Ruckus to Gain Peace; Part 3 – The East

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Aragorn set out early the next day. He had a lot of ground to cover, and didn’t know how much of his time the Easterlings would take. Within two days Aragorn had left all that he knew behind. It almost seemed to be a test, to go into uncharted territory, alone. If he was forced to fight, he’d be at a disadvantage, because these lands were strange to him…as were its ways. Perhaps it was a test of trust, to invite him in such a manner. Though that was considering the possibility that it wasn’t a trap.
Aragorn cared not. Peace talks were required, and if the Easterlings would propose such an aspect, then Aragorn would oblige. He considered the possibility of them being daunted by him if he had allies with him, and then cast these thoughts aside, as he dismounted his steed, Brego. Aragorn walked along, holding Brego’s reins, and keeping an eye on his surroundings. But nothing troubled him.

Aragorn had travelled for some time, and was now quite far from his own land. Some of the creatures that he saw were strange, but some were very much the same as in the West. Aragorn stopped to calculate all his bearings.
Surely the Easterlings had known he’d never been there before, and would have thought to give clearer instructions?
As this thought crossed his mind, Aragorn had the sudden feeling that he was being watched. Brego seemed to sense the same, and twitched his ears. Aragorn placed his hand over the hilt of his sword, lest it was an ambush. He stood beside Brego fully alert, when he was hailed by a voice.
“What business do you have in these lands, Sir?!” Aragorn turned and saw an Easterling approach him.
“I was summoned to these lands.” Aragorn replied calmly.
“I’ve heard nothing of any Ranger being summoned.” The Easterling replied raising a crossbow and pointing it at Aragorn, who remained unmoved. “What’s your name?”
“Elessar.” Aragorn replied.
The Easterling looked at Aragorn in shock and recognised him. He lowered his weapon immediately. “Forgive me Lord. I did not recognise you.” The Easterling gasped.
“I don’t believe we’ve met.” Aragorn replied.
“Not really, Sir. But I saw you fighting in battle during the war. I did not recognise you, because you were clad differently.” The Easterling replied.
Aragorn nodded. “You wouldn’t mind serving as a guide now, would you?” Aragorn asked.
“No! Not at all! It’d be an honour.” The Easterling replied, and he sounded honoured too.
“And What am I to call you?” Aragorn asked. He had been hoping for some time that the Easterling would introduce himself. “Surely you do not want me to call you Easterling?”
“Oh! I’m sorry. Quite right. I should have introduced myself.” The Easterling gasped. Aragorn smiled. “My name is Bór!” The man said proudly.
“By any chance, are you in any way connected to the father of Borlad, Borlach and Borthand?” Aragorn asked.
“You know of them?!” Bór asked with awe.
“Of course I know OF them! My people are also faithful to the Eldar. They were allies to my kin.” Aragorn replied.
“I’m glad. That’ll make things easier.” Bór remarked. “Yes. I am of a connection to him. I was named after him. He’s my forefather. As is Borlad.”
“Things should be easier indeed then.” Aragorn agreed. “Will you lead the way then, Bór of the Faithful?”
Bór grinned at the title Elessar had given him, and obeyed. “Well, for someone who seems to claim to be lost, you weren’t doing too bad. We just have to continue this way for about a league.” Bór explained, and led Aragorn in the same direction he had already been going.

To be continued…


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