware of a dull throbbing in his head, and one in his side too. There were voices somewhere in the distance. He had forgotten he had been in the East, and forgotten the spiders. He had forgotten even being summoned to the East, and the troll he fought with. He had even forgotten that his wife had given birth to a boy, whom they had named Eldarion. His memory had fallen on his childhood home, and his first meeting with his beloved.
Suddenly everything began to spin, as his memory shot forward. He remembered everything and his mind stopped on the spiders. He sat up, awake with a gasp of pain and clutched his right side. Someone rushed over, and gently urged him to lie back down. “You really should rest, Your Majesty.” A woman’s voice said with a tone of authority.
Aragorn allowed himself to urged down and lay quiet. He didn’t feel well, and he knew it was the poison. His senses began to return to him completely, and he realised he didn`t recognise his surroundings. “Where am I?!” He gasped, trying to sit up once again.
“You’re in the Northern settlement of those of us who want to redeem ourselves in the Eldar’s eyes.” The woman answered, and once again pushed Aragorn down.
But Aragorn wasn’t satisfied. “What happened?” He tried to sit up as she tried to push him down again. “Where’s Bór and Borlach? What happened to the spiders? Where are they? Is Ungoliant dead? Did someone finish her off?”
“You’ll have to ask your friends that. Now just lie down and be still! You should be resting!” The woman snapped. “Bór and Borlach will be here soon. They only left a few moments before you regained consciousness. But I don’t know anything about any spiders.”
Aragorn lay back down and closed his eyes. He couldn’t feel the evil presence of the spiders, but that didn’t relieve him at all. He remained silent and peaceful, until he heard the woman leave the room. He decided there and then that he would be the one to say whether or not he was fit to rise. And considering the threat that could still be lurking and needed immediate investigation, Aragorn decided he WAS fit to get up. And so he did, pulling on his clothes, and boots then walking out the door.
“You’re supposed to be resting!” The woman gasped. She hadn’t been far.
Aragorn walked past her without a word, and left the building. He found his way out by following the sound of people outside. When he got outside, he was greeted by Brego, who always seemed to know where he was. Aragorn scratched the horse under its forelock. Brego in return nuzzled him affectionately.
“Elessar! You’re awake!” Bór said joining Aragorn. “We thought you’d died at first. It took a while to realise that you were alive. It was like you were dead, but then came back to life! But, shouldn’t you be resting?”
“No. It’s not safe.” Aragorn replied. “Those spiders are still a threat.”
“But you killed their leader!”
“So she’s dead then is she?”
“Then things are worse than I feared. They’ll be furious.”
“Oh great!” Bór remarked sarcastically. “So, have you had a run-in in the past with that thing? You seemed acquainted with her.”
“Met her? Don’t be a fool! How could I have met her before? She last threatened Middle-earth in the first age when it was known as Beleriand. I’d have to be over 5000 years old to have met her in the past! I learnt OF her as a child. I was sure she’d be dead!!” Aragorn remarked. “Not even my fos– eh, father-in-law is that old!” Aragorn caught himself before he said foster father, he didn’t want Bór to know. Not yet.
“I never knew you were married!” Bór gasped. “How long have you been married?”
“A few years now. My wife and I were married on mid-year’s day, after the war was won.” Aragorn answered.
“You’re very secretive! I’m learning more about you all the time as you gradually start to trust me!” Bór remarked. “Do you have an heir yet?”
Aragorn looked at Bór. Was he ready to tell these men that he had a son? “We should go hunt down those spiders before they hunt down us.” Aragorn announced.
“Oh. Ok. You’re not ready to speak to me any further about the matter.” Bór cottoned on. “I keep forgetting how hard it must be for you. I mean, we were at war with each other. And then we asked you to come out here alone, so you’ve got no allies with you if we were to try anything.”
“No. It’s not that.” Aragorn said laughing. “Those spiders are going to be furious that Ungoliant is dead. They’ll come looking for vengeance. I think they fled in confusion. They’ll get over it. And the answer to your question is yes. I have a son. His name is Eldarion.”
“Oh. About the spiders though, shouldn’t you be resting?”
“I don’t need any rest!” Aragorn retorted, and mounted Brego, who was once again bare backed. Then Aragorn went off, in order to hunt down the spiders.


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