Rubyflame-Mistress of Fire – Here is a little sneak preview of Return of the King. Aren’t I nice.;)

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” Ruby,” Gandalf called to me as Dark( you’ll find out about him in The Two Towers.) and I landed a few feet away.

” Yes,” I asked patting Dark’s sweaty black neck.

” I need you to go on a dangerous quest,” Gandalf said,” and you may not come back alive. Will you do it?”

” Yes if it is requested of me,” I replied nodding my head.

Gandalf sighed,” I need you to go to Mordor.”

” What,” I cried surprised.

Gandalf continued,” we need to know how strong Sauron’s army has become.

He stared at me hard, almost pleading for me not to go.

” I will do it,” I stated firmly.

Gandalf sighed almost sadly,” very well.”

” I need to say good bye to Legolas,” I stated looking around for him.

I had not seen him since the ending of the battle of Helm’s Deep.

” You have no time for good byes,” Gandalf ordered,” now go!!”

He slapped Dark on the rump very hard. He gave a snort of surprise and flew off. I nearly fell of the side of him but grabbed onto his flaming mane. I flew off sadly.

” Good bye Legolas,” I muttered sadly.

I turned to face the Mordor head on. My eyes became firm. I kicked Dark into a flying gallop( litterally ) and flew off into Mordor’s evil veil.

Meanwhile Gandalf watched a black and red spot of me in the distance sadly.

“What am I going to do with you child,” Gandalf sighed sadly.

” Gandalf,” a voice cried behind him.

Gandalf turned Shadowfax around to find Legolas and Arod galloping towards them.

” Where is Ruby,” Legolas asked worriedly.

Gandalf sighed,” She has gone to Mordor to find out how strong Sauron has become.”

” What,” Legolas yelled,” but she could die!!!”

” She went on her own will. Plus we need to know how strong he is beccause we need to prepare,” Gandalf stated angerly.

Legolas knew he had pressed Gandalf too far and didn’t say anything more. Legolas knew that Gandalf cared for Ruby as a father to a daughter. Legolas knew not to press thing further with Gandalf when he was under a lot of pressure.

He sadly and looked into the distance looking at a black and red speck.

” Rubyflame,” Legolas muttered devestated at the fact that his love was putting her life on the line to save Middle Earth.

He turned Arod around and walked silently behind Gandalf into the keep.


I reached Mordor within the hour. The site of Mordor is not something you want to see, hear, or smell twice. The smell as nauseating. I nearly threw up over the side of Dark. Even though I was the mistress of fire, it felt as if my skin was melting off my body. The ground was littered with bones, ash, mud, dirt,lava, and even blood. The air was sooting as warm. The smell of death was everywhere.

I flew towards his palace quietly as possible hiding my aura from Sauron.

Fearing for my life, I flew towards the eye of death.

There is your sneak preview of ROTK. I’ll post it again when I reach it with my already going story.

Nice clifhanger huh.




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