Rubyflame-Mistress of Fire – chapter 3 of TTT

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Chapter 3 of TTT

By noon I could see the shape of the capital city of Rohan. As I got closer little houses made of wood lined the hills in waves. The palace stood tall and proud on the top in all its glory. I noticed, with my very sensitive eyes, many people were walking around doing their daily chores.

” Wow,” Ashleigh and Elisha muttered as we stopped on top of a smaller hill not too far from the gates.

” Be careful on what you say. They don’t like visitor’s from other parts of this world,” Gandalf explained.

We galloped onward now very close to the gates. Two guards in silver armor stood tall on top of the surrounding walls of the city. Gandalf rode in first, Legolas and Gimli second, Elisha and Ashleigh third, and Aragorn and me last. The town’s people stopped and stared at us. Who wouldn’t though? A man, wizard, elf, dwarf, three women, and something with wings protruding from her back are defiantly not your normal group of people.

” It’s no cheerer then a graveyard,” Gimli stated to Legolas as they looked around.

We stopped and two guards took our horses from us and put them in the nearby stable. Walking up the stone steps we were stopped by Hama’ and his charges. He stood proud and noble but in his eyes showed grief and anger. I stared hard at one guard who scoffed at me.

” I cannot allow in so armed, Gandalf Greyham, by order of…” he paused and in slight disgust continued, ” Grima’ Wormtongue.”

Everyone looked at Gandalf and he nodded at us to take off our weapons. The guard that scoffed at me came and waited for me take off my quiver and dagger. I complied but not before giving a word with the guard.

” If I find you scoffing me or disrespecting me again. Be prepared to wake up in your own bloody body.”

Startled the guard nodded quickly and stood aside. Ashleigh and Elisha heard with wide eyes at my sudden violence. Gandalf took Legolas’ arm and everyone followed him into the throne room.

It was dark and dreary inside the palace. It was as if an evil presence hung over everything and everyone in its grasp. The servants stood with their backs turned to us as some guards followed us into the palace waiting for a signal to fight.

” I see that your halls have some what lessened of late, Theoden King,” Gandalf voiced to a figure at the farthest end of the hall.

“Theoden” was on a chair huddled like a small baby. His skin was white and cracked. His once golden brown hair was strewn across his shoulders in a ashen gray mass. But his eyes got my blood to run cold. His eyes were covered in a milky covering. Lifeless, like a puppet. It was like staring at Saruman in the face.

Grima’ came to us with his oily haired face staring at us in disgust. Elisha and Ashleigh gagged slightly at his figure. I inwardly cringed. A few words were spoken between Grima’ and Gandalf before I saw the guards that were following us attacked. I protected Elisha and Ashleigh punching and kicking the guards. Grima’ was caught by Gimli trying to escape from the hall.

” You have no power hear, Gandalf the gray,” Theoden laughed. Or I should say Saruman.

Gandalf threw in cloak aside showing that he was now Gandalf the white. He threw his staff forward; making the body of Theoden hit the back of his chair. Hama moved to stop Gandalf, but one guard stopped him.

” Rohan is mine,” Saruman yelled through the spell.

Gandalf pushed him back. Finally with one last burst of power Gandalf threw the spell off the king. I hadn’t noticed that Eowen made her entrance until she flew past me and stopped the king from falling out of his chair. The spell went away and the once proud king stood before them again. Years of age disappeared from his some what young face.

All of the servants bowed to their king as he stood up. Gimli kicked Grima from trying to pull away. Hama came up to Theoden bearing the kings sword. Theoden pulled the sword out of the sheath and looked to Grima. Anger burned in his features as Grima trembled in fear of the king.

I smirked as Grima was thrown out of the hall and onto the stone steps. The king followed the trembling man as Grima tried to persuade the angry king. Theoden’s hand shook as he spoke.

” Your spell had me on all fours, crawling like a beast!”

Theoden swung his sword wanting to strike Grima and kill him. But Aragorn stopped him in mid swing.

” No my lord,” Aragorn yelled, ” Enough blood has been spilt on his account.”

” Out of my way,” I heard Grima yell as he pushed people out of the way. Jumping onto a black horse Grima made his getaway to Isenguard where Saruman waited.

” Hail Theoden king,” Aragorn yelled to the townspeople bowing himself.

Theoden looked around in confusion.

” Where is Theodred? Where is my son?”


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